Argh life is amazing and I'm enjoying every moment of it! Of course I need to thank lerato for introducing me to this world because I can make money too. I know some people thinks that I'm ruining my life but I'm actually being independent cause I can't expect my brother

sister and mellow to take care of me forever bathong so I'm still in school studying hard and I'm happy that my blesser understands that. He bought me an apartment that's close to school and he can visit me whenever he wants to! I know that my family is worried about me and I want to call them to tell them that I'm fine but they might trace my phone then come here and cause trouble which I don't want so I'll contact them when I'm ready.

Me:bathong lee so early in the morning!!

She was watching porn videos

Lerato:i need to learn some new style cause blesser says I'm boring...well I heard him talking to someone on the phone

Me:just let him do whatever he wants to do and you'll be fine!

Lerato:is that what you do!?

I nodded

Me:and it works for me! Anyways I'm going to buy some groceries wanna come!?

She shook her head no

Lerato:oh before you go my aunt says she wants to meet you


She shrugged her shoulders

Lerato:just go and see her because she doesn't want to stop calling me!

I got up and went to take my bag then I walked to lee's aunt house then she pulled me in the house immediately when she saw me

Me:ma are you okay!?

She ignored me and light her candles then she put on her white doek then we kneel down

L'aunt:your father is looking for you! He has been looking for you since you were born but someone is blocking him

My eyes popped out

Me:what!? Why!?

L'aunt:stop what you are doing onkarabile and go back to your siblings because you need to be together all the time

I frown

Me:what do you mean by that!?

L'aunt:look at your hand that has a birth mark

I looked at it and my birth mark was half

Me:what the heck!? Why is it half!?

L'aunt:because you are not with your brother and sister! You won't be protected if you are not with them....your ancestors are protecting you!

Mxm I got up

Me:why didn't they protect us when we were raped huh!? I'm fine where I am

I walked out and took a cab to the mall


Yohhh yohhh i had so much fun last night and masego taught me some moves that made me famous nyana but now my head is hurting me like I've been hit by a bus and I wish I wasn't working ey. People keep on staring at me and it's kinda full today so we are going up and down so as I was busy cleaning up the table some girls came to me and asked for a salfie then I went to masego to find out what's going on

Me:hey andrew have you seen masego!?

Andrew:she's in the kitchen! So you are a celebrity now?

I looked at him confused then he showed me a video of me dancing and it was on one million views

Me:oh my god!! Thats why I getting the stares!

Andrew:you just made our restaurant more famous now so thank you miss celeb

The boss dragged me to his office and locked up

Me:ouch you are hurting me!!

I said that yank my hand then he breathed in and out

Boss:sorry for that! So are you a stripper now

Me:did you see me dancing on a stage holding those long poles!?

He swallowed

Me:are we going to have a problem of me dancing in a club!?

If he's a control freak then I'm out because I'm too young for this

Boss:please don't change yourself bunny! You are a wonderful woman

Me:I'm not changing okay! I was just having fun with my friend and you should trust me if you want this relationship to work

Boss:I know! And I also need to stop comparing you with my ex's because you are nothing like them

As I was about to respond I felt a sharp pain on my chest


I sat down and breathed slowly

Boss:are you okay!?

Me:my chest is hurting! Oh god what's going on?

Boss:have you felt like this before!?

I nodded

Me:I think I feel like this when someone passes....because I felt like this when my grandma died

Boss:I think we should check it out because you don't look good right now

He took his car keys then he picked me up in bridal style

Andrew:is everything okay!?

Boss:she's not feeling good lock up ok

We left


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