Seeing bonolo brought all those memories when my mother and zandile kicked them out of our father's house and I didn't do anything for them! Nolo and I used to be so close but I ruined our relationship by not checking up on her and letting those evil womens kick them out. I wonder where they live ey! She's a very bright girl and has a bright future....argh let me stop talking about my past and focus on my future cause it's looking so bright and shiny!. So yesterday I just came back from my honeymoon with my husband kutlwano mokwena thee most youngest richest businessman and a model! We wedding was on top billing and other wedding shows so I'm Mrs kutlwano junior mokwena!. I woke up and I frown when I felt nothing on my left side that means he has already left for work or went jogging so I got up and wore my robe and slippers then I went downstairs and I found bonolo giggling with thato Kutlwano's best friend

Me:"morning!" I took out juice and poured in a glass "thato what are you doing here cause junior is not here?" He rolled his eyes

Thato:"he went jogging so I'm waiting for him! Anyways why didn't you tell me that you have thee most gorgeous helper phela I'm ready to settle down" bonolo blushed

Me:"Wow what about lee!?" He gave me a death stare and I chuckled then junior walked in "oh hey baby let's go and shower together!"

Thato:"make babies while you are in there" 

Junior:"that ain't happening bra!" I frown then followed him to our room

Me:"what do you mean that ain't happening!? Don't you want kids with me?" He sighed

Junior:"we just got married wendy! and I'm very busy right now so we'll discuss this when I'm less busy!" I followed him to the bathroom

Me:"so what am I supposed to do while I wait for you!?" He looked at me chuckling

Junior:"who told you to quit your job!?" I laughed then clapped once

Me:"you wanted me to keep working at that small salon when I'm married to a billionaire! That doesn't make sense at all my dear husband!"

Junior:"you do know that when we divorce you are not from me

right?" I swallowed

Me:"okay can you invest in my business!?" 

Junior:"make an appointment with my PA and we'll take it from there!" I rolled my eyes

Me:"why don't you just give me the money instead of going through a lot of work!"

Junior:"wendy if you want to be a businesswoman you need a proper plan! So draw up your presentation and make sure it's good enough to impress me!" I ignored him and brushed my teeth then we took an innocent shower few minutes later we went downstairs and ate breakfast

Me:"can we host a party?" He raised his eyebrow

Junior:"party for what now!?"

"To welcome you back and see your friends duh!" That was thato

Junior:"aren't you tired of partying!? I bet you went to a club last night!" He's ignoring me now

Me:"so babe can I go ahead?" He nodded

Thato:"great bonolo is my date! So you are giving her a day off!

Me:"hell no she's going to help me hao and who's going to serve the people and stop flirting with our maid" he has a girlfriend and she's crazy

Thato:"she's a helper not a maid! and tell me anything about lee cause she and I were are done!" There's no way I'm going to allow him date my sister because he's the biggest player

Me:"thato there's thousands girls out there so please bonolo alone!"

Junior:"I agree with wendy man! She's too innocent for you" he was looking at her then I cleared up my throat and he looked down

Thato:"how about you guys focus on your marriage and leave me alone!" He got up and left


I was eating lunch then someone tapped my shoulder it was wendy

Me:"what!?" I said that getting up

Wendy:"here is the list of things that I want you to buy and prepare for tomorrow's party!" I took the list and looked at it

Me:"how am I supposed to do all these things in one day!?" She shrugged her shoulders

Wendy:"i don't know! oh stay away from thato and my husband okay! Please stay in your line" I looked at her confused

Me:"what are you talking about now!?" She came closer

Wendy:"thato has a girlfriend name lerato and she's super crazy so if you still want to live please stay away from our men!" I shook my head chuckling

Me:"I've never had a boyfriend and I still don't want a boyfriend until I archive my dreams! Some of us are not like you ey" she swallowed then walks away and I went to continued with my work

"Nolo can we talk?" That's thato....guys thato is very handsome and wears nicely too

Me:"thato you seem like a great guy but I don't want to die yet!" He chuckles

Thato:"don't listen to your sister because she's jealous of you okay "my eyes popped out...how did he find out that we are sisters

Me:"how did you..." He cuts me off

Thato:"you both have the same birth mark on your shoulder and if you were colored like her you guys could have been twins" as I was about to answer him my phone rang it was my brother


Bro:"mom is in hospital" I slowly sat down then thato took my phone and talked to my brother

Thato:hey hey look at me!" I looked at him "your mom is going to be fine okay!" She was doing fine so what happened?

Me:"I need to go"

Thato:"I'll drop you off let's go" I went to change then we left


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