Thanks god it's Saturday today I'm not going to work! I really don't know what to do with this situation of thato I really want to help him but I'm scared of him and I don't want to die hao. I haven't seen my mother yet so I woke up and went to her room then I opened the curtains cause she was already sitting up reading her bible.

Mom:"what's wrong my baby?" I sighed then sat next to her

Me:"there's this guy I'm dating...well I don't know if I should continue dating him because he has a very short temper or something so I want to cut ties with him but I was told to help him find his parents!" She looks at my arm and cheek

Mom:"I say be there for him as a friend and help him find his parents because I don't want to lose you nolo and you are too young to be in an abusive relationship! Did your brother see this!?" I shook my head no "don't let him see this cause he might end up in jail okay!" I nodded

Me:"so how are you feeling today?" She smiled

Mom:"I know that I don't believe in ancestors stuff but I'm really grateful for that women ey! My legs are fine and when she cleansed me I felt so free and amazing" she really does look good

Me:"she knows her stuff and I'm glad you gave her a chance! Anyways let me go and wash the laundry" I said that getting up

Mom:"I'll help you" I shook my head no and she laughed

Me:"sit there and rest mama!" I went to change then I took all the laundry and went outside "morning biggie!" He was sitting under the tree with tsholo

Biggie:"morning little one

how's mama doing?" I put the laundry down

Me:"she's great and she wanted to help me but I said no cause her body needs to rest!" He nodded "what's wrong?" he sighed

Biggie:"refilwe called me last night and she begged me to come over so I went there then I found her body on the floor" my eyes popped out

Me:"did you touch her?" He slowly nodded "oh my god biggie!! You can't go to jail okay you just found your daughter and things are really going well for us hle" he rubs his head

Biggie:"the person who killed her made there's no finger prints so the police is going to find my finger prints!" I looked at tsholo....she lost her mother and now she might lose her father too "I should've listened to my gut ey!! something was telling me not to go there but I did" I sat next to him and I hugged him

Me:"let's hope that someone saw who killed her so that they can clear your name!" if he goes to jail I'm going to have lots of responsibilities


Right now I don't give a damn about my skin looking burnt cause he is spoiling me and giving me the love I always wanted! and my skin is not that bad so I'm living the life man!. Eish it's Saturday and nolo is not coming in so I woke up and I went to make breakfast then I cleaned up there and there

"what are you doing!?" that's my mom

Me:"ma you should really teach yourself to knock ey!" she rolled her eyes

Ma:"where's your maid? she's the one who should be doing this not you!" I sighed

Me:"ma nolo is a human too and she needs to rest okay now what are you doing here?" she gave me a small bottle

Ma:"that cream is going to help you with your burned skin just apply it after you bathed" I smell it and it smells good

Me:"okay thanks!" junior came down "oh morning baby I was just about to bring you breakfast in bed" we kissed

junior:"that's bonolo's job! where is she anyways!?" my mother smiled

Me:'she doesn't work on weekends baby!" he took out his phone and texted her

junior:"she'll be here soon now let's go upstairs and make babies!" eh babies!? I tho....argh never mind

Me:"go ahead I'll be right neh!" he nodded then he went upstairs

Ma:"ooohhh i love what am I seeing right now ey! anyways let me go!" she left then when I was about to go upstairs my phone rang "hello!" the person was breathing

Caller:"enjoy your fleshy life while you still can cause when I come back I'm going to ruin your life just like you ruined mine bitch!!" this voice sounds familiar

Me:"derek is that you!?" the person chuckles

Caller:"let me guess he was also one of your victims huh? I swallowed "you don't recognize my voice huh? hahaha be prepared bitch I'm coming for you nx!" I hang up then I threw my phone on the couch

Me:"who the hell was that person!!??" I drank water then I went upstairs


Nolo has left for work so I decided to cut the grass and clean the yard then I saw mama sitting down on the bench so I went to her

Me:can I get you anything my queen!?" She giggles

Mom:"no I'm good my prince! Tell your queen what's wrong?" I sat down then I told her everything "does your phone record?" I checked it and bam!! I found the record of refilwe calling me

Me:"my mother is a genius bathong!" She chuckles

Mom:"mxm you think I'm that old neh!" She playfully pushed me...few minutes later as I was still busy with the yard a car stopped at our gate and two men came out then they helped get out of the car it was zandile

Me:"whoa whoa whoa!!! Where are you taking her!?" I said that standing at the gate

Man1:"she said that we should bring her here!" Mama stood next to me

Mom:"you really thought that you can kill me neh! I'm a prayer woman zandile! and don't come here with your fake apologies!" Shame I almost felt sorry for her

Man2:"so where should we take her? Cause all her children don't want her!" Eh they don't want their mother!?

Mom:"take her to her sister wife Victoria! Ankere they were friends!" she started coughing so bad then I called and ambulance

Me:"the ambulance is on the way!" They slowly put her back in the car

Man1:"witchcraft is dangerous ey look at her! I mean she was so beautiful and sexy mara nou she looks like a skeleton!" The ambulance came and they took her

Mom:"call lethabo and tell him that his mother is in hospital!" I nodded

Man2:"what should we do with her bags?" These two men are starting to bore me now

Me:"we don't care about that women so I don't know where you are going to take those bags" they got in the car and drove off then I called lethabo "hey bro I just wanted to tell you that your mother is in hospital" I heard him sigh

Lethabo:"i don't want nothing to do with that women so she can die for all I care!" He disconnected the call and I went to mama

Me:"he wants nothing to do with her!" She shrugged her shoulders

Mom:"ai i don't know ke! She's not our responsibility!" I went back to my work


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