Olwethu I wanted to tell Jerome that he gives me goose bumps but that will sound awkward cause we just friends and I don't think he see me that way to be his girlfriend what would he do with unpretty girl like me? I was cleaning our room listening to Beyince pretty hurts I love this song it is always on repeat my dad came in and sat on the chair next to the table we use to study he looked at me with red eyes. Me: are you ohk? He shook his head and closed his eyes think he was crying Me: tata talk to me He wiped his eyes and gave a shallow smile Him: you remind me so much of your mother do you know that I shook my head no we never talk about her should we raise that subject he stands and leave my dad never talks about his feelings he bottles things inside its hard to tell when his happy or angry or sick. Him: let me leave you to your cleaning just know you remind me of her. Me: can we talk about her? Him: not today some other time. He stood up and left. See what I mean he will never talk about her I don't even know her name can you imagine. . . Thando Did my little shopping then went to Pule I knocked few times then Limpho came and opened the door. Me: hey is Pule home. He shook his head no Me:uhm can I wait for him? He let me in I went to the dinning room he was watching ridiculousness. Me: do you know where he is or what time he will be back Him:nope He went to the kitchen and came back with juice he gave it to me. Me:thank you Him : whats the story about you and your twin? Me: excuse me? Him : heard that you treating her badly you never nice to her and that president stunt you pulled it was you Me:who told you that? Him: it doesn't matter fact is why Me: thats none of your business Him: for a sister you should care about her you guys are twins or maybe you envy her ne envy that she is courageous and strong and wena you not that strong you just enjoying having all the shine to yourself and when you lose you tarnish her name I am not sure what my brother see in you when you just as heartless. It felt like his trying to look into my soul my life.Pule walked in his face light up when he saw me he gave me a hug and we went to his bedroom. . . Vusi I have been busy on my laptop working and listening to music kwesta spirit this is one good joint a knock came in I opened the door it was Banzi and some girls Him: ah bafo bheka ngize nani (look what I came with.) I let them in we fist bump I love my friend but he has made a stupid move by quiting his job at Eskom the influence of his mothet right now his spending all his money carelessly. Him:bafo ngine stokko lana (i have bitches with me) Me: am working bra you should have called Him:hai come on lets go out for a change man drinks on me of course Me: ohk let me change wont you introduce us? Him: no just call them baby lovey whatever the name you want its fine they wont mind right ladies? Them: we don't mind. The girls didn't look good he picked them up at the tarven and came with them.I changed my clothes and we drove to Vaal monate cafe it was so packed the club here is always busy the music was playing so we got the ladies hunters dry 12 packs Banzi whisky and coke and I got myself castle light we sat and watched the girls twerking for us. Banzi: the one with blonde hair is my mine Me: ohk cool Him: and the one with the red dress is yours ne please take her home Me: wena you taking blondy home? Makhulu will kill you Him: no we going at your house boy Me: no... Him: come on dude don't do this to me you know ustabborn ngeke alale vandag (my dick wont back down today) Before the club closes we drove back home and girly next to me was busy rubbing my buldge I looked at her she looked very drunk. . .


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