The minute they told me that my family has been involved in a car accident and they died on the way to the hospital I knew that I was all alone because my family just kicked me out of my parents house and they took everything that was left for me and my little sister. It's very clear that both families loved my parent's money and they only pretending to love us! My little sister and I we are packing our bags while auntie Fifi watching us like we are thiefs

Rabi:why is she standing there like we are going to steal something!?

She whispered

Me:just ignore her okay we need to think about we are going to from here

She sighed

Rabi:can't we fight them in court!?

Me:and how are we going to pay for a lawyer!? And you know that our parents lawyer is a powerful one so he might do something

Rabi:so we are just going to pack our stuff and leave our house!? And what about school huh!?

Auntie Fifi:hey hey I don't have all day!!!

We finished packing up and she pushed us out of the house

Uncle M:here's a twenty rand to buy food on the way

Auntie Fifi took the twenty rand before I could take it

Rabi:you can keep your stupid money! I hope papa le mama haunt you guys and make you crazy

Onkarabile is only fourteen years old and I sometimes wish I had her courage to speak up when she's sees someone else doing something wrong

Auntie Fifi:my sister and brother inlaw will never haunt us because you are not their children

Our eyes popped out then we looked at uncle

Me:she's lying

right!? Malome she's lying ankere!!?

He sighed

Uncle M:you are both adopted kids! My brother can't have kids so they adopted you

Auntie Fifi:so everything they left for you belongs to us who has the blood in our veins!! Bye orphans!

We looked at them for a while then we slowly walked out

Rabi:it makes sense now! Why they were pretending to love us ey

I hugged her

Me:as long as we are together everything will be fine okay

She nods then I kissed her forehead and continued walking

My name is kaboentle rose morulane and I'm 17 years old onkarabile rinah morulane and she's 14 years old my little sister.....PLEASE JOIN US ON OUR JOURNEY OF FINDING OUR FAMILY


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