Chapter 1



I woke up every early to go jog then when I came back I went to the kitchen to drink water! As I was about to go to my room ntando stood in front of me

Me: please move I'm going to be late for my meeting!

Ntando: I thought we could have breakfast together?

Mxm he only remembers me when the other one is not giving him attention

Me: sorry I can't

He sighs

Ntando: makhumalo I'm trying to fix our marriage here please meet me halfway

I chuckled

Me: meet you halfway!? Khumalo you let your family control you and your wife doesn't even respect me at all! Can you please sign the divorce papers so I can move on cause I can't live like this anymore

He holds my hand

Ntando: i can't lose you baby because you are my number one women okay you pushed me to follow my dreams and made me the man I am today so we can't just give up on our marriage hle

Me: our marriage ended when your family brought that girl in our house and when you threatened to take away my sister from me

He swallowed and I went to my room then I took a shower few minutes later I finished getting ready for work then I went to the kitchen to make him breakfast

Ntando: I'm sorry I threatened you okay! I miss you makhumalo

I gave him his breakfast

Me: you know that oratile is the only family I have and I would do anything for her so that's why I'm still here

I took my bag

car keys then i left


Me: I'm telling you mama there's something wrong with ntando! I mean we have been having sex since I came here and I'm still not pregnant

I'm on the phone with my mother

Ma: ai to be honest with you my baby girl as long as he gives you money and you can take care of us I don't care if you get pregnant or not

I rolled my eyes

Me: mama you don't understand neh! If I don't get pregnant he might divorce me and get another wife

Ma: yoh i didn't see it that way! No no we can't let that happen okay so come home this weekend and we'll go see someone

Me: okay I'll come on Friday bye

I hang up then ntando walked in

Ntando: just because we are trying to make a baby that doesn't mean you should sit around and do nothing! Find a job or start your own company

I chuckled

Me: honey I born to be a housewife!

Ntando: i would've understood that if you were born in a rich family

Ouch that hurts!

Me: thank you for reminding me that I come from a poor background

Ntando: pleasure

He took his briefcase and left

Me: mxm you can't even make babies!

I went to shower


At lunch time I decided to go fetch my little sister ora at school because I miss her and I want to find out how is school! Our parents died two years ago and the rest of the family turned their backs against us so ora told me she wanted to go to a boarding school and I was shocked because she loved her previous school then I found out the real reason why she wanted to go there is because ntando's mother busy bullying her and saying that we are finishing her son's money. That women thinks I'm nothing without her son which is not true cause I make more money than him anyways we arrived at our favorite restaurant and ordered

Ora: wanna talk about it!?

I smiled

Me: nah let's talk about you! Any boyfriend I should know about!?

She giggles

Ora: no! I'm focused on my books and those boys are spoiled brats

I chuckled

Me: bo mamas boys

Ora: exactly! Anyways I dreamed of mama le papa i think they want us to visit them

Me: yeah it's has been a while so I'll fetch you on Friday and spend the weekend there

She nodded then some women sat on our table and holds our hands

Women: nana be careful of your roommate she's jealous of you and wena sesi he's not the one for you

We looked at each other then back at her

Me: who's not the one for me!?

She softly groans

Women: your soulmate is looking for you but someone is blocking him to find you! Nana be careful neh

She gets up and left

Ora: o-kay that was weird!

Me: do you get along with your roommate

Ora: argh sis don't tell me you believe that women! My roommate is harmless and she reads bible every single day then prays with tongues 

I found myself believing that women and it's confusing because I don't believe in spiritual people! After I took ora back to school and I went back to work


My doctor told me that everything is fine with me so I don't understand why bontle is not pregnant yet because she's only here to give me kids then I'll get rid of her! I love kelebogile so much and I don't want to lose her cause I'll lose everything....see the family seer told me that kelebogile is the reason why I keep getting rich and my family is the most powerful family back in our village so I'll do anything to make sure she doesn't leave me that's why I threatened to take her little sister away from her. I was in my office working then my twin sister walked in

Me: thando lam!

She sat down and folded her arms

Thando: so your mother told me that you making a baby but I just saw your wife busy drinking wine

Damn this girl is ruining everything!

Me: maybe its non alcoholic

She chuckles

Thando: right! Kele is getting beautiful and sexy everyday ey!

I gave her a death stare...she's a lesbian

Me: does your girl know that you are busy checking out on other married women

Thando: it's not like we are married mos! But if I had a beautiful woman like kelebogile damn! I would've treated her like a queen

Me: well she's my queen and stop doing that okay she's off limits

Thando: seriously she's off limits!? When was the last time you spent time with her!?

She said that getting up

Thando: just let her go because it's very clear you can't make her happy anymore and I know about your secret

Me: what secret!?

Thando: that you are only keeping her because she's making you rich and the family powerful

She wasn't supposed to know that cause she can't keep her mouth shut

Me: I don't know what you are talking about

She shock her head

Thando: now why i don't get along with this family! It's because you only care about yourselves

She walked out leaving me scared of what she's gonna do with the secret


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