Olwethu I just finished cooking and making tea for makhulu and dad well my uncle is busy drinking his always drunk I sat down to watch Skeem Saam. Thando came in still on her uniform she smiled at me and sat down she never smiles unless she wants something from me. Her:you on Facebook again sweetie Me: oh what are they saying again. Her: just two days uyi president you trending oh shame. Banzi:yintoni kanene le trend ? She explains what trend means. Her:Olwethu and her boyfriend are trending. Me: his not my boyfriend just a simple friend. Makhulu :Olwethu I told you that boys bring babies hlukana nama khwenkwe (leave boys alone) Me :wish you can say that to Thando . Her:say that again Me:you heard me and I didn't stutter. I knew that after that the will be more of shouting and cursing. I talked back at my grandmother she cursed me calling me names I did that also the was alot of noise my dad didn't say anything he just kept quiet and watched as makhulu Thando and Banzi ganging up on me it got to a point where I grabbed Banzi with his shirt when he called me a hoe. . . . Thando Olwethu is dating Jerome how did that happen? I saw a post on Facebook saying "hunk dating our Mnyamani " I knew they talking about her rad the comments and Jerome commented said they are dating if they have a problem they can go jump hr loves Olwethu. My blood boiled who on earth wants to date such an ugly chick he never looked my direction am the"it girl" buy he has never even greeted me not even once like is he being for real. The noise in the house is something I didn't expect well her fighting with Banzi is not new Olwethu does pit Banzi on his place she fights like a man. I watched as she grabs him with his shirt. Her:call me a hoe one more time I will cut your balls off you useless drunkard Him:hoe just like your mother . She punched on his mouth and started to bleed my dad stood up to stop the fight . Olwethu went outside I followed her. Me: sorry about that Her:don't act like you sorry we both know you not so please leave me alone she left I watched her running on the streets. . . . Jerome I saw Olwethu running she was coming my direction when she saw me she stoped I went to her looks like she is crying I stopped her. Me:wait what's wrong baby girl talk to me Her: My...my uncle yoh I got in a fight with him . He told me everything that has happened I hugged her Me: sorry that you going through that because of me listen people will always talk wether you do good or bad just know they will talk am sorry lolo. Her: I hate my life honestly what did I do to deserve such cruelty that i get from my family Me:come with me. We went to my house I have a back room we got in she looked around Her:nice room you have. Me:thank you I took out two cans of cold drinks in my mini fridge thats what I have cokd drink or water. Me :if you ever need someone to talk to an here right. Her:why you being nice to me? No one wants to be seen with mnyamani ka rose why? Me: I want to be your friend nothing more nothing less. Her:I don't believe you is it sex that you want you can't be nice to me for no reason Me: no I do get alot of sex believe me I have a girlfriend she is in varsity comes on weekends so relax Her: good for you cause theres no one who will get my cookie never I laughed shame she is still a virgin Me: thats my girl right there don't give up your cookie especially to guys who are fuck boys. She laughed thats better her laugh is contagious its skwicky . Me: you can come to my house any time you want even if its the middle of the night I will come fetch you if you want. Her: thanks buddy Me:buddy? Her:ohk thank boyfriend she gives me a fist bump. She decided to go back home I accompanied her I held her hand when we got next to her house I hugged and squeezed her I almost kissed her she stopped me and got in the house. .


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