I was woken up by rabi having a nightmare again so I softly woke her up and she hugged me tightly

Me:it's okay nana you are safe!

Rabi:we can't live like this anymore sis the nightmares are getting worse every single day!

Last year we were sleeping under the bridge after being muged and I was stabbed then four groups of guys forced themselves on us since then rabi has been having nightmares of that and sometimes it becomes worse when we see them

Me:I promise you tomorrow I'm going to get us a place to stay and hopefully someone will hire me

Rabi:we have been begging people for a job and they just give us nasty stares so what makes you think tomorrow won't be the same thing?

Me:because I have been praying so hard and I have a good feeling about tomorrow

We heard footsteps then we quickly got up and his behind the wall

Voice:ladies we know that you here! Come out wherever you are!

Rabi:oh no they are back sesi!

I hold her tight

Me:they will leave if we don't show! Relax okay

Voice 2:guys let's go they are not here as you can see!

Voice 3:dude I saw them yesterday okay they must be hiding!

Voice 1:girls come on we won't hurt you! Just come out

Rabi:let's run!

Me:sshh we are not going anywhere onkarabile!

Voice 4:guys let's find some other girls cause it's clear that they are not here!

Voice 1:and where are we going to find other girls huh? Besides I want the little one she's delicious

They laughed

Voice 3:let's go guys!! They are not here hao

Voice 1:fine! Bye girls!

They laughed then left

Rabi:oh god thank you for protecting us!

Me:how did they even find us huh? I mean I made sure that we are where they can't find us

Rabi:well they are going to find us sooner or later

We heard footsteps again then went to his

Voice:girls! It's me mellow

Rabi:what's my favorite color!?

I looked at her and she shrugged her shoulders

Voice:your favorite color is green why are you hiding!? Did those perverts come here!?

We released a relief sigh then we went to her....mellow was kicked out by her parents because she's a lesbian so she has been out bodyguard until she disappeared on us

Rabi:where have you been!? And how did you find us!?

Mellow:the fruit lady told me that I would find you here

She gave us food and we sat down then we started eating

Mellow:I was hustling for us and guess what?


Mellow:tomorrow we are moving to our new place and I might've found you a job

Rabi looked at me and I smiled

Me:wow where are we moving to!?

Mellow:see those beautiful lights there!?

We nodded

Mellow:somewhere there's some cheap flats and it's perfect for us

Rabi:so you disappeared on us for a year to find us a cheap flat!? Not that I'm complaining or being ungrateful it's just that I thought you forgot about us

Mellow:I'll never forget about you guys cause you are my family okay! You are a clever girl and you kinda remind me of my little sister

Rabi:i hope I'm prettier than her right!? Even though I haven't bathed for two years

We chuckled

Me:did you have to remind us mara!

She laughs

Mellow:don't worry tomorrow once we get to our flat you can take a long ass bubble bath

We talked for a while then morning we woke up and walked to the flats

Rabi:no way mellow!!! This can't be the cheapest flats....are we in the right road!?

Mellow:yes! Come there is our flat

We followed her and she unlocked the door then we walked inside with our jaws on the floor

Mellow:welcome home sisters

Me:uh-uh mamello how we are going to afford this!? No no I think we should go before someone calls the police

Rabi:this is amazing and we all have our own rooms!!

Mellow:okay let's sit down so I can explain how I got this place

We sat on the floor because the couches were white and we are dirty

Mellow:after what happened to you girls I decided to go to someone and beg for a job or something but my father has already gotten to that person so I came up with an idea which it worked perfectly

Rabi:you didn't do something dangerous


Mellow:well I stole my parents money


She giggled

Mellow:relax I took it back before they noticed that its gone

Me:I don't understand

Mellow:I stole the money and I went to invest then I got triple of what I stole back

Rabi:hehe mellow you are crazy ey!

Mellow:crazy is my middle name nana! Anyways thats how i get this flat now go to your rooms and take a bath then you'll find your new clothes in the closet

Rabi immediately got up and ran to her room

Me:thank you mellow! I don't know what I would've done if we didn't meet you

Mellow:no need to thank me kabo! We are family now

We got up and hugged then went to bath few hours later someone knocked on the door so I went to open and it was a beautiful colored woman

Women:oh hello hoe gaan dit!?

I did Afrikaans in school

Me:dit gaan goed met my en jou!?

Women:goed! My naam is stella jou landlord

Me:ek is kaboentle lekker om jou te ontmoet!...uhm can i help you with something?

Stella:oh no I was just here to introduce myself and give you some food because I know you young kids likes takeways

I took the bowl

Me:oh thanks ma'am

She giggles

Stella:just call me Stella! See you around bye!


She walked away and I closed the door then opened the bowl

Mellow:you have already cooked wow!

I was dishing up

Me:the landlord was here and this is her welcome gift

She nods then rabi came and we started eating having a good conversation

Mellow:if I find you a school will you be able to catch up!?

Rabi:yoh i have no idea ey I mean two years is a very long time

Me:yeah but you are a fast learner rabi just have faith hle!

Rabi:okay I guess I can go back to school then


Someone knocked and mellow went to open then she came with the person

Mellow:girls this is my best friend gomotsegang but I call him G

We looked at him then boom lights out!!!


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