My wife is a dream she is that dream you don't want to wake up from. She was sleeping peacefully with a little smile appearing at the corner of her lips. Her lips are shaped in a circle as if she is pouting. I kissed her soft lips and she let out a soft moan.

Me: good morning Punchu

Her: good morning babe.

Me: you look so beautiful.

Her: thanks my love.

She blushed away pulling the covers on her face and I gently remove them remove them and look at her dancing eyes.

Me: remember when I taught you how to kiss?

Her: yes talking about one clumsy kiss.

Me:can I have that clumsy kiss?

Her: a.a  Bubi that kiss got me losing my virginity.

Me:but you asked for it.you asked for uBenyani omcane." Sikelela can you make me a woman"

I say imitating her voice and she just push my forehead and laughs hard.

Her: I don't talk like that.

Me:yes you do. Punchu cabuza ubaba woza Wena Punchu cabuza ubaba.

She blushed and I kissed her lips like it's the last time am kissing herher hands moves slowly on my back sending electric waves on my body. This woman has some toxic effect on me. She stops kissing me and looked at me with eyes full of love.

Her: ngcela uBenyani omcane.

Me:your wish is my command.

I go in without warning her and she screams my name in seductive tone. Her flower pot welcomed me in

her juices were flowing like the Tugela river. I gave her passionate strokes. I am always gentle with her we both reach our orgasm and confessed our undying love for each other.





My day went on very fast I did all my house chores and made sure my family is well served. My husband took the kids out for ice cream giving me time to catch up on my favourite novel"Thorn in my heart" by Mosidi Ntsuntsha. 

I was lost in my reading when a door bell ringed I checked who it was and I found  my best friend standing on the door. I screamed jumping up and down.

Me:oh my word Shazzy.


Me:why didn't you tell me that you are back?when did you come back?how was London? Are you back for good or you going to leave again?

Her:yoh so may questions Choma ? Let me sit down first.

Me:my bad please come in. 

I was so happy like a teenager how I missed this friend of mine boy she still looks beautiful like before not even a single pimple on her face. She gives me 5  shopping paper bags.

Her:your presents for you and your family.

Me:Shazzy you shouldn't have.

Her: shouldn't have?Linda are you crazy? You are my family I couldn't leave London without buying you anything. You have always supported me and right there on my show I wished you there.

Me:I saw the video my word am so proud of you. You flying the Mzansi flag high with those designs I tell you.

We both laugh. She is one ambitious person I know besides my husbandshe was taught to dream big and never be afraid of taking risks.





From the gate I heard people laughing very loud and I knew it was Lindiwe with Sharon. The boys rush in jumping up and down on Sharon giving kisses all over her face. She loves our boys no lies.

Me:Ms Sharon Langa.

Her: Sika..looking handsome as always.

We share a short hug and I sit next to my wife and the boys go to their bedroom.

Me: you know my wife takes good care of me.

Her: I know. I would be mad if she stopped doing her wife duties.

Lindi: ah Shaz you know I love my husband so much and I was taught on how to take care of a man.

Her: because your marriage was arranged.

You can't miss the sarcasm in her voice she has a problem of how I married Lindiwe according to her one should marry someone he or she chose on her own without the family interference but what can I say  Lindiwe and I love each other.





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