I found Lindiwe and her husband kissing in the kitchen they were so close to taking each other clothes off.

Me:go to your bedroom guys.

Sika:Sharon who let you in?

Me:I did you forgot I have the gate password?

Him:we need to change it. You can't come as you please.

Me:oh would you relax Sikelela. It's not like am a thief here am a God mother of your sons.

Him:God mother of my sons?

He chuckled softly and gave Lindiwe a kiss againit felt like I wasn't in the room. He gave me one nasty look before going out.

Me:your husband Lindiwe (claps once)

Her:he is amazing right?

Me: amazing? He has issues. Why did you marry him in the first place!

Her:do I have to explain myself to you?don't you get used to him?

Me: I think you should have married someone better than him someone you chose for yourself not him.

Her:ok enough about Sika what brings you here?

I threw myself on the couch as I explained my situation with the magazine interview. She didn't say that instead she told to speak from the heart.  





I have never liked Sharon and if it was about to me I would ban her from my housewho comes into my house just like that?she has no respect of our house and Lindiwe just let her. The way she behaves makes me feel like my wife was upto no good while I was away.

Langa Bengu paid me a visit he is the only friend I have even though he is not married he always reminds me that I have a wife at home.

I confined in him about what happend in Namibia atleast my secret is safe with him. He gave me a weird look then he laughed at me.

Him: did you tap her ass?

Me:no I didn't. 

Him:then why you beating yourself up for just a kiss? You didn't sleep with her so relax kwedini.

Me:relax?what if Lindiwe finds out?it will kill her and you know what my father will do to me.

Him:Lindiwe will never find out. I don't think Vanessa will tell her I mean she knows that you are married and she won't break up your happy home. Tell me it feels good to kiss someone who ain't your wife right?

Me:yes I did enjoy the kiss but it was wrong.

Him:I know .why didn't you tap her ass?

Me:ndoda am married and Lindiwe is the only woman I know alright.

Him:maybe you have a problem down there and your confidence will go to zero of she sees you don't have the right size of a machine.

Me:you so dumb bro there's nothing wrong with me down there just that I don't go deeping my cock in every hole just like you.

We both laughed and I told her about the Benyani airlines news. He suggested that I host a dinner to celebrate the news think I should share with Lindz.





When I got home I found Sizakele watching TV I was surprised to see her cause she said she is going at her parents house. She was watching our wedding video and  probably crying .

Me: thought you at your mom's house.

Her:I couldn't leave.ubuya phi?(where do you come from )

Me:the hospital. We need to clean the spare bedroom Hani and Kgosi are coming home tomorrow.

Her:coming to my house?I don't want them here.

Me: Sizakele she is a first time mother she needs all the help she can get.

Her:and am supposed to help her?

She switched the TV off and stood infront of me.her eyes were already puffy.

Her:I don't want her here

she will constantly remind me of what I should have given to you. I gave you the years of your life in this marriageI loved you when you had nothing just two pants and one Tshirt and once you got rich you didn't hesitate to break my heart. Yini lengayenzi Kahle?(what is that am not doing right)

Me: nothing everything you do is perfect.

Her:perfect that you made your ghetto side chick pregnant? 

Her voice was shaking and yet loudshe kept wiping her eyes with her tissue.

Me:Sizakele I said I was sorry for everything.

Her:you are sorry?what are you sorry for huh? Are you sorry for cheating on me?sorry that you made that girl pregnant?sorry on what?sorry that I can't give you kids?

Me: Sizakele please...

Her: Melusi I suffered 4 miscarriages and not even once have you asked me if am ok4 damn miscarriages and it's only now you say "am sorry" boy your sorry means nothing to me.

 I tried touching her she stepped back I wanted to hold her just one last time.

Her:I don't want them any where in my house. If they dare to come I swear to you that I will strangle that child's tiny neck until he dies .

She clicked her tongue and walked away. Sigh why didn't I divorce her when our marriage started getting sour and the constant fights we will have. 





Lindz was not home when I got back from work she left the kids with Shaan even Shaan doesn't know where she went too. I tried calling her and all I could get was a voice mail. I cooked super for the kidshelped with homework then put them in bed.

I called her again still it was voicemail. I checked on the time it was already 21:30 still no sign of her. Where could she be? Few minutes later she came in and she got startled when she saw me.

Me:where have you been?

Her:Uhm I was with friends.

Me:what friends?

Her: Sharon and her friends.

Me:so this is the time to come home? Lindiwe when did you start going out until late?

Her:am sorry I didn't think I will overstay.

Me:you are a married woman Lindiwe I don't understand why do you have to run around with a single person like Sharon.

Her:but am back now Sika.

Me:yes you back and listen here I don't want to see her in my house again.

Her:what?this is my house too and I don't tell you who should visit you or not.

Me:that's because my friends respect my house .

Her: Sikelela you not being fair.

Me:I don't want her in my house Lindiwe.

I walked upstairs going to our bedroom she followed me upstairs trying to reason with me but I wasn't even listening to her. What kind of a married woman comes back home late even neglects her own children?





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