It's has been four days since rabi has run away and part of me wants to look for her but the other one says I should leave her alone so she can learn the hard way! Gomo is awake and back home and the gave that guy who came the other day his stuff back. I was busy cleaning up the table then someone tapped my shoulder and I turned around looked at the person it was masego


Masego:you are so quiet these days what's wrong!?

I sighed

Me:rabi has run away

Masego:what!? But I saw her the other day with her friends and I asked her if you are okay because you weren't answering your phone

Me:where did you see her!?

Masego:at some restaurant where I live in but I'm pretty sure she's not going to come back again since I saw her

I nodded

Me:how did she look like!?

Masego:uhm she looked fine to me! If I knew she ran away I would've called you ey

Me:nah it's okay! If she wants to ruin her life then there's nothing I can do

Masego:yeah anyways how about we hit the club tonight?

Me:yoh i have never been in a club and I don't even know how to dance!

We giggled

Masego:don't worry I got you! Wena just get ready and I'll pick you up neh

I nodded then I continued with what I was doing....few minutes later the boss called me in his office

Me:is there something wrong sir!?

He closed the door and stood in front of me that I couldn't breathe probably

Boss:I've been trying to hide these feelings for a while now but I can't because every time I look at you is the more I fall in love with you! Kaboentle rose morulane I've never felt like this with any girls that I dated my heart beats sa fast when I see you

Me:we..we can't be together even if I feel the same way and what about the lady...

He cuts me off by smashing his soft lips on mine and we kissed for a while then I slowly pulled out

Me:you and I are from two different world! And there's a lot of things that I want to fix before I get in a relationship

Boss:I don't care if we are from two different world kaboentle cause I want to be with you not because I feel sorry for you it's because you are beautiful

it's because you are beautiful kind caring and you care a lot about your loved ones that you forget about putting yourself first so please let me in your life and we can even take it slow

I looked at him for a while then I sighed

Me:my brother and I we are on a journey of looking for our family but that is kinda on hold because we are worried about our little sister who suddenly changed out of nowhere so my life is kinda a mess right now!

Boss:all I want is to be with you and I will help you guys find your family if you want of course! and if you need to cry or get angry at someone I'm here for you okay

I nodded then he kissed my forehead

Boss:how about we go out for our first date tomorrow night

Me:I would love to!

Boss:great! Now go back to work before they notice you are gone

We kissed then I went back to work....after work I went home to get ready to go to a club and I'm kinda excited ey

Mellow:whoa!! And where are you going to looking so hot!?

Mellow likes to exaggerate too much

Me:I'm going to a club with masego

Gomo:so you are going to have fun while our little sister is missing!?

Me:she's not missing! Masego saw her the other day and she looked fine to her so why should I stop my life because of onkarabile!

Gomo:wow kaboentle! She doesn't know what she's doing and I think you should tell your friend to give us the address of where she saw her so we can fetch her

Me:and then what huh!? She's already deep in that life or whatever she is doing so there's nothing you can do

Gomo:well I blame you for her behavior!

Mellow:what!? Dude you don't mean that!?

Me:no it's okay Mellow! He wants to blame me because he failed to be a big brother ankere you were busy stealing people's stuff!

Gomo:i did that for us! I want us to have a better life and make something of ourselves so wena you should've been strict!

Mellow:come on dude that's not fair!

Me:I love onkarabile so much and I do anything for her! Don't you dare blame me for her sudden behavior because none of us saw it coming nx!

I took my bag and left


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