I have never looked at any man with a different eye let alone cheat on my husbandall my life I knew Sikelela. Melusi is playing with fire I wish he can understand that am a married woman.

Someone was busy hooting on my gate I went out to see who it was and it was Melusi gosh what's wrong with this guy?

Me:are you crazy?

Him:you stood me up last night.

Me:I know. Kanti ufunani?

Him:can I show you something?and if you don't like it I will stay away from you for good.

Me: Melusi please go.

Him:come on Lindiwe just 30 Minutes of your time please.

I got into his Mercedes AMG it has most comfortable sits not even my Kia Picanto sits are this comfortable.

We drove out of Joburg close to Mpumalangamy heart was beating very fast what if he is going to kill me gosh I even left my phone at home. He stopped his car and we took a walk to some house that was close to the hill.

Me:why are we walking?

Him: because you were quite in the car so I just wanted us to talk you know. I love the sound of your voice.

Me:I have never walked this far.am so tired.

Him:shame you so unhealthy.let me put you on my back.

He put me on his back and he walked until we got to the househe punched in a code"0093" we got in

the house is so beautiful with white couches and one shaped like L the kitchen looked so beautiful and very spacious. I noticed that he was cooking and it smelled delicious.

Me:wow are you cooking?

Him:it was on slow cook but I think the food is ready to serve.

Me: who's house is this?

Him:mine I come here when I need to cook a new dish just to get my inspiration.

Me:I see.

I was in total awe of what I was seeing. I took a tour around the house while he stayed behind doing whatever he was doing in the kitchen. I loved the view of the mountain I enjoyed everything that I saw in the house.





When I thought about the kiss guilt would cripple mewhy did I kiss her? Why did she kiss me back? I have betrayed my wife and if she finds out she will never forgive me.  I have never looked at any woman besides Lindiwe and I have never kissed any girl besides my wife. 

I have been faithful to our marriage for a long time just few glasses of champagne made me cheat on my wife. I battled with myself wether to call her or not. 

I picked up my phone and called her and she was not picking up.

Me:am sorry Lindiwe for betraying you my love and I will never do it again.





Him: thought I would find you here.

Me:oh sorry for leaving you just like that.

He wrapped his hands around me making me inhale his toxic cologne he smells so good. My mind comes back to earth the moment I realised that my head is on his chest I quickly step back.

Him:relax I don't bite. Come taste my food and tell me what you think.

Me:so am your genie pig?

Him:yes starting from today muntuza.

We go to the kitchen and my jaw dropped on the floor he has set up a little romantic lunch it looked so beautiful. My husband and I never go out that much and most of the things we do the kids are also involved.

Him:do you like it?

Me:ye alot even.

Him:am glad you do now come and eat.

This guy is full of surprises. I didn't think he would do such beautiful thing for me. I enjoyed his food so much that I asked for more.





The day I saw her I fell in love with her she was sitting and clinging on her husband like he said he will leave her. I wanted to speak to her but then I had to  behave right now I have her where  I wanted.

Lindiwe is a beautiful lady and her husband is one lucky man.  We talked about ourselves how we grew up and I learnt that her marriage was arranged from the day she was born and this only means he has never been with anyone besides her husband.

My phone rang and I excused myself from the table. The person who was calling me makes my interstices turn.

Me:ufunani Wena?

Voice: Melusi you promised to see me today.

Me:ngithe ngizoza Hani.

Her: please and I think I will go on labour.am scared babe.

Me:tell your father to take you to the hospital am out of Joburg and I will see  you when I get back.

Her:are you with Sizakele? Melusi you said you will leave her.

Me:no am alone Hani. Let go so I can come to you then.

I hanged up and went back to Lindiwe. Maybe you wondering who is Hani she is my girlfriend and she will soon give birth to my first child. I am Melusi Mhlongo owner of Black and White restaurant.





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