part 5 the guardian of the prophecy

PASTOR MATHEWS's HOUSEHOLD . . It's the following day after the strange events and Bethany is still nowhere to be foundthey searched everywhere but there's still no trace of Bethany even the police found nothing.Many people's houses were destroyed and people were hurt because of the strange storm.The hospital was so full with people who needs medical help and pastor Mathews volunteered to help. Bethany's disappearance left Maryjane inconsolable;she was so heartbroken she even refused to eat.Mrs Mathews didn't know what to do so she called Maryjane's best friend Jade hoping that maybe she can help . Jade:" Morning Mrs M" Mrs M :"Morning Jade my dearthank you for coming in such short notice " Jade :"You're welcome mam I'd do anything for my friend "Maryjane entered the room Mj:"Even bringing back my sister? "they turned around to look at her it was such a heart breaking site to see.Her eyes were swollen and puffy because of crying Jade :"Oooh my bestie I'm so sorry for what you're going through if there's anything I can do please let me know "All Maryjane could do was cry it was such a painful cry like that of a wounded animalher cries penetrated the heart of anyone close to her leaving them feeling chilly and broken like her Mrs M :"Baby please don't do this to yourself we will find Bethany I promise "Maryjane looked at her as if she was seeing her for the first timeher gaze left Mrs Mathews feeling exposed as if she was seeing through her Mj:" What have you done to her?"she directed her question to Mrs Mathews Mrs M :"Nothing baby "she broke away from Jade's hug and went straight to where Mrs Mathews was sitting Mj:"You are lying to me right now and you know it"She approached Mrs Mathewsand Mrs Mathews looked at Maryjane once more and started having panic attacks. Just when Michael entered the room Mike :"What the hell is going on here?"He ran to kneel at his mom and she stared straight at Maryjane and Mike directed his eyes at Maryjane as well Mrs M:"Mm.mamMaryjane...please"Michael stood up and shook Maryjane so hard but it was as if he's doing nothing Mike :"Maryjane what are you doing to her?look at mewhat's wrong with you? "Maryjane looked at him as if she is in shock she silently cried but her tears freezed the moment they touched her cheeks Jade :"Ooh my God Maryjane !!"Jade looked suprised but not shocked which left Mrs Mathews who was slowly recovering from her temporary panic attack stunned for words as for Michael the shock of this strange occurrence left him speechless and his mouth slightly open Mike :"What are you girls? are you even human "Michael knew about the girls being adopted but he had no idea about the strange things that happened when they were born Mrs M :"It can't be!!you can't be evil as well" Jade :"She's not evilshe just isn't aware she's got powers and therefore she's unable to control them.Her power if not controlled they can destroy the whole universeso right now she needs someone who can train her well before the great sorceress finds her and manipulate her powers to do evil then afterwards kill her to avoid her good side to surface and surpass her evil side.since her good side is much stronger than her evil side

so we have to make sure that she discovers her powers as soon as possible because If the evil sorceress succeed in winning her we are all doomed cause they already have Bethany who is also powerful although she's not as powerful as Maryjane " Mike :"What are you talking about Jade and how do you know all this?"Maryjane went back to her room still walking like a zombie Jade :"How I know all this is a story for another day what you need to know now is that we need to save Maryjane from the devil's clutches cause when she is heartbroken her evil powers surfaces especially now because she has no idea about how powerful she is so it'll be hard for her to overcome her evil side. Only two people can help her now and those people are her biological mother and her mate" Mrs M:"Who's her mate?cause her mom is in a mental institution I don't think she's any help to us cause she's been there for years " Jade :"I'll be lying if I say I know who her mate iscause all we know is what the legend say about the prophecy of a generation of powerful twin beings made of good and evil and that one of each caries the one who will destroy the universe as we know it and that the other ones possesses the power that will save it from destruction " Mike :"This is just too much to comprehend I've never heard of such strange story.It's as if I'm watching a movie or something " Mrs M :"So how will we know the so called mate when we meet himdoes he even know about all this? " Jade :"I don't know if he knows but legend says he has the mark of a cross at the back of his head and he has the blood of the powerful and ancient phoenix guardian running in his veins and that if or when he mates with the spirit runner meaning Maryjane together they will become one and they will be powerful beyond our imaginations and overcome the great evil " Mike :"I'm speechless right now mom did you notice anything strange about the girls when you adopted them?" Jade :"That's not important right now we have to focus our energy on finding her mom or her mate before its too late " Mrs M :"Our best option now is her mother at least we know where to find her" Mike :"But mom you said she's mentally disturbed so how is she going to help us? " Mrs M :"Do you have any better ideas? when Michael looked defeated she said "exactly my thoughts " Jade :"Where is the institution? " Mike :"Dad knows where it ishe's been visiting her from time to time" Jade :"Call him right now "Just then pastor Mathews walked in Mr M:"What's going on here?"They all turned to look at him . . MENTAL INSTITUTION . The girls's mother was refusing treatment and acting upshe was so restless and the nurses didn't know what to do since the doctors where called to help out at the hospital.Because many people were hurt and some lost their lives due to the strange storm yesterday. Kate :"My daughter needs me my daughter needs "she was repeating the same words over and over Nurse 1:"You don't have a daughter Katherine please stop it right now" Kate :"I have a daughter and great evil is following her I need to help her before its too latePlease let me go"she begged the nurses Nurse 2:"Sorry Katherine we can't let you go you are not well" Kate :"I am well I am well. ...please let me go " Nurse 1:"I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to inject you " Kate :"Please let me goI'm not crazy I'm not crazy please understand. the universe depends on me helping my daughter please "The nurses looked at each other and nurse 1 nodded to nurse 2 Nurse :"Okay we will help you "Katherine looked at her hopefully with a smile Kate :"You will? "sounding relieved Nurse 1:"Yes "smiling at hermoments later nurse 2 walked in with a syringe when Katherine saw it she screamed Kate :"Nononooooooo.....please stopI'm not crazy "They both held her so hard and injected her Nurse 2:"It's for your own good Katherine " Kate :"I'm noo not craaaaazee"then she was out Nurse 1:"poor soul "they watched her doze off few minutes later Pastor Mathews and her family walked in Mr M:"Stop stop"then his eyes met with the sleeping Katherine and felt defeated right there and there Mike :"Now what? " Jade :"We have to take her as she is and pray she wakes up soon before its too late "They all exhaled and stared at each fear written all over their faces.

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