Chapter 4


There's something wrong in this room and I'm scared for my life! I think the women that told me and my sister was right about salamina because last night I heard her talking in the shower like she's talking to someone then she prayed in tongues which was so scary cause she was shaking. I woke up very early to avoid her and waited in the library

"Oh hey Ora what are you doing here so early!?"

That's my desk mate noluthando

Me: I'm avoiding someone!

Nolu: you mean salamina?

I nodded

Me: I want another roommate cause she's scaring me!

Nolu: didn't my mother give you something to protect yourself!?

I looked at her confused

Me: your mother!?

Nolu: yes! The women who told you to be careful of salamina is my mother

My eyes popped out

Me: so you knew about salamina!?

She nodded

Nolu: the first time I saw her there was something bad about her then my mother told me to be careful

Me: oh god! Am I in danger?

"Yes you are! If I was you I would go to consult with someone or else you are going to die!"

Nolu: don't listen to her ora she's trying to scare you! Go away Amanda

Amanda: I was her roommate then few months I couldn't sleep and my school work got really bad! Please go to her mother or someone you know before it's too late

Nolu: i thought it was just a rumor when i heard your story

Amanda: well it's not ey! That girl is evil

Me: oh girls I can't go back to that room bathong! I'm going to talk to the headmaster about moving to another room

Nolu: I'll go with you

We got up and left


This man wants kids but he didn't come to my room last night so this morning I went to the guest room and guess what? he was there I did my magic and we had five rounds.

Ntando: there's something about you that changed! I hope you are not using muti on me


Me: bathong ntando!! I don't believe in those smelly and disgusting stuff yoh!

He sighed

Ntando: okay sorry ke! Let's hope you will be pregnant soon cause I want to focus on my wife

Me: I'm also your wife mos!

Ntando: bontle not now please!

He got dressed then walks out and I called my mother

Mom: and then so early in the morning!

Me: why can't men fall in love with me!? I feel like ntando is using me nje

Mom: just like you are using him to take care of me and have a better life!


Me: seriously mama! So I can't be loved like any women out there!?

Mom: maybe if you change your attitude then you might be loved

She hangs up before I could say anything

Me: mxm I'm giving you allowance this month

I said that to myself then I got up and went to my room few minutes later I went downstairs and I found thando with first lady laughing

Me: morning!

They stopped laughing and looked at me

Thando: damn! I never paid attention to your body but I see right now is giving me goosebumps ey!!

I blushed

Me: stop it thando hao!

I took out bottle of water then I went outside


Makhosi gave me something to make kele forget about the adoption issue and hopefully it might get her pregnant because there's nothing wrong with her so I'm praying so hard for that. I was busy working then my parents walked in and sat down I'm still angry at my mother and I don't think I'll be able to look at her the way I did.

Baba: junior what's this I hear from your mother huh!? We didn't raise you to disrespect your adults and threaten them!

I chuckled

Me: seriously ma! Baba did your wife tell you that she wants to kill your daughter?

He looked at her and she looks down

Baba: makhumalo is this true!?

Me: she hasn't accepted thando for who she is so she wanted to kill her or give her something to make her a girl

Baba: because of prince zweli? I swear on my parents grave I'll kill you if anything happens to thando

do you understand me!

She quickly nodded then swallowed

Me: there's nothing wrong with thando and I think it's your fault that she's like that because you were never there for her

Baba: I agree with you son! You were too focused on whatever god knows what

She started to cry

Me: be a mother and stop your obsession with power ma! Thando needs you

Baba: I'm going to call her and you are going to fix your relationship with her okay

She nodded then they got up and left


Okay where did my brother find these gorgeous sexy womens huh!? Anyways I'm not in his house to look at his women I came to fetch kele so we go to oratile's school. I dreamed or I had a vision of her screaming for help then when I woke up I found a necklace so that means I must give it to her.

Kele: why are we going to ora's school?

I sighed

Me: I dreamed her screaming for help so I have to give her this necklace for protection

She looked at it and smiled

Kele: this reminds me of my grandmother she had the same necklace

Wait what!? Could that women be her grandma?

Me: do you have a photo of her?

Kele: I'll show you on Monday cause tomorrow we are going back home

I nodded

Me: are you okay though!? You seem down

She sighs

Kele: I'm ready to adopt but your brother doesn't want to adopt

Me: you don't need him okay just do your thing and there are many kids who deserves to be loved

Kele: but what if they would want his signature or ask how our marriage is!? You know I can't lie right!?

Me: you are a young beautiful businesswoman and you are going to be a great mother so if they can't see it then you'll try somewhere else okay

She nodded




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