I woke up even early then I went to wake Nolo up so we can go to some powerful sangoma

she was recommended by a friend of mine who's now super rich. Hour later we arrived and found her on the gate

Nolo:"did she know that we are coming!?" I shrugged my shoulders then we got out of the taxi and we went to her then she groans loudly

Her:"hhhaaayyyiiii!!! Take off your shoes and step in the water then get in the yard!" We did what we were told to do and followed her to her small house "you are very lucky my children! That women wanted to kill you before you were even born but your ancestors protects you every single day!" We sat down your mother is going to be fine and you are going to get everything that belongs to you!" She started mixing some stuff then she looks at nolo "you are a very beautiful young lady ey!"

Nolo:"thank you ma!" 

Her:"he's not right for you!" Nolo looked at her confused

Me:"who's not right for her?" She groans again

Her:"you need to stay away from him cause his chosen one is waiting for him!" We looked at each other then back to her

Nolo:"ma are you talking about thato!?" She nodded

Her:"you need to help him find his real parents so he can get help very quickly" but she just said she should stay away from him mos

Nolo:"what do you mean his real parents!?" She's starting to get scared now

Her:"don't be scared Nana!? I know I said that you should stay away from him but you need to help him find his real parents so I'm going to give you something for protection!"

Me:"protection for what?" She gave me a death stare and iooked down

Her:"I know what I'm doing okay! If you don't trust me then get out!!" I took out two hundred and put it on the floor

Me:"my apologies ma! I trust you!" 

Her:"good! Oh and also tell your sister that she's going to burn!" What is wendy up to now!?

Nolo:"she wont listen to me ma!" Few minutes later she gave us some muti and gave nolo a beautiful bracelet

Her:"after you fetched your mom come and get me immediately okay!" I nodded then we left

Nolo:"I'm so confused right now!" Same here

Me:"just do what you were told to do ankere we must trust her so our life can get better!" She nodded

Nolo:"so how are you going to convince mama to trust her cause she doesn't believe in these things!" I sighed

Me:"eish i totally forgotten about that!" She chuckles

Nolo:"good luck bro!" I shook my head...we got home and got ready for work


After I bathed with the muti that the sangoma gave me i felt so good and I had energy too! Anyways I'm at work making breakfast for the couple then thato walked in holding flowers and a bag

Thato:"I'm so sorry about yesterday babe! I should let you do things on your own so from now on I'm going to be there for you and if you need advice on something don't be scared to ask me!" Ncoa he's so cute

Me:"I'm only forgiving you because of the flowers nje!" He chuckled

Thato:"uhm i realized that you don't have a phone so I bought you one but if you want to buy your own one it's fine" I took the bag and looked inside it....it was an iPhone 11 and a laptop

Me:"thato! I don't know what to say!" He came closer to me

Thato:"a kiss and a hug would be enough for me" I hugged him then we shared a passionate kiss "damn! You are a great kisser!" I giggled

Me:"stop! Leave before I get fired"

Thato:"fine but I'm coming to fetch you for lunch neh!" I nodded then he left

"Looks like someone is following her sister's footsteps!" I rolled my eyes

Me:"keep on dreaming sis! Anyways breakfast is ready!"

Wendy:"okay I'll pour junior coffee" I looked at her confused because kutlwano doesn't drink in the morning "what!? Don't you have something to do upstairs!" I took the plates to the sitting room

Me:"morning kutlwano" he smiled

Kutlwano:"morning bonolo! Nice bracelet!"

Me:"thanks" wendy came and gave him his coffee

Wendy:"just the way you love it" I have only been working here for few days and I already know that kutlwano only eats healthy food in the morning

Kutlwano:"I drink a smoothie or juice in the morning so what's this?" She frown

Wendy:"okay I'll make you a smoothie then!" She went to the kitchen and I poured him juice cause it was right on the table

Kutlwano:"what's wrong with your sister today?" Oh he also knows that she's my sister

Me:"I don't know ey!" I went upstairs to clean up the bathrooms then few minutes later wendy came to me shouting "yoh yoh yoh why are you shouting!?" She breathed in and out

Wendy:"listen to me very carefully okay!! From now on I'm the one who's going to make breakfast for my husband so your job is to clean and the laundry!" I chuckled

Me:"whatever you want to do is not going to work!" Her eyes popped out

Wendy:"what are you talking about!?" She folded her arms

Me:"you know very well what I'm talking about!"

Wendy:"focus on your job and stay out of my business nx!!" She walks away then I listened to music on my new phone


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