My alarm went off I think I have been swiping the snooze button for the third time. My body is exhausted that walk I took with Melusi left me drained. I forced myself to get out of bed so I can prepare the kids for school.

As I was doing the lunch box the door opened and it was my husband I ran up to him and planted kisses all over his faceI can't believe my husband is home.

Me:I missed you so much.

Him:I missed you more.

Me:you should have told me that you are coming I could have fetched you from the airport.

Him:and not get all this kisses you just gave me? No way.

I kissed him again his tongue found its way into my mouthhe picked me up and we went to our bedroom. My silk night dress dropped on the floor I sat ontop of him as he shifted my panties to the side his cock went in my pot. He helped me to go up and down on him his mouth was sucking my nipples. We have never done this before but there's always a first time for everything.





The design were done and Sandile was happy with the new design now what is left is the interview. He sent me all the questions and I have to chose which one am comfortable with answering the only question I wasn't comfortable with was the one of my family. It's been years now not talking to my family including my mother.

A tear dropped when I thought of the way I left my home everyone wanted me to get marriedit was difficult for them to accept that I wanted to be educatedit was difficult for them to accept that I wanted to be educatedthen came a sangoma who just spilled all those beans.

I need my friend right now I know she will listen to me when I speak probably give me the right to words to say  on the interview. I called her number"hey this is Lindiwe Benyani am sorry am not available please leave your name and number and I will call you back"

Me: hey Lindz it's me friend I need to talk to you. I am coming to your house just now.

I hanged up then took my belongings as I drove to her house.






I got in Sunninghill hospital the first person I saw was Sizakele how did she know Hani is in hospital? 

Me:what are you doing here?how did you know Hani is admitted.

Her: because am the one who brought her here. Her father called me you know very well I told you to stay away from this girl.

Me: Sizakele she is the mother of my child sure I made a mistake but she is the mother of my..

Her:and am your wife dammit the wife who had..

Me: Sizakele now it's not the time for us to be arguing.go home and we will talk when I get back.

Her:fine but I won't be home when you return am going to my parents. 

The doctor came to us she introduced herself and we did the same thing.

Her:Mr Mhlongo your wife has given birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Me:wow a boy? Can I see them?

Her:follow me.

I looked at Sizakele who was wiping her tears. I tried to touch her and she stopped me with her finger and she walked away shaking her head. I didn't know to run after her and apologise for hurting her like this.






Being with my family warms up my heart I spent the whole morning making love to my wife I was confessing all the love I have for her I will never kiss any woman again. she is my lifemy world and my everything.

Me: this was amazing.

Her:very amazing where do you get this energy?

Me:are you complaining?

Her:not at all my love.

Me: good cause if you complaining I will go for another round.

Her:ao ngeke Sika am tired yoh. You want my vagina to start talking?

Me: it won't talk when Benyani enters it will sing all the praises" ngyiyabonga Benyani thatha ngingo wakho"

She laughed so hard 

Her:uya phapa yazi Sika.

Me: I love you Lindiwe and I promise I will be your  husband everyday.

Her:I love you Sikelela. So do you want to fry more chips?

Me:Wena futhi? I won't say no my love.

She laughed as I found myself between her legs again.




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