part 7 the guardian of the prophecy

SOMEWHERE OUT OF TOWN . Bethany was sleeping on the floor of some building surrounded by seven corpsesthree guys and three ladies and a little girl who looked six or seven years.They all had holes on their chestsBethany had blood all over herself her hands and mouth and her clothes were all torn up and bloody.she heard a voice calling her in her sleep Voice :Bethany Bethany. ..where are you?I miss you I need you" it repeated three timesthen she woke up Beth:"Who are you?" Voice :"Beth it's meMaryjane " Beth :" Mj...." Voice :"Oh Beth look what you've done to yourself " Beth :"I've done nothi....."she couldn't finish her sentence as she looked around and notice the dead people surrounding her and came back to her senses Beth:"What have I donewhere am I?"looking at herself shocked at her bloody clothes that confirmed she's responsible for the dead bodies Beth :"Mj ....Mjare you still there?please help me"she looked around her surroundings and Maryjane no longer communicated with hershe started cryingshocked at what she's done.just then a tornado like wind started blowing circling her then a man like creature appeared same time as the wind stopped blowing it was wearing black long robes with a red collar.Bethany looked at it without fear Thing:" Greetings my daughter "It greeted with a deep base rough voice Beth:"Who are you?" Thing:"Asmodeus is the name but to you I am father since you're my daughter "Bethany laughed so hard she even had tears rolling down her cheeks Beth:"Why do you say you are my father?I look nothing like you"she said wiping her tears Asmodeus:"Oh but I am your father you have my blood running through your veinsyou might not look like me in appearance but you are mine with everything in you" Beth:" You must be joking " Asmodeus:"Look around you and tell me you are not my daughter once again "she did and her eyes stared at her victims and looked at Asmodeus Asmodeus :"Now do you believe me?"she slowly nodded Bethany :"Why is it that my sister and I look human?" Asmodeus :"We can take any shape we likeyou look human only because your mother was too innocent so you took more of her human genes than mine" Beth :"So what are you? Asmodeus :"Some call me the king of hellsome call me the devilsome call me the demon of lust" Beth:"So you are a demon?" Asmodeus :"No I am your father and I'm here to fetch you and your sister" Beth :"You can't expect us to just up and leave and go wherever your kind lives" Asmodeus :"I wasn't asking you I'm telling youyou belong with me.I'm giving you the task of bringing your sister to me so it's time you go to those humans and fetch her"somehow she felt attached to the demon and she started warming up to it Beth:"Yes father " Asmodeus :"Now await further instructions"then the tornado like wind circled the demon then he disappeared.Leaving Bethany wondering whether it really happened or she was hallucinatingshe then looked at one of the dead ladies who was about her size then started undressing hershe took her clothes and wore them then left . . PASTOR MATHEWS's HOUSEHOLD . Maryjane was sleeping and Jade was looking after hershe looked like she was unconscious and Jade was starting to get worried Jade:"Ooh poor soul what you going through now is beyond meI just wish you can wake up so we'll talk"just then the Mathews got in holding the unconscious Katherine Mrs M:"what's going on here? " Jade:"Beats me she's been like this ever since you left.there was a moment wher she moved her lips as if she was talking to an unknown person then she went back to being like this.And what's up with her?"pointing at Katherine Mr M:"It's just the aftermath of the sedation injection they gave her just before we found herit'll wore off soon" Jade :"I hope she helps us get Maryjane to the good side"Just as they were speaking Maryjane Jane started moaning as if she was having sex but with her eyes still closed Jade:"Oh my God oh my God this can't be happening " Mike :"What is going on with her Jade?"just then Maryjane moaned louder Mj:"AAAH aaaah uuuuuh ah ah ah "She raised her bottom and her arms where gripping her bed covers Jade:"Looks like they are using her sexual fantasies to get to her and if they succeed and penetration occurs then we are doomed " Mr M:"I think it's time we prayedMike go get me my bible "Mike rushed to get it and quickly came back.They started singing worshiping songs loudly then after they started praying.Pastor Mathews even prayed in tongues calling upon the holy spirit to intervene and save Maryjanewhen they finished praying Maryjane started convulsing as if she was having an orgasm and they all looked at each other confused as to what is taking place Mike:"Do you think the prayers worked? " Mr M:"Son never ever doubt the power of prayer cause no matter wher you are and what you face in life praying will always bring salvation on your soul.The God we pray is a merciful God and he always answers when you call on him" Mike :"I hear you dad" Mrs M:"Jade what do you think could be happening with her" Jade:"Honestly I have no idealet's hope her having an orgasm or whatever was going on moments ago doesn't mean the enemy had his way with her" Mr M:"I don't think the enemy succeeded cause If he did she wouldn't be looking as peaceful as she does right now"Just then Maryjane woke up a looked around from one person to the next looking a bit scared and disturbed Jade :"Welcome back my friend you almost scared us"she hugged her and they all went to give her hugs and kisses Mr M:"Welcome back baby girl"as he hugged her you almost scared us"she hugged her and they all went to give her hugs and kisses Mr M:"Welcome back baby girl"as he hugged hersomehow she felt so shy she couldn't look him in the eye.What happened in her dream scared her so much it felt so real Mj:"Where is Beth?"she asked as she noticed her twin is not among her familyher parents only looked down uncomfortably Mike:"Unfortunately she's still missing "after a while he also couldn't look her in the eye Mj:"Ooh...may I please be excused " Mrs M:"Of course babygo have a bath and join us for dinner" Mj:"Dinner?"looking shocked Mike :"Yes dear sisteryou've been out of it the whole day"Mrs Mathews stepped on his toes warning him not to say anything more Mj:"Ooh"that's all she said then exited her room to take a bath MARYJANE 's POV . I still can't believe what happened in my dream it was right after I mind communicated with Bethany thats when i started dreamingwhat worries me is that I am wet as if I really had sex.I'm ashamed to even admit that at first I enjoy the "love making " until the Prince charming interrupted our session just before the so call "hunk" who turned out to be the ugly monster we read about in books and watch on tv.The anger in his eyes when our session was interrupted left me trembling with fear i even farted as his eyes turned red and fiery then when his whole body changed the eyes changed again from red to reptile like and then he became this monstrous demon with horns and developed what looked like wings at his back.ooh i remember vividly what happened as I was walking in the most beautiful green forest with beautiful tall treesthe beauty was breathtakingly I was walking around admiring the beauty I started to feel like someone was watching meI could feel their eyes following me wherever i go.Funny enough I didn't feel scared like a normal human being wouldthen suddenly this hunk stepped out of the tree on my right side . He was only wearing leaves to shield his private partshis body was to die for he had eight packs.I could even imagine myself running my hands on itbrushing it softly.I continued my way uphis face was hard and clean shaven with full reddish soft looking kissable lips that's if the word even exist in the vocabulary hmm I imagined kissing him and I bet a hunk like him knows how to kiss.just then his lips curved into a smilehis teeth was straight and pure white.soo so perfect I went up to his nose it fitted his well shaped face beautifullyhis eyes were greyish with clear white eyeballs .something drew me back to his mouth again and his lips moved.Oooh he was talking to me Mj:"Excuse me...did you say something? " Hunk:"was just asking what a beautiful lady like yourself is doing in a place like thisalone?" Mj:"Ooh actually I don't how I got here" Hunk :"Can I help you find your way home?"he asked as he was getting closer to where I was i couldn't even open my mouth to say anything cause my mind was so empty.he got hold of my hand and that's when I started feeling light headed i almost fell.He caught me just in time with his strong arms.I don't know what happened but we started kissing. What a kiss my eyes closed automaticallyI felt the earth shifting and spinning around making me feel dizzy our tongues rolled in the same rhythm.I stole a glance at himhis eyes were also closed I bet he was also feeling what i was feeling.his thick eyebrows were black like his hair.he layed me down on the green soft leaveshe then removed his sweet lips from mine.Just when I felt disappointed he kissed my eyelids one by one the moved to my ears nibbling each of themhe came back to my mouth leaving wet kisses filled with passion.I heard my blouse been torn apart and buttons flyinghe started sucking my nipples from the right to the left and back again. a soft moan escaped my lips as he blew on them a littleooh what a feeling. He slowly continued with his soft wet kisses going down until he reached my belly button he licked it so softly while his hands were doing their magic with my nipples.they were now so hardhe then took off my jean and underwear and opened my legs wide started kissing my left inner thigh than went to the right and did the same once again after what seemed like a long timehe dived into my treasure licking and teasing me like there's no tomorrow i started convulsing but he continued while his hands are rubbing and teasing my nipples.That's when i exploded like a volcano while gripping and pulling his thick hairHe cleaned me up with his tongue. ooooh it was magical.Then he took off his leaves/clothing just when he was about to enter me a voice spoke Voice :"That's enough stay away from my mate?"I looked around but saw nothing Hunk :"Or what?BROOOTHER"sarcastically Voice :"Or ill beat you up and throw you straight to hell where you belong"my hunk started laughing ooh his laugh was so evil it didnt fit my perfect hunk.when the owner of the voice appeared I was so shocked it was as if I was seing double.The guy looked exactly like my hunk but yet a bit different there was so much calmness around him and he looked friendly. I was so confused cause he was wearing long white clergy robes and he was carrying a bible...suddenly my hunk stepped away for me leaving me nakedhis eyes were no longer grey and inviting but they were looked like a reptile eyes and the skin was also rough looking and scary as hell he then started to develop horns on his head and upper arms next to his shoulders he looked bigger and much stronger than before and some wings like things nearly like angels but not feathered he looked like the devil himself so much that it felt so wrong to compare his look with angels'.He lounged at his brother but his brother ducked then he started chanting some ancient words which sounded evil and the ground shook as if there was a mini earthquake then his hand got engulfed in flames he threw it at his brother but he shielded himself with the bible and the fire went straight at my hunk monster and burnt his face as he screened in pain the brother came to me he held my hand and suddenly we were flying across the forest.That's when i heard dad praying in tongues calling Jesus's name then I woke and they were all staring at me in a funny way and somehow I felt so shy to look at my dad.I felt the water getting cold and that's when i realised that I've been in the bathtub long enough and mom started knocking and calling my name Me:"Coming mom"started bathing fast then finished and went into my room.

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