Olwethu I didn't like what happened last night didn't feel like having my breakfast did my hygiene and left for schools. I didn't wake Princess Thando up or did her uniform didn't even tell my dad that am leaving. On my way Vusi gave me a lift he could tell that something is wrong with me. I am not a bubbly person but you can tell when something is wrong. Him:are you ohk? I nodded Him:your grandmother and Banzi happened ne Me:yeah how did you know Him:cause I know them Me:can you believe that he called me a hoe was my mother a hoe? He coughed. Me:did you know my mother? Him:no I don't know her but think she was a wonderful person not what they say she is. Me:what did I ever do to have my sister to hate me this much? Him:blame your grams and dad they separated you guys since you were kids Me: but I don't understand why Him: they know you should ask them. He dropped me off and gave me money Him: listen tonight would like to take you out for pizza and don't worry will talk to your dad and grams. . . Pule I woke up to Mami making noise she was playing music really loud looks like she is in a good mood. I woke up and went her she was cleaning the kitchen Me: someone got in all this morning Her: stop it wena Me:and then whats with the happy happy Her:cant a girl be happy without questions asked? Me : in your case I have to ask Her: well am going on a holiday with John we going to Mozambique Me: wow you never been there before Her : we had to wait for you guys to grow up see some of us are not selfish like. .. Me: my mother you can say it its fine. Her : when last did you see her Me:last time when she said Khaya is a wanted person. Her: lets see her this weekend. The problem about my mom is she loves alcohol she gets drunk to a point that she piss herself if we go announced we will find her drunk or the house dirty my uncle sends her money all the time he even tried getting her job but my mom her job is alcohol nothing else

the difficult thing is to say she is my mother. . . . Thando The science test script are back I have no doubt I did well. The teacher decided to announce from the lowest to the highest mark. Olwethu didn't appear on the lowest she said I got 45% wow I never got that mark before I always get the highest marks and Olwethu got 65% I got angry this is not her marks something must have happened Me:mem did you say Olwethu got 65℅ Her: yes she did well done ms president Me:but how Her: cause she studied don't be mad give other kids to shine you can't shine everyday. Me: she cheated Her: how did you see her Me: no but there's no way she can get those marks did she threaten you? Olwethu : don't be mad wena you failed deal with it ohk and stop being a bitter horse rhaa Me: did you call me a horse Olwethu? Her: listen sisi it wont take me five minutes to slap you ohk you failed cause you bunked school ohk you FAILED! ! The teacher called me to her office and gave me a letter said I should give it to my parents thats for skipping school. . . .


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Zuxie 2019-04-23 20:59:46

What’s wrong with Thando? Yooo she is nasty!

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Ungabi nomona Thando

Lolitha 2018-10-11 23:25:07

Ungabi nomona Thando

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