Few days later


I wish I could my job right now but I can't because I want to help my brother and I wanna save up for school next year things are very tense in this house and wendy is busy drinking like there's no tomorrow. Thato's ex or girlfriend almost attack me at the party the other day so I immediately cut all ties with thato cause I don't need drama in my life mama is getting better and she's getting discharged tomorrow. I was busy cleaning up the lounge then someone tapped my shoulder and I turned around it was mr mokwena shirtless

Me:"uhm morning sir!" God please help me!!!

Mr M:"call me kutlwano okay!" I nodded "can you please iron my shirt and please move my clothes to the other guest room" as I was about to respond someone shouted wendy's name then we went to see this person "why are you shouting in my house Veronica!?" She looked at me

Veronica:"what's this huh? Are you cheating on my daughter!?"

Kutlwano:"what are you doing in my house!?" His voice changed and Veronica swallowed "your daughter is drinking herself to death in her room so please talk to her before lose my patience!" He walked away and I went to iron his shirt

Veronica:"what the fuck are you doing here!?"

Me:"as you can see I'm wearing a maid's uniform so that means I'm working here!" She looked at me for a while

Veronica:"you better stay away from junior because he's your sister's husband!" She went upstairs then thato came to me and looked at kutlwano's shirt

Me:"can I help you?" He sighed

Thato:"please give me a chance....give us a chance bonolo!"

Me:"thato i have a lot of things that's going on in my life so I don't think I'll have time for you" he holds my hand

Thato:"we'll figure something out okay just give us a chance hle!" Maybe I should give him a chance I mean he is cute

Me:"and what about lerato?"

Thato:"lerato is in the past

you are my future and I want to spend the rest of my life with you" I smiled

Me:"okay can we date but let's take it slow!" He hugged me then kissed my forehead

Thato:"as long as I'm with you I'm happy"

Me:"now leave so I can go back to work!" We hugged for the last time then he left and I went to give kutlwano his shirt

Kutlwano:"thanks" I nodded and I went to continue with my work then few minutes later I went to their room and I heard Veronica shouting at wendy so I decided to listen


My children can be very stupid sometimes ey they don't appreciate everything I do for them! Especially Wendy she always ruins everything I do for her but this time she's not going to that!.

Me:"get up and take a shower so we can go somewhere!!" She looks at me confused

Wendy:"waar gaan ons?(where are we going)" I rolled my eyes

Me:" ons gaan iemand sien(we are going to see someone)" she slowly got up

Wendy:"do I know that person?"

Me:"wendy if you want your husband to fall in love with you you would be quickly cause I don't have time for you" she rolled her eyes

Wendy:"I'm not going to buy love potion to force junior to fall in love with me ma! I'll divorce him and move on!" I slapped her

Me:"do you have any idea what I did to get you married in this family!!? They are most dangerous people and I risk my life to get that information! So get the fuck up and get ready!!" 

Wendy:"i can get my own man ma!! I don't need your help cause you always ruin my life!" She opened the door "get the fuck out of my house and I don't even want to see you!!" I chuckled then I took my bag and walked out

Me:"call me when you change your mind!" I saw bonolo cleaning so I went to her "shouldn't you be in university?" 

Nolo:"ankere wena le zandile took my father's money that belonged to us!" I swallowed

Me:"I don't know what you are talking about?" I left her there


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