I was taking a nap then I quickly got up because I dreamed a horrible dream! I saw a woman going in a small hunt and she asked someone to make her kids disappear then the person refused cause the kids are protected by their ancestors so she got up and walked away then few minutes her car lost control and she hit the tree.....got burned up. What the does that mean!? And who is the woman!? Argh I went to the kitchen to drink water then kaboentle walked in with mellow and they sat down

Mellow:are you sure that you are really okay!?

Kabo:yes I'm fine! Just wondering who has passed away nje

Me:what's going on!?

I said that sitting down next to mellow

Mellow:her chest was hurting so her boss took her to the hospital and the doctors said there's nothing wrong with her

I look at her

Me:has this happen before!?

Kabo:yes when my grandma died I had chest pains and it happened again when I lost my grandfather

I told them my dream

Mellow:I think there's a connection here!

Kabo:you think the woman is related to us!?

She nodded

Mellow:I'll find rabi and you guys start with the journey because I think your family is looking for you

Kabo:my boss said that he can help us

Me:yeah he might have connections so please talk to him

She nodded

Mellow:I hope you won't forget about me once you've found your family ey


She giggled

Kabo:you are coming with us everywhere we go

Me:yeah because you are part of us okay!

We fist bump

Mellow:let me start with my search

She got up and left

Me:sis I'm sorry for blaming you for rabi's behavior

Kabo:it's okay I'm also angry at myself for not being tough on her

Me:and I should've been there too! Anyways I think you should rest because you don't look good

She shook her head no

Kabo:i don't like to sleep in the middle of the day so I'll watch movies or bake

She said that getting up and went to the kitchen


I couldn't stop looking at my half birth mark and I'm also wondering if lee's aunt was telling me the truth or not? What if she's right about my ancestors protecting me cause I was almost hit by a taxi and some guys wanted to rob me but something happened then they ran away. I don't want to go home because they are going to give me lectures then treat me like I'm a baby which I'm not (rolling eyes) Anyways I was watching movies then lee walked in followed by mellow and she looked very pissed off

Me:I'm not going back home if you are here for that!

Mellow:your brother and sister almost killed each other because of you!! Do you have any idea how worried we were huh??

Lerato:i think you should go back home rabi!

Me:I'm not going anywhere!! If you touch me I'm going to have you arrested this time

She chuckled

Mellow:do you know who is mike's wife!?

Thats my blesser

Me:no and I don't want to know!

Mellow:well his wife is your principal!


Mellow:yep! So I assume that you know the stories about her beating up young girls who slept with her husband


Me:you are lying!!

She showed me a video of the principal beating up some girl

Lerato:and she doesn't get arrested because her husband is powerful in the justice system! Girl you are so dead!

Mellow:it's either you come with me or I go and tell her what you have been doing with her husband and guess what she's gonna do?

I swallowed

Lerato:you would snitch on her!?

Mellow:and you too plus your parents are looking for you so what is it going to be ladies!?

Lerato and I looked at each other then back at mellow

Lerato:I'm going to pack up because I don't want to die

She went to her room

Mellow:I don't have all day onkarabile! and I need to take care of Kabo

Me:what's wrong with her!?

Mellow:she has chest pains

Me:that means someone has died!

Mellow:she told me!! Are you coming or what!?

I'm only going back because of my sister! She needs me cause sometimes her chest pains can go for days or weeks

Me:fine I'm going to pack up!

I went to pack then few minutes we left


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