part 6 the guardian of the prophecy

KWABALLA KINGDOM . Queen Miranda and Nathaniel together with the guards just arrived from Granny Roseanne's place.The queen is raving mad and the only people she can think of to take out her anger are the poor guards.They are all in the great hall . Queen M :"Tell me what you think your punishment should be for your failure to bring me the stupid witch? " Guards:"..........."they didn't respond cause they didn't know what to sayshe was not looking at them so she turned around to stare at them one by one. Queen M :"I'm waiting for your responseI'm speaking to you you worthless rubbish or do you think I'm crazily speaking to myself huh?" Guards :"No your highness "all shaking their head from side to side then bowing down Queen M :"So..?" Guard 1:"We'll look for her again my queen and bring her straight to queen "head still bowed down Queen M:"That wasn't my question you pigI said choose the punishment that will fit you for failing on your mission.if you can't decide which one is suitable then I'll choose one for you all" Guards :".........." Queen M :"Okay it's your callAlistair "she called the head guard he came running and bowed to her Alistair :"My queen you called me" Queen M :"Give this dogs twenty strongest strokes on their stupid backs that will be a reminder for years to comeand that will ensure they deliver to my satisfaction when I give them a task to perform" Alistair :"My queen! !"sounding confused Queen M :"Don't make me repeat myself get on with it now and I don't care how you do it just make sure you do it and put them in the pool for six hours naked as they are" Alistair :"Yes my queen " Queen M:"Nathanielfollow me" The queen left the hall with Nathaniel behind her leaving the guards scared. Few minutes later in the basement . Queen M :"I think it's time for plan B seeing that we failed to capture your brother " Nat:"And what's that mother?"confused Queen M :"Wait and seeMOTHER "Puff the sorceress appeared out of nowhere and that scared Nathaniel shitless Sorceress :"My called menow here I am "with a throaty scary voice Queen M :"We failed on our mission to fetch the boy" Sorceress :"I know I know. Prince it's time for your initiation for power"Nathaniel nodded looking scared Queen M :"Now "The sorceress snapped her fingers and a tray with the king's body appeared. .Nathaniel jumped to a corner Nat:"What theee....?"shocked and scared Sorceress :"Relax young Prince you said you want power.Great power doesn't come cheap now Miranda did you prepare what I asked you to prepare for me?" Queen M :"Yes mother " Sorceress :"Bring it forth "she went a took a black bowl and a small plastic bag from the cabinet in the basement and gave it to the sorceress Sorceress :"Now bring me a knife(the queen gave her the knife )My Prince do the honours "she said to Nathaniel giving him the the knife Nat:"Nononoooo mother this wasn't part of the plan"addressing the queen Queen M :"Well it is nownow cut him open and take out the heart "the horror of slicing his father's chest scared him Sorceress :"We have no timenow do it"He got closer to his father's corpse and started cutting his chest with tears rolling down his cheeks then he took out his heart with shaking hands and put it in the black bowl Queen M :"Stop crying like a baby man up now we have a mission to complete it's not as if he's still alive"the sorceress laughed with her evil scary laugh while licking her lips Sorceress:"I want Annabel's hair and the king's bloodi hope it's still as fresh as the day he died heheheeeee"Queen Miranda brought forth Annabel's hair brush and a glass filled with the king's blood Nat:"Jesus "the sorceress jumped in fear and pain Sorceress :"Boy don't you ever mention that name in my presence and better still never let it touch your lips or our mission will fail before its begun " Nat:"......." Sorceress :"Agreed "she looked deep into his eyes with her scary face and Nathaniel nodded in fear.then she started mixing the hair and some dry leaves and another funny looking big but short root.she chanted some ancient words and fire came out of her hands and she directed it straight to the mixture for few minutes then stopped. she then took out the stuff and started grinding them to her satisfaction then mixed them with the king's blood then gave it to Nathaniel with the bowl that has the king's heart Sorceress :"Take eat the heart and drink the blood " Nat:"Whaaaaaaat"staring at the bowl and the glass then raised his eyes to stare at the queen and the sorceress and noticed they were serioushe felt nauseated same time and vomited every where Queen M :"Stop it this moment Nathaniel "the sorceress shook her head in disapproval.after some time Nathaniel stopped vomiting Sorceress :"Ready now? " Queen M :"Yes mother " Sorceress :"Now drink up"he closed his eyes and started eating the heart raw with great difficulty Sorceress :"Open your eyes to be great you must be brave enough to do what you must "he opened his eyes and forced it all down his throat he even stopped crying along the way.When he was done the queen and the sorceress laughedtheir laughter was so evil the whole palace was engulfed with great fear Sorceress :"Now call out your brother's name three times "Nathaniel did as instructed then he suddenly felt sooo powerful like he can do anything he wants he joined in the laughter and his was also as evil as the sorceress and the queen's . PASSAGE WAY FROM GRANNY ROSEANNE's HOUSE . Noah was running to the no visible exit when he started to feel severe pains in his chest it was as if someone was stubbing him with sharp objectthe pain was unbearably strong.He clutched his chest as he started to feel like his heart has been ripped off.He then passed out not sure for how long

he tried to open his eyes they felt so heavy.He heard the sweetest voice calling out his name and warning him of danger but he still couldn't open his eyes then suddenly he felt something poking him painfully he then opened his eyespeciallyhe looked at his surroundings and realised he's no longer in the passage way.when his eyes got accustomed to his surroundings he realised he was at some old scary graveyard. Noah :"Oh dear Lord how did I get here?"he asked himselfshocked. He then noticed the phoenix standing over his backpack the one with the wooden box his granny gave him. Noah :"Oh I must open it"he opened it there was a bible and a small old looking folder and a pendant with Jesus in a cross.The phoenix bit the pendant twice then looked at Noah took and put it on then the phoenix stood over the bible then stepped aside then poked itit opened to the book of Psalms 23.Noah took it then started reading it loudly when he was done he then closed the bag packthe phoenix flew away. Seconds later a strong dusty wind started blowingit was so strong and cold he couldn't see a then it subsided a bit. It was then that the sorceress appeared laughing so hardshe was floating on air as if she was flying. Sorceress :"Son of king Raphael we finally meet " Noah :"Who are you and what do you want from me? "he asked her scared as hell although he was trying so hard to hide it Sorceress :"Come join me....together you and i we'll be unstoppable.Your great powers when combined with minewe can rule the whole universe " Noah :"I want nothing to do with you and your evil powers " Sorceress :"Ncncncc I tried "then she laughed and raised her arms and shouted her incantations then her hands engulfed in fire she threw the fire at Noah he ducked and shielded himself with the bible.The fire hit the bible then went back to the sorceress and it hit her on the chestShe cried out in pain as she was pulling herself together the phoenix appeared again and circled the graveyard. The sorceress got up and through something at the phoenix and it hit the phoenix's right wing.Noah was watching not knowing what to do then he heard a melodious voice whispering to him telling him to pray.He started prayinghe prayed and worshiped the Lord. Shouting Jesus's name loudlyhe prayed for what felt like a long time although it was just few minuteswhen he shouted Amen he noticed that the sorceress has fallen down and she was wincing in pain. He then ran to help the phoenixhe quickly ripped off his shirt and wrapped it around the phoenix's wing.The phoenix fixed her eyes on the sorceressNoah also directed his eyes at her.He noticed she was staggering up.He got scared the phoenix flew and stood on his head and opened her wings as if she wants to fly then turned around in circles three times still on Noah's head.then a great light circled them and they disappeared. Leaving the sorceress angrily throwing fires at the tombstones destroying them . . IN THE FOREST . Queen Annabel was still scared thinking that the royal guard will call the others and then take her away.She thought about the king's warning before he died about her returning to the palace only if she's found their sonshe felt so defeated and disappointed at herself for failing before she even reached the king's brother's house. Queen A :"Please don't take me back to the palaceI'm begging you. Miranda killed our husband the king and I'm sure she pinned his death on me"she went down on her knees begging the royal guard Guard:"My queen please get up" Queen A :"Please hear my cries I'm beggi....."the guard cut her off and helped her up Guard:"I'm not going to take you back" Queen A :"Really? "with relief written all over her face Guard:"Really "smiling Queen A :"Huuuuh I'm so relieved "she was also smiling now and Blinky burst out laughing and the guard joined in Guard:"Even if I wanted to do you think Blinky would just standby and let me take you? " Blinky :"No ways Blinky will always protect his Bel bel "Queen Annabel was just standing there stunned Queen A :"Wait a minute you two know each other?" Them:"Of course we do " Queen A :"Ooh " Guard :"The three of us were inseparable way back when before you break my heart and left our village to go and stay at the palace and later married the king"the guard stopped laughing then leaving Queen Annabel shocked at the revelations Blinky :"Yeah tell her..It's a pity she doesn't remember us"pretending to be heartbroken their conversation was interrupted by the phoenix when it dropped right at their feet scaring them

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