Chapter 8






It's Friday today and after classes I went to my room to pack some few clothes because I'm going to my sister! So as I was packing up there was a knock on the door and I went to open I couldn't believe my eyes

Me: what are you doing here?

She looks down and plays with her hands

Me: I don't have all day salamina!

Salamina: i know I'm the last person you don't want to see and I don't blame you! My aunt fed me lies about what really happened between my mother and our f....I mean your father

So she's really my half sister!?

Me: How long have you k'mom that we are half sisters?

Salamina: since I was ten years old! We once met at a school trip and I asked my mother then she confirmed it

Me: okay! Uhm I have to go

Salamina: i hope one day you'll forgive me and maybe try to be sisters

She walked away and I continued packing then later I arrived at the hospital

Me: hello I'm looking for my sister kelebogile khumalo

The receptionist typed on her computer

Receptionist: ward 29

I thanked her and walked to the ward then I found sis'thando packing up

Thando: oh hey my angel!

We hugged

Me: hey sis! Are you going home?

Thando: yes! I should be excited but I'm not ey

She said that looking at my sister

Me: what's going on with her!? I thought she's doing well

Thando: she went into a coma last night angel

I went to her side and hold her hand

Me: hey sis please wake up hle!

sis'thando came to hug me and I cried


My mother and I spent the night getting to know each other then we fall asleep on the couch! She's an amazing woman and I can't believe she is zandile's twin sister. There's something blocking me from seeing my wife at the hospital then there's bontle who is busy buzzing in my ear that I'm not giving her attention! I mean like since she came into my life I never gave her attention so she must chill. I was in my office working then zandile walked in

Me: what do you want zandile!?

Zandile: oho now that you've found your mother you are disrespecting me? I gave you guys everything you wanted and took care of you instead of killing you so I could get rich!

I.couldn't believe!

Me: the way you are so obsessed with money you can kill everyone that stands in your way and you even made me be obsessed with it! Money doesn't buy love and happiness

She rolled her eyes

Zandile: do you know that me and zanele grew up very very poor and sometimes we would go the whole week without food or water so you should be thanking me for taking care of you because you would have suffered like us

As I was about to respond my mother walked...did I mention that this women is gorgeous if she wasn't my mother I swear I would've flirted with her

Zanele: i had an amazing childhood even if we were so poor because our parents showed us love kindness and caring for other people! You didn't see that because you wanted to be like your friend but have you seen her right now!? Shame she's looks so old and thin too so I'm glad I grew up poor

Zandile: whatever zanele! Just know that I'm not going to sit back and do nothing

kindness and caring for other people! You didn't see that because you wanted to be like your friend but have you seen her right now!? Shame she's looks so old and thin too so I'm glad I grew up poor

Zandile: whatever zanele! Just know that I'm not going to sit back and do nothing I'm going to fight for my family and my children

I chuckled

Me: we are old enough to make our own decisions! You need to worry about what are you going to say to your husband!

She swallowed

Zanele: that man is a good person and wena you only care about yourself! Please leave my children alone

Zandile: they are my children zanele!! Stop this nonsense of yours man!! I'm giving you three days to leave and never return or else!!!

She left

Me: maybe we should do DNA tests

Zanele: so you don't think that I'm your mother!? You know what I'm not going anywhere cause i want to see what she's gonna do to me YOUR MOTHER!

She looked at me for a while then she left

Me: oh god what's happening!?


Makhosi was busy mixing some herbs for his clients then he had a vision of zanele and zandile fighting then when they stopped someone was on the floor bleeding. He tried to find out who is the person that was on the floor but the bones were not showing him anything then zandile barged in his hunt

Zandile: i want you to make me strong so I can fight zanele!

He shook his head no

Makhosi: someone is going to die in your fight!! I have too much blood on my hand and my ancestors are very angry at me

Zandile: makhosi you don't understand okay! I've worked very hard to be where I am today and I'm not going to let my sister ruin everything! She has to die now and this time I'm going to make sure she's dead for real

He got up and dragged zandile out of his hunt then threw her on the floor

Makhosi: what part of my ancestors are very angry at me for not using my gift properly don't you understand huh!? I'm in this mess because of you zandile I almost killed ntando & thando MY CHILDREN because of your obsession with money!

Her eyes popped out

Zandile: they're your children!?

He slowly sat down on the bench and rubs his head

Makhosi: i found out last night when my mother came to visit me in my dream! She told me that she and ubaba they very disappointed in me that's why they blinded me not to see that the twins are mine

Zandile: so who has half of your gift and half of zanele's gift?

Makhosi: thandolwethu that's you didn't get along with her cause there was something protecting her

He got up and walked to his house then zandile followed him

Zandile: okay you don't want to help me recommend someone who is powerful than you and zanele!

He chuckled

Makhosi: if I was you I was going to give up because you've already lost ey! Please get out of my house and never come back

Zandile: you know that when I go down you are also following me right!?

Makhosi: leave zandile!!!

She ran to her car and drove off



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