Olwethu As always I have to slave for Thando make breakfast and iron her uniform while she is sleeping I did everything and went to take a bath am always the first one who wakes up if my dad is working a night shift. My uncle got in while I was bathing I don't know why he never knocks he looked at me and smiled at me Me :get out Him: hai do your business and I will do mine. Me:you crazy you can't take a piss when am bathing Him:whats wrong with that. He burps and takes his penis out now am very uncomfortable Me:Banzi.. Him:you old now don't act like you never seen this before. Me:get out please He smiles at me and leave. My uncle has a tendency of getting in the bathroom or bedroom when me or Thando not decent he scares me alot I feel like he will do something to me or Thando I told my grandmother about it before but she defended him said his son will do no such thing. After my hygiene I woke up Princess Thando and made tea for makhulu and took to her bedroom I knocked first she didn't reply I heard that she is still praying after her prayer she let me in. Her: thank you Me:makhulu uBanzi got in the bathroom while I was bathing and it makes me uncomfortable Her:Olwethu how many times must I tell you my son will never do that Me: am telling you the truth makhulu Her : Olwethu stop lying to me not about my son even Me: ask Thando then Her:mxm get out of my room ndika qhwabi nge mpama (get out before I slap you) Trust my grandmother to be like this maybe I should tell my dad I know he will believe me. . . . Thando I did everything then waited for my boyfriend to come pick me up sometimes he gets in or waits for me by the shop but today he said he will get in since my dad is not back from work. Minutes later he came in my grandmother opened the door for him. Him: dumelang bakgolo We greeted back. Me: would you like something to eat before we leave? Him: yes please Me: Olwethu enzela uPule ukudla please She ignored me and contuined eat her food. Me:Olwethu am talking to you. Her:his not my boyfriend sis Pule whos your girlfriend Him: Thando leave it its fine will get something on my way to school mnyamani here has some attitude nje. I got pissed when Olwethu acts like this it makes me mad I don't know whats her problem I mean Pule is nice to her sometimes then she acts like this. We got in the car and he drove to his place. Me:thought we going to school Him: no we skipping school today Me: but we have science revision today Him: thought my girlfriend is a genius Me: I am but this is important babe Him: but I also miss you come on babe Me:ohk fine so lets go to the mall first and get something to eat . Him: there is planty of food at home. We got to his house and made something to eat. . . . Olwethu My day seemed to be very interesting than I thought it would be people who never spoke to me came and hugged me told me that they voted for me and they didn't like what happened on Facebook well it did hurt but having people who support me feels good

looks like today am getting the attention I always yearned for Jerome my crush came and asked me to get ice cream after school well Jerome is flames the smile and his dimples drive me insane I had a crush on him since grade8 I love how he walks when he walks I feel like laying a red carpet for him and sing him praises. I noticed that Thando didn't come to school wonder why I sent her a whats app text asking if she is ohk I got blue ticks guess she wont speak to me. After school we went for an ice cream at Kfc well I wanted the one from Roots but Jerome said he wants one from Kfc Me: you know I must not be home late or else my grandmother will kill me Him:no you wont be relax Me: so whats this how come you asked me out Him: cause I need something from you Me: oh which is? Him: can I be your friend? Me:friend? Don't you have enough friends Him: I do but I could do with a female friend Me: oh ohk . He smiled at me and I have butterflies on my stomach this boy right here will give me a heart attack. Him: so we friends right? Me: yes we are. His in grade 12 and am in grade 11 his one of the popular boys here at school if he was the president it wont be bad finally I have one boy who will give me his attention my heart leaped with joy. Him: lets get going before your grams kill you. We both hurried home. . . . Pule I have always been one spoiled kid since my uncle took me in and raised me as his own child my mother couldn't take care of us she was busy being a drunkard my relatives decided to take me and my younger brother and leave my Khaya to take care of himself since he was old and getting involved in crimes. I am doing second year in mechanical engineering I took the course because my uncle suggested it if it was up to me I would have went to culinary school am inlove with cooking and my girlfriend on the other hand is one lazy person she lets her sister slave for her and this morning when she asked her Olwethu to dish for me it made me angry I expected her to be the one who does that but she asked her twin me being rude to Olwethu its because she is also rude to her and honestly I feel bad about it. We skipped school because I wanted to spend some time with her I think she is ready to give up her cookie the things she does to me shows she is ready for me. My name is Pule Hlophe am 22 years old. . .

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