part 4 the guardian of the prophecy

IN THE FOREST . Queen Annabel has been walking for miles and she felt so hungry and tired but she kept on moving forward cause she knew that Queen Miranda has probably sent people to look for her and she won't rest until she's found. She reached a path which diverged into two and she didn't know which one to takeshe felt so emotional and found herself crying like a baby cause she felt so hopeless and her legs were now painful.Just when she was about to give up and choose any paths she saw a big bird flying to her and realised it was the phoenix.She exhaledfeeling relieved.She stretched out her arm and the bird came to stand on it Queen A:"We're heavy aren't we?"referring to the bird it then flew away to the left path and returned to Queen Annabel again then flew once again to the left path.The queen realised it was showing her the correct path to take and she felt so thankful Queen A :"Thank you great Phoenix "then she followed the bird halfway into the forest the phoenix flew away the way it came and left the queen. After walking for a mile or two she felt more exhausted than ever beforeshe saw a big tree ahead and she walked to it and restedshe then took out her food from the backpack it was only brown wheat bread and vegetable soup.As she was about to eat she heard someone calling her name Voice :"Annabel is that you?"she was so startled she jumped and spilt her soup. Queen A :"Who's there"She asked in fear Voice :"A friend " Queen A :"Who's friend?" Voice :"Your friend I'm here to help you.Your life is in danger you need to leave now" Queen A :"I know I'm in danger that's why I found myself her talking to someone I can't even see"she looked around and still saw nothing ironically she didn't even feel afraid cause the voice was soft and friendly even the forest didn't scare her as usual even though it looks dark and scary Voice :"I meant to say you are in danger now cause the royal guards are in your tail "the queen got really scared Queen A :"And who are you why aren't you showing yourself if you are a friend? " Voice :"I will show myself only if you promise not to screem " Queen A :" Okay I won't screem "the owner of the voice appeared from one of the trees and it was an elfhe was wearing some greenish cloth like thing that covered his body well and he had a soft child like face.The queen jumped in fear screaming her lungs out and attempted to run but she stumbled and fellthe elf approached her trying to help her up but she got up quickly and attempted to run once again then she fell and twisted her ankle all along the elf was in stitches with laughter he only stopped laughing when he realised she hurt herself. he got to her a touched her ankle and it healed immediately and he helped her up. Voice :"You promised not to screem " Queen A :"You scared me that's why " Voice :"what is there to be scared about? " Queen A :"You know you don't look like us and besides things like you only exist in fairy tales" Voice :"Blinky is a thing now? Blinky feels insulted right now " Queen A :"I'm sorry I didn't mean to insult you I just didn't know what to call you that's all" Blinky :"Call me Blinky. ..just Blinky "With pride Queen A :"Nice to meet you Blinky"Blinky smiled Blinky :"But we already met Annabel long before you became Queen we were thebest of friends" Queen A :"Really;then why can't I remember ever meeting you?"suprised Blinky :"Yes we wereyou don't remember cause you don't want to remember " Queen A :"Oooh so w......."Blinky jumped so quickly and covered her mouth which startled the queen she almost screamed again Blinky :"someone's coming "A few seconds later they heard what sounded like a group of people approachingthe Queen got really scared then Blinky did the unexpected and snapped his fingers and a small nice tent like transparent balloon surrounded them just when the royal guards appeared. Blinky :"Don't worry my queen Blinky will protect you just like he promised the phoenix he will " Queen A :"You promised the Phoenix that you will help me?But how cause its just a bird and it doesn't speak? " Blinky :"There a lot my queen doesn't knownot everything is what it seems to be.You will discover in time "Just then the royal guards passed where they were without seeing them which was funny cause the tent thing was transparent and they could see the guards pass and there were thirteen of them Queen A :"Are sure they can't see us"she referred to the guards Blinky :"Yes they can't see us cause Blinky used magic to hide and protect us onlysomeone with a pure heart will be able to see us"Just then one of the guards stared at the tent directly at them and smiled a bit Queen A :"I think he saw us"she looked atBlinky a bit scared Blinky :"relax my queen Blinky got your back "The guards passed after few minutes Blinky removed their shelter Queen A :"That was close"finally feeling relieved Blinky :"Let's go somewhere safe so you can eat and rest and continue with your journey "Just as they were about to leave someone spoke Voice :"Not soo fast "they turned around to see the person who spoke and it was one of the royal guards they one who stared at tent and smiled Queen A :"Oh my God I'm dead "she was dead scared as the guard approached them . . GRANNY ROSEANNE's HOUSEHOLD . . They just finished having supper and they were just preparing to go sleep . Noah :"Gran something is bothering me about you these daysyou sleep alot even during the day but you still look more and more exhausted by the minutewhat's going on?I'm so worried about youi don't even think it's a good idea for me to go to school leaving you here alone " Granny R:"It's just old age my son

i don't even think it's a good idea for me to go to school leaving you here alone " Granny R:"It's just old age my son nothing to worry yourself withso don't even think of staying here with me" Noah :"No gran it's more than that I can see " Granny R:"Okay I'll tell youtruth is....."before she can speak any further they heard voices outside Noah :"And now who r. ..."Just then something was thrown at the windowgranny looked at it and noticed it has the royal seal and she signalled Noah to keep quiet and quickly closed the window and turned off the lights and they looked out the window they saw close to six royal guards and Queen Miranda and Nathaniel Granny R :"It your twin brother and Queen Miranda. boy it's time for you go and find your mate so that together you will fulfil your destiny " Noah :"I'm not going anywhere without you grantno ways " Granny R:"Don't worry about me I can take care of myself I'm stronger than you think " Noah :"No gran look how frail you look" Granny R :"That's because I've been over working myself lately protecting you and your mother " Noah :"What are you talking about gran?i don't understand you " Granny R :"I am the Phoenix and the transformation is taking a toll on me cause I'm now too old for transforming from a human and the phoenix and back to a human again " Noah :"You've lost metransforming into a bird and to a human! !" Granny R :"Boy there's no time for that its just a matter of time before the queen and your brother penetrates the protection charmyou need to leave "Noah shook his head in refusal Noah :"But gran..." Granny R :"Listen carefully take this key (she removed it on her neck)go to my room under my bed there's a small wooden box the size of a normal shoe box take it and guard it with your life. Go to a faraway place in the east and look for a man of God in a long white robe with a long silver pendant with a cross like the one at the back of your head.And together you will open the wooden box and only the will you get to understand what's going on and you will then embark on the journey to fulfil the prophecy "By now Noah was crying Noah :"What about you?I just can't leave you behind " Granny R :"As I said before you don't need to worry about meI've survived many storms and I'm still going to survive this; it's you I got to protect cause the future of the universe depends on you. Just go and find the man of God he will help you find your mate and you must hurry. find her before your brother does " Noah :"I hear you gran I'll do as you say " Granny R :"Hurry ...when you've found the box tap the phoenix painting in my room three times a secret passage will open for you to go through make sure you enter as quickly as you can cause it'll close after three seconds and it'll only be opened by me so make no mistake " Noah :"I got it"he nodded crying Granny R :"Don't cry by boy. .the future king of Kwaballa kingdom is not supposed to cry.You need to be strong now cause only bravery will help you overcome the evil formed against you " Noah :"Okay " Queen A :"Now go go"They hugged and it was such an emotional moment for both of them Noah :"Goodbye gran " Granny R :"Farewell my king "Just as Noah turned the passage corner; Queen Miranda and Nathaniel entered the house with their royal guards Queen M:"Well well well what do we have here? " Granny R :"Miranda "she simply stated without fear Queen M :"It's queen Miranda to you "Granny Roseanne laughed at her and Nathaniel slapped so hard she nearly fell off the chair Granny R :"Nathaniel we meet again my great great grandson " Nat:"What did she just say?"He asked the queen confusedthe queen totally ignored him and addressed granny Roseanne Queen M :"Now where is his twin ?" Granny R :"somewhere you and your evil entourage will never ever find him "Queen Miranda slapped her as well Queen M :"Guards seize her" Granny R :"I wouldn't do that if I were you "as the guards approached her and they stopped a bit Queen M :"Why are you still standing around you filthy fools? seize her now "they approached her once more and granny Roseanne stood up and turned into the phoenix and flew out through the opened door as they jumped up and down trying to catch herthey followed her out sideonly to see her fly far out into the night. leaving Queen Miranda angry as hell

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