I heard the buzzer going off like crazy no matter how much I wanted to ignore it it was impossible the person was not going to leave me alone. I checked the time on the bedside table it was 12:30pm I must have passed out immediately after taking my clothes off cause I was left with my lace panty only. I grabbed my gown and  went downstairs to checked who it was.

My eyes widened when I noticed that my in-laws car was parked right on the gate and now my mother in-law was shouting my name shit what am I going to do the house it's not messed up but I am mess and I smell of a shebeen. I ran upstairs to put on a comfortable dress and a doek to hide my messy hair and I brushed my teeth as quick as I can.

Immediately when I let them in the boys came running to me and I gave them hugs they couldn't stop telling me about how they enjoyed video calling their father and that's when I remembered that my phone has been off.

Ma:Lindiwe we having been ringing the buzzer for the past 30 minutes..

Me:am so sorry mama I was busy with something that I didn't hear anything.

Her:I hope so.you don't look too good are you sick?

Me:if missing my husband is a disease then yes am sick.

Tata: oh Hai Koti it's just few days nyana he will be back don't worry. Eh Koti did you bake your famous scones?

Me:yes I have them let me make tea for you bazali.

I went to the kitchen and my mother in-law followed me my knees started shaking I know it's about to go down. I tried to look at her but couldn't keep eye contact with her.

Her: were parting last night? I mean you look like a mess and you didn't cook lunch like you always do.

Me:I am tired mama thought I should rest a bit before cooking.

Her: I see . I heard Sharon is back from London I hope you still know that you are married and she is single

don't let her ruin your marriage by leading you astray like she used to before you got married.

Me:she wouldn't do that mama she respects my marriage a lot.

Her: I hope she does. Let's take the tea to your father before he starts complaining.





Me:so what would you love to have on the page you featuring me in

Him: all of this design are just dull I mean this coatis it a coat or a gown?

Me:it's a coat.

Him:can't you make it look more like it says"wear me" ?I mean it says please don't wear me.

Me:ok I will do what you want.

Him:my god Sharon this shirt no a big no.

Hell what does this guy wants?i mean he doesn't even have a sense of fashion with his 1980 jeans nxa I took my designs and put them in my bag.

Me:I will redo everything then I will give you a call once am done.

Him: please do so cause from where am standing you don't look like someone who was featured in London fashion week.

Me:are we done?

Him:yes we done.

Just as I was about to leave he spanked my ass and then he wicked at me. I wanted to do more than just to drop my jaw. I walked away before we could both cause a scene.





When I saw Lindiwe name on the screen I sighed in relief Lord knows I have been calling her since last night.

Me:where have you been MaBenyani?why was your phone off?

Her:am sorry I fell asleep and I didn't hear your phone ringing.

Me:don't ever scare me like that again. Ukhahle kodwa?

Her:ngyiyaphila  baba I miss you so much.

Me:I will be home in no time. I miss being next you and I miss being inside of you.

Her:then come home.

Me:just two days left my love and I will be there.

Her sound of her voice makes me want to fly back home and forget about the deal but however I need the money I need to make sure my family is well taken care off. While we were still enjoying our conversation I heard a male voice speaking at the background and she hanged up on me.

Me:Lindiwe ?

I wonder who is the guy talking at the background.





My jaw dropped when I saw Melusi standing at the door and how did he even get in? 

Me:how did you get in?

Him:the gate was opened.

Me:ok. What brings you here.

Him:ngibone Wena muntuza. I missed you.

Me:excuse me?you only met me last night and now you miss me?

Him:yes I wish we could have talked a bit longer you know.

Me:I don't know what you trying to say but please leave my house.thank you for last night but can you leave please.

Him:ohk Uhm this was for you hope it will make you feel better.

He placed the brown doggy back on top of the coffee table then took out his business card he blew me a kiss then left. 

Me:mxm angazi who told you that I can't cook. 

I teared the business card into pieces and threw it along with the food in the rubbish bin.





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