Few days Later


I don't think I was having chest pains of someone passing away because now I can't breathe probably and kevin had to get me an oxygen mask thingy from the hospital to help me breathe. If our parents are looking for us then why are they making me sick huh!? I literally can't do anything cause I'm so weak! But I'm just glad we are all in one roof and onkarabile is now behaving right....well I think so because I don't see her everyday. I was woken up by someone shaking me softly so I sat up straight...it's mellow and gomo

Gomo:sorry for waking up sis! There's someone who wants to see us


Mellow:lerato's aunt....rabi's friend

Gomo got out then mellow helped me to the bathroom and I took a shower brushed my teeth few minutes later we went to the lounge

L'aunt:put her next to her twin brother

I sat next to gomo and we hold hands

Mellow:I'll give you some space

L'aunt:no it's okay! Sit next to rabi

She went to sit down then the women light up the candles every corner of our flat

Rabi:i hope we get something because i hate seeing you like this!

She puts her head on my shoulder

L'aunt:my name is mathapelo and I'm a prophet! So how did you guys found each other?

Me:through mellow

She nods then said some clan names while shaking her bottle of water

L'aunt:they are getting closer! But someone keeps on delaying them


She sighs then looks at us for a while

L'aunt:your mother! Your mother doesn't want you children next to your family...your father

Rabi:what!? Why!?

L'aunt:she's the only one who can answer that! I see that you had a dream of a woman

Gomo:yes and I keep dreaming it everyday

L'aunt:mmm i see! I'm going to give you guys something to bath with and something to mix with soft porridge so you can get the strength of finding your family and protection

Me:is she dangerous!?

L'aunt:no but she's working with someone who's powerful in the evil...so please pray every night okay

We nodded and she gave us powders in a small bag

L'aunt:mamello wena tomorrow go to your grandparents grave and pour your heart out then come to me okay

She nods

Rabi:uhm how long should we use this powder for!?

L'aunt:seven days! Start tomorrow

Gomo:and what about my sister's chest!?

L'aunt:she'll fine! I'm not saying goodbye

She got up and left

Mellow:how are you guys feeling!?

Me:I'm hungry!

They chuckled

Rabi:let me go make breakfast

She went to the kitchen

Gomo:i have to go I'll back soon

He kissed my forehead then left


I ran to the prophet before she could get in a taxi because there's something I want to ask her

L'aunt:i thought you will never come

Wait what!?

Me:ma! Are we royalty!? Cause yesterday I dreamed a royal chair

L'aunt:yes you guys are royalty...and your chosen one is waiting for you my prince!

Wow! Me a prince!?

Me:okay thank you!

She nodded then left few seconds my phone rang it was Kevin

Me:brother inlaw!

He chuckles

Kevin:can you come over!? I think I have something

Me:give me 30 minutes

I hang up then took a cab to his place few minutes I arrived at there and he was waiting for me

Kevin:I think you guys are royalty!

We walked in the house

Me:what makes you say that!?

Kevin:my parents just got back from some kingdom and they told me that the king is not looking good at all! They told me that the king is looking for his three kids that his wife took them away from him so he asked my parents to help him look for them but no one mustn't know about this cause he thinks his wife can harm them

I sat down and rubbed my head

Me:does she hate us so bad that she could do anything to get rid of us!?

Kevin:do you know something!?

I told him everything that the prophet told us

Me:what if she's the one who is making my sister sick!?

Kevin:you know I read somewhere that there can be a queen who's obsessed with being a queen and she can get rid of anyone who stands in her away....so I think that's what is going on with your mother!

Me:then why did she have us if she wants to be a queen forever! Mxm

Kevin:maybe the family threatened to get the king a second wife! Anyways should I tell my parents about you guys!?

Me:sure! Wait is my sister your chosen one!?

He smiled

Kevin:the minute she got in my office

the mark appeared and I assume she has one too right!?

I nodded then I got up

Me:let me go back home! Update me okay!


We fist bump then I left


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