Today it's Saturday a day where I take my kids to the park or zooit's a day where we spend time as a family but unfortunately my husband won't be joining us he has a meeting with his employee. I prepared the kids sandwiches and snacks something they both enjoy after preparing their lunch I went upstairs to change into a jean blouse and sandals.

I checked on the boys only to find Khwezi running around naked with his brother shouting at him for not keeping still. I took the liberty to dress him up while Zamani is busy fixing his t-shirt.

Zamani:Ma Khwezi will make us late.

Me:we almost done Zama you can go put your bags in the car.

Him:Khwezi keep still you making us late. I told Cindy that we will be at the park before 12:00

Me:who is Cindy?

Khwezi:his girlfriend. Ma what's a girlfriend?

Me:uhm a girlfriend is someone who you call your friend.

Khwezi: are you also Baba's girlfriend cause you call him my chomi?

Me:yes I am.

Khwezi:I want a girlfriend too

can you help me find  one?

I just laugh at him we drove to the park even though it's not far from where we live. Zamani runs to some white girl who am assuming it's "Cindy" while I join my friends Jane a single parent of two Shaan a housewife and Thobani who is a single parent his wife recently passed away I give them hugs as we engage into some gossip.





The meeting I was having with my employees was taking longer than expected I hate meetings on weekends I should be home with my family and enjoying the day. The marketing manager was making a presentation of how we could expand the business to other neighbouring countries since Benyani airlines it's only for local.

After the meeting I decide on going out for drinks with an old friend of mine Langa Bhengu we have been friends since varsity.

Me:it's good to see you bro.

Him:good to see you too man. You have gained weight uku phethe Kahle udali.

Me: you know my wife knows her place around the kitchen.

Him:blessed you are.

We ordered 12 pack of castle light and we just talk about the good old times. I wonder why he never married and why is he still single.

Me:when are you getting married?

Him:you sound just like my mother. Boy I won't get married until I find the one I don't want to wake up with divorce papers infront of me.

Me: marriage it's a beautiful thing.

Him:yeah says a man who married someone who was already chosen for you.

Me:even still she makes a good wife. She was prepared early so I don't regret making her my wife.

Him: I wouldn't even survive that kind of life.

Me: the thing is we knew each other from when we were still kids and it remained that way.it was always me and her.

He just shakes his head and continue drinking.





Nothing makes me happy like seeing my children happy their joy makes my heart dance. I also noticed that Zamani has been playing with Cindy the whole day even shared his lunch with her. Jane starts talking about my husband and I roll my eyes at her.

Jane:where is your chocolate man.

Me:he is at work Jane.

Her:work on a Saturday ?honey please.

Me: he runs a company that is still growing so yes he is at work.

Shaan: he is a good husband.

Jane:I thought my ex husband was a good man until he cheated on me with a teenager.

Me: my husband will never cheat on me Jane.

Her:I thought so too until that dutchback cheated and divorced me.

Shaan:not all men are like your ex husband Jane. 

Me: exactly .

Her:never say never Lindi these men spies are not to be trusted.

I just chose to change the subject because Jane is always negative she is negative about anything and entertaining her would end up with a huge argument between us.





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Cleo 2019-06-26 13:21:13

Hence its never wise discussing your man with friends no matter how close they may be....