part 9 the guardian of the prophecy

KWABALLA KINGDOM . It was late in the evening after the king was finally laid to rest and Queen Miranda was raving mad and lashing out on the poor palace helpers.She was with Nathaniel as always discussing what transpired earlier just before the king was burried. Queen M :"The nerve of the stupid old hagwhy can't he rest in peace and stop humiliating me even in death " Nat :"I can't believe it either he just had to appear right in front of those hedgehogs and send us flying across the podium like a sack of potatoes "he said thinking about when the king appeared while he was about to make a speech as the heir apparent to the Kwaballa kingdom throne. Queen M :"Mother must do something about thisand the stupid elder who said what happened was a sign that the"King "didn't approve of us being at the funeral I want him dead " Nat:"Let it go for now mother we must focus our energies on a more important task ahead we need to find a way of penetrating the powerful force behind my stupid brother's power.he can't be that untouchable " Queen M :"What do you suggest we do cause we've tried every possible way we could think of to get to him and that witch keeps on exhausting all our efforts " Nat:"Are you giving up on me mother so soon?" Queen M :"Not at all sonI'm just so fed up with thisI really need your brother's blood to reach my full potentialyour father's liver wasn't strong enough to give me the power I need " Nat :"I get that but there are many ways we can penetrate him more especially because he hasn't met with his so called mate so he hasn't reached his full power that gives us the upper handI think we should get in touch with the mate's sister since she's as evil as us and then she'll be our ticket to getting her twin"The queen laughed so hard with excitement imagining her victory Queen M :"Now you're talking my sonwe need to celebrate. ...ISABELLA "She called out to one of the helpers in the palace Bella :"My queen you called me ?"she bowed to the queen Queen M :"Bring me the most strongest whisky in the palace pronto " Bella :"Yes my queen "She exited the hall quickly Nat :"Now we need to silence my dear departed father for good he can't be appearing anytime he wishes and humiliate us" Queen M :"We'll sort him outnow where is the stupid maid with my whisky?"Just then the maid entered with two glasses of whiskey and gave it to the Queen but she took one glass and threw it at the maid's face Queen M :"What is this? " Bella :"My queen "confused as to what she has now done wrong with teary eyes Queen M :"Didn't i tell you to bring me the strongest whisky? " Bella :"You did my queen "She replied with tears now rolling down her cheeks Queen M :"You're still standing here?go get me my bottle of whiskey instead of you bringing me the whisky you poured with your stinking handI'm not your friend "Queen Annabel "the poor girl ran out as quickly as she could Nat :"Mother...was that necessary? " Queen M :"Yeah this roaches need to be reminded once in a while who I am"just then the girl entered with the bottle of whiskey with blood now running down her nose and mouth from the glass wound Bella :"Your whisky my queen "bowing to her again Queen M :"Now wipe off your dirty face you disgust me "she wiped herself up while crying then exited her hall LATER The lights suddenly switched off only the shiny full moonlight brightened the hall Queen M :"And now what?" Nat :"I'll go check "Just as he was about to leave the hall a strong icy cold wind started blowing and it became darker and darker Queen M :"What the h......."?she couldn't finish her sentence as she noticed the moon changing colour by the minute it changed into a bloody red moon which is believed to be a bad omen in the Kwaballa kingdom. Nat :"This can't be happening"They were all shocked as turned more and more bloody red In the mist of all the confusion they heard the king's voice King R:"Return what belongs to me or face my wrath " Queen M :"You don't scare meyeah I said it .I DEFEATED YOU WHILE YOU LIVED WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU'LL DEFEAT ME N...."she couldn't finish what she wanted to say as the icy wind became stronger than before things started falling and flying across the hall and glass smashing all around the hall and the Windows broke.It was such a disturbing site to see.Then the king appeared to them sitting in his throne with what looked like horns protruding out of ithe was wearing a black long robe looking angrier than they've ever seen him before King :"Bring back what belongs to me NOOOOOOOOW "then he flung his right hand as if he was slapping them and they went flying across the room and landed on the wall with family portraits and they both fainted and the portraits fell on them glass shattering then everything went back to normal . . IN THE ELVEN FOREST . A day later Granny Roseanne was recuperating very well she was now able to move around the druid's small tree house. Queen Annabel was with her it was late in the evening and the moon was shinning so brightly it was such a beautiful site to see Granny R :"Help me stand up my dear I want to see the moonlight properlyit's been a while since I've seen it shining so beautifully "Queen Annabel helped her out Queen A :"Now how are you feeling?" Granny Roseanne laughed Granny R :"Of all the things you can ask meyou enquire about my health? " Queen A :"Your health is more important than anything else " Granny R :"Is it?"she looked at the queen smiling Queen A :"Of coursewhat else could be more important? " Granny R :"Your son for onearen't you curious to know more about himaren't you curious to know more about himwhether he's dead or alive? " Queen A :"Of course I want to know but then you have to be fit enough to tell me everything about him?" Granny R :"Aren't you angry I took him before you can hold him in your arms? Queen A :"I was in the beginning but then I trusted you to protect and take ca......"she was unable to finish her sentence cause then the moonlight started getting darker Granny R :"A sacrilege has been committedwe are all doomed"she said her eyes glued to the moon Queen A :"What do you mean?" Granny R :"Many many years ago a very evil king was killed but before he died he cursed all who were involved in killing him and vowed to be back with a vengeance to wipe off the village and after he died they took out his liver and heart and fed it to dogsThen they buried him but that evening the moon turned bloody red it was such a scary side to seethe next day almost half of the villagers had passed away including the people who killed him and their hearts and livers were taken outonly holes remained in their chests.People continued to die like flies there after and by the end of the week only four virgins remained two boys and two twin girls and it suddenly stopped.rumour has it that it stopped because one of the virgins was his beloved gran daughter and she begged him to stop and promised to carry on where he left of in the next generation to come" Queen A :"I don't think Raphael can be that vengefulhe was a kind hearted king who loved his people " Granny R :"That he wasbut then you'll never know. Let's hope its not what I think it isbecause if she did what I think she promised grandfather to do all those years ago I'm afraid king Raphael will continue wher the evil king left of as his reincarnationcause even the sweetest men can turn heartless where evil dark magic is involved" Queen A :"And what is it that you think has happened?"she asked sounding worried Granny R :"I believe the sorceress and Miranda took out the king's heart to reincarnate her evil grandfather just to distract us while they plan to take over the universe with their evil" Queen A :"You mean to tell me that the sorceress is the virgin granddaughter of the evil king that made a vow to carry out his evil ways?" Granny R :"Yes " Queen A :"Woow this is scary as hellI've never heard of such evil in my entire life.But then again a lot has happened since i left the palacesometimes it feels as if I'm just having a nightmare and I'll wake up and realise it was just a scary dream" Granny R :"I know my girl " Queen A :"But how do you know all this?" Granny R :"Because I was also there" Queen A :"You were there? " Granny R :"Yes"For a moment she looked very old and extremely exhausted than she was moments ago Queen A :"I was one of the virgin girls who survived"Queen Annabel was shocked to the core Queen A :"WowI don't know what to say.I'm shocked " Granny R :"That's not all"she swallowed hard as if what she's about to say is painful for her to say out loud Queen A :"What could be worse than what you already told me?" Granny R :"The sorceress and I are (swallowed hard and exhaled)the sorceress and I are sisters " Queen A :"Whaaaaat! ?"she was so shocked her mouth was slightly opened as she turned to looked at Granny Roseanne she noticed the old lady was even crying Granny R :"Not only are we sisterswe are twins remember I said only two boys and two twin girls survived? (The queen nodded )she's the one who made a packed with grandfather and all his evilways went to her and my sweetest selfless sister died that day and she turned into this heartless evil powerful being i hardly recognize and she's your real great grandmother just like she is Miranda's motheras you know I never had kids"She was now silently crying as if she's recalling a very painful experience Queen A :"No it can't beI can't be related to someone as evil as the sorceressi refuse to believe such does Miranda know? teary Granny R :"Yes she doesthat's why it was easy for her to embrace and love Nathaniel as her ownit's because she's family"Queen Annabel was now crying and shaking her head from side to side in denial of what she just heard

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