Thando I had a good time with my boyfriend just spending the whole day kissing and watching movies was a day well spent I posted the pictures we took on Facebook and Instagram caption"bae ka bae" . When I got home didn't do anything just lazed around watching tv with my uncle Olwethu came in and gave notes and homework we have. Me: thanks. Her: you welcome why didn't you come to school Me: didn't feel like coming Her:but you left here like someone who is going to school you missed out on alot of things Friday we writing a surprise test. Me: you gonna need to work hard on that one cause you know wena udom kop. Her: you also need to stop bunking school Me: who died and made you my mother? I wont take orders from you. Her: I was trying to help you Me:never asked you anyway thanks again. . . . Jerome I repeated grade 11 twice because of the popularity at school girls wanted a piece of me and I didn't mind giving them a good time I focused more on girls and soccer I forgot about books I did let myself and parents down my father Richard Ndou one of the top ten rich people even gave up on me he still thinks I will fail my matric but now am working hard I got the brains now its time to use them. I asked Olwethu to be my friend cause I feel sorry for her you know when they roast you on social media its no fun I have been there and yeah am always there she needs a friend right now someone who she will talk to someone who will put her in line when she starts going all Floyd Maywether on other kids I saw how she throw punches they make a guy cry. My name is Jerome Ndou am 19 years old. . . . Olwethu Thando can be a cow sometimes when you help her she will thank you with a plate full of shit thats just in her blood she has always been like that. I got in our room started studing everytime when I study I pray firts ask God to help me concentrate on my notes to give me strength wisdom to work harder and hope to redeem myself Lord knows that I need to pass this test

after praying I switched my phone off so I can concentrate I studied for hours still cant grasp anything this feels like a waste of time. . . Pule Ma: I know you skipped class today why? Me: didn't skip I chose not to attend I was washing the dishes and my aunt Mami is always on my case she doesn't have her own children if she did those kids will have long committed suicide or ran away from home she is one tough person Me: but why do we always have to fight Her: am not fighting am just being a good parent to you.you know your uncle pays alot of money and I don't want you to fail. Me: I want to go to culinary school thats all Her: yoh we have been through this Pule before ohk come on. I really hate this they chosing for me what I must and not do it becomes a problem every time should my uncle find me cooking his still old fashioned that a female person should cook worse is that theirs no female person who will cook cause Mami comes back late from work her shifts are abnormal sometimes she works double shifts being a doctor is stressful. . .


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