I was called by our neighbor mam'sarah saying that so when I got home I found my mother holding her phone sitting like a statue! Thank goodness mam'sarah was there or else my daughter would have been hurt or something. I took her phone and looked what she was looking at and I couldn't believe my eyes zandile sent her a message saying that she bewitched her and she's going to die very slowly because she took everything from her so I stopped reading and we rushed to the hospital. Apparently my father left everything that he to me and bonolo so I'm going to look for that lawyer who read the will I had to take mam'sarah back home cause tsholo was hungry so when I got back I found Nolo and some guy.

Me:"Nolo has the doctors said anything?" She shook her head no then I sat down "8ta!" I greeted the guy who was next nolo and he nodded

Nolo:"what happened!?" I sighed then I showed her the message "khanti what the hell is wrong with this women huh? What more does she want from us!? Ankere she got everything she wanted so why can't she leave us alone!" I hugged her

Me:"sshh don't cry we'll figure something out okay! I won't let mama die

she's the one who's going to die!!" Few minutes the doctor came

Doc:"keletso banda! We got up

Me:"that's us....she's our mother!" 

Doc:"your mother had a stroke and a panic attack!" 

Nolo:"is she going to be okay doctor!?" She nodded

Doc:"yes she's going to fine but I also think you should get another help for her legs and those pimples" we nodded

Me:"can we see her?" She nodded and we followed her

Nolo:"oh mama please don't leave us yet hle!! I still need you!" I got out as she was still talking to her and went to sit down at bench

Me:"are you nolo's boyfriend?" There's something about this guy and I don't know what

Guy:"not yet....can I have your blessings to date her I promise you I'm going to treat her like a queen she is!" I looked at him for a while

Me:"why would you wanna date a maid while you can have any girl you want?" He looks like a player

Guy:"bonolo is a beautiful natural woman and she's someone I have been looking for all my life so I don't care whether she's a maid or a cleaner because she's independent that's what I love about her!" I nodded

Me:"if you break her heart I'll break every bone of yours and put you in a coma! He swallowed "what's your name?"

Guy:"thato sethole" i got up and went back to my mother's ward


You know since my husband and I just got back from our honeymoon I feel like I'm married to myself cause he's always busy with work so I wore his favorite lingerie and ordered his favorite food and I went to his office to surprise him. I found him busy with his laptop

Me:"hey baby!" He looked at me "I brought you food and I'm your desert of course!" I gave him his food

Junior:"where were you today?" I sat down on his table

Me:"I was out with some friends...why!?" He showed me something big numbers on his laptop "baby you know that I'm not good with numbers so what am I looking at?" 

Junior:"you spent 30 thousand in one day on wine and food!! Do I look like I'm your slave!?" I swallowed "I told you that you get your presentation ready so I can invest in your business wendy! Just because we are married that doesn't mean you should spend MY HARD WORK MONEY on unnecessary things!"

Me:"you forced me to sigh that stupid contract! Let me tell you something junior when two people get married means that they love each other and they share everything with their partners so what the fuck is wrong with you huh? You never had a problem with me spending so much money before!" He got up

Junior:"I worked hard to get where I am today wendy!! We signed that contract so when we divorce we go our separate ways cause I don't want to see myself I court fighting for something I worked hard for!" I chuckled

Me:"its bonolo neh!?" I folded my arms

Junior:"get out of my office and ask your mother why I got married to you!" My eyes popped out "I need to work wendy!" I took my bag and slowly walked out then I called my mother

Mother:"yes wendy I'm busy!" 

Me:"is there something you want to tell me?" She chuckles

Mother:"make that boy fell in love with you and stop being a spoiled brat! I didn't threaten that family for you to ruin everything for me nx!" She hangs up and I went home


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