Pule I woke to a text message from Thando saying that she miss me I didn't reply to it logged in on Facebook saw she posted the pictures of us and my inbox was floading with messages and some girls from school inboxed me I do have other girls that I fool around with its nothing serious just sex until Thando is ready to give up her cookie. I did my hygiene then joined my family for breakfast my younger brother Limpho goes to the same school as Thando and his the deputy president something that makes Mami and John happy. I sat down and ate didn't even enjoy the food Me: who made this? John: Mami before she went to work Me:was she in a hurry? Him: yes she was you not enjoying it right Me: no its good taste good. Limpho laughed Me: whats funny Him: we know that you wanted to make breakfast for us thats something you love John: no boy will stand in the kitchen not in my house. We didn't say anything knowing if we start it will be a debate that wont end. . . Olwethu On my way to school I bumped into Jerome we walked together this feels good to have a friend like him maybe one day we will be lovers. I love how he speaks his so care free and he has jokes they not really funny when we were about to cross the road he held my hand I felt butterflies in my stomach yoh this guy got strong hands I must say. I looked at him he didn't look my direction he held my hand till we got to school. Everyone had their eyes on us its like they never seen us before or is it cause am walking with the most handsome and popular boy at school? I did prepare myself for the suprise test we have to write on Friday but the teacher changed her mind said we writing it today I felt like dying am not that ready for it I still needed time and it wasn't me only alot of my classmates complained about it. We wrote the test anyway and if its safe to say I did my best I may not get above 60% but its fine. I went Thando desk to ask if she wrote well. Me: was the test easy? Her: everything is easy for me Me: ohk we know you going to come out number one on top 3 Her: yes entlek why you here we not friends go back to your desk. Her friends laughed at me I really felt stupid to even show that I care if she wasn't my sister I would have slapped her I went back to my desk feeling stupid. . . Jerome I saw how everyone was looking at us and it didn't bother me Olwethu felt bothered she wanted to let go of my arm but I gripped her. I know by the end of today we will be trending so am ready for whatever they say about us. Lunch time I went to her class with two kotas (bunny chow ) she was sleeping or pretending to be sleeping Me: hey my Lolo She looked up and smiled at me she has one beautiful smile Her: hey Jerome Me: lunch on you boyfriend Her:boyfriend? Me: yes am your friend right so it means am your boyfriend We both laughed we started talking about the event I had in mind well she is the president whatever we want to host we must run it past her before we go to the principal I wanted us to have Pimp my uniform day were everyone can wear whatever they feel like aslong it is with uniform and for that they should pay R5 for that she seemed to love the idea . Her:lets have a meeting tomorrow after school then will run the idea past the principal Me:good can I have your phone number so I can creat a whats app group She gave me her number then I created the group. . . . Thando My dad has always favoured Olwethu she got the best of things she wanted she got the attention from him while I never got that much if I asked for something he will ask if Olwethu also wants it if I do something wrong he will never repremend me like any parent would he turns a blind eye . He taught Olwethu how to fight he never taught me that .My father doesn't have that much say on my life than grandmother she is always on my side she makes sure I don't do anything Olwethu does. I love my sister don't get me wrong but I hate how she gets all the attention and love from the only parent we have maybe if our mother was still around they wouldn't be such thing between us sadly I don't know where she is or have met her before she left when we were only a month old.The way am treating Olwethu its how my grandmother taught me she never told that I must love her she taught me to hate her and yes I have a little bit of hate and envy her for the courage she has and how strong she is. . . .


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