I was busy buying things we need at home then someone tapped my shoulder so I turned around and I couldn't believe my eyes! It was my big brother lethabo (zandile's last born) he's so thin and he is dark too

Me:"lethabo!?" He nodded "what happened bro!?"

Lethabo:"after everything my mother and Victoria did to you guys everything got messed up! They made us fight with each other and we almost killed each other for nothing!" Wow thank god mama decided to get out of that town ey

Me:"eh hade bro! So what's going on with you now?" He sighed

Lethabo:"I'm moving here next week to be away from those two womens! and I'm hoping to fix things with my wife and your mother" well knowing my mother she's going to forgive him without even thinking twice "look I know you don't trust me anymore and I don't blame you because what we did was horrible and I'm pretty sure papa is turning in his grave" he's not happy at all

Me:"let's forget about the past and focus on the future! I have to go how about you give me your number" he nodded then we exchanged numbers

Lethabo:"great nolo and mama for me neh" i nodded then I went to pay and I drove home I got home and I found nolo and mama sitting under the tree

Me:"you won't guess who I saw at the mall!" I said that sitting next to mama

Mama:"who!?" I chuckled

Me:"lethabo...last born of zandile! He's so thin and dark too"

Mama:I guess things are going back for them neh!?" I nodded

Me:"he's moving here next week

if he's like that then I wonder how others looks like!"

Nolo:"things won't be good for them until they apologize to papa for kicking his queen out of the house he bought her"

Me:"you are right nolo phela papa loved mama more than them so he died they saw a chance to mistreat her" mama smiled then I saw the mother of my ex who almost ruined my life walking in holding a baby with bags

Her:"yoh i finally found you bathong!" Nolo gave her a chair "sorry for dropping in like this but I had to come and give you your baby girl cause I can't take care of her anymore!" My mother and I looked at each other then back at her

Me:"uhm ma fifi told me that she lost the baby mos!" Her eyes popped out "she told me everyone that I beat her up so I'm the one who caused the miscarriage!" She put her hands on her mouth

Her:bathong refilwe! How can she do that!? She disappeared two days ago saying that she has found a job somewhere only to find out that she was partying! Bokamoso I can't take care of tsholo cause I work!" I was about to say something but mama cut me off

Mama:"we understand ma so give nolo the baby" Nolo took the baby and the bags then went inside the house "I'll tell my brother and sister to discuss the damages" she nodded

Her:"I'll wait for you then bye!" She got up and left

Me:"mama who's going to take care of that baby?"

Mama:"bokamoso that little girl is yours and we are going to take care of her! Now can you let bonolo go and find a job because now you are a father!" Eish! "You can't keep bonolo at home forever she needs to be independent"

Me:"okay mama she can go ahead with the job searching! But I'm going to do DNA tests just to be sure!" She chuckles

Mama:"fine you can do those tests!"


My late husband is not happy at all and I keep on seeing him in every man I look at. When we kicked keletso and her kids out Victoria started doing things behind my back and now she's rich while I'm getting poor! She invested her money while I was busy going around shopping for unnecessary things. My children wants nothing to do with me and I'm getting sick but no one is checking on me! I was outside drinking tea then I saw lethabo's car parking and he got out

Me:"oh thabo thank god he bought you here!" He looks at me for a while

Lethabo:"I'm here to take my stuff and I never want to see you again!" I tried to touch him but he moved back "don't you dare touch me! Just die already zandile!!" Tears came out

Me:"thabo please don't do this hle! I'll do anything to fix things!" He shook his head

Lethabo:"the person you tried to witch or kill is probably living in a big house and living her life!"

Me:"she will never be happy that women and I made sure of it! Everything I did for you I did it because I love you guys! Your father left everything to keletso's kids so I did what any woman would do!!!!" I realized that I said things that I shouldn't have said

Lethabo:"what do you mean she won't be happy!? WHAT DID YOU DO!!?" He came close to me

Me:"I made her sick and she's going to die soon!" He slowly moved back

Lethabo:"you are sick!! I wish she was my mother!! You made everyone fight! You broke our family now look where you are and look where Victoria is at!!! You are stupid zandile STUPID!!" He went inside the house then few minutes later he walked with his bags

Me:"thabo please don't go hle! Im sick!!" He ignored me and put everything in his car and drove off


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