part 3 the guardian of the prophecy

PASTOR MATHEWS's HOUSEHOLD . It was late in the evening and the Mathews were preparing to sleepBethany was in Maryjane's room.They were both in their pyjamas . Beth :"Sis I think we should ask mom and dad for an allowance increase now that we are turning twenty one years old in two months timeI mean we are adults now what they give us is no longer enough cause our needs have increased now that we no longer kids" Mj:"Beth"she smiled while rolling her eyes Beth :"Whaaat!!? true and you know it" Mj:"Well I'm still happy with what they give usyou should be also" Beth:" Well I'm not....but anyway I understand why it's enough for you" Mj:"You do?" Beth:"Yeah....I mean sis we both know that your sense of fashion is dead" Mj:"It's no dead"looking shocked Beth:" Oh yes it is...I mean just look at yourself then look at me(pointing at herself).sis we soooo different sometimes I wonder if we really related .gal you need a make over" Mj:"Well there's no need for thatI'm happy with how I lookthank you very much"she said that uncomfortably fixing her pyjamas and getting under her bed covers Beth:" Mxm you're so useless I'm going to ask for the increase right now by myself I don't need you"she said that leaving Maryjane's bedroom Mj:"Well good luck with that...sis"she shouted and Bethany showed her the middle finger before closing the doorleaving Maryjane shocked with her mouth slightly open Meanwhile in PASTOR and Mrs Mathews' bedroom. Mrs Mathews was sitting in front of the mirror applying her night creamshe was wearing her white gown cause she just finished bathing Pastor M:"Darling come to bed alreadyI miss my wife" Mrs M:" Coming darling I'm just finishing up hereI'll join you now now "smiling Pastor M:" Please hurry up"he pat the bed on Mrs Mathews' bedside while pouting Mrs M:"Alright alright you don't have to bribe me"they both laughed and for a moment Pastor Mathews looked a bit disturbed but quickly hid it but it was a little too late cause Mrs Mathews had already seen his disturbed look Mrs M:"What is it now my husband? " Pastor M:"It's nothing I can't handle" Mrs M:"That can't be"nothing "when you looked the way you just did moment's ago"she looked at him through the mirror with a worried look Pastor M :"Its truly nothing to worry your pretty head about sweetheart "he said that trying to dismiss her Mrs M :"Pastor Mathews. ...have we started lying or hiding things from each other now?"She stared straight in his eyes Pastor Mathews looked aside Mrs M :"Now out with itwhat's bothering you" Pastor M :"The institution called me today regarding Katherine " Katherine is the girls' biological mother Mrs M :"And?" she asked looking worried Pastor M:"They said lately she has started behaving funny and she's so restless and she keeps on talking about things that don't make sense at all" Mrs M:"Things like what?.....I hope that she's not hallucinating about the twinsI don't want anything disturbing their peaceit took us years to ensure their stability and safety after we adopted them"By now Bethany was eavesdropping in the slightly opened door looking shocked when she heard about the "adoption issue "......the girls didn't know they were adoptedthe pastor and his wife were planning to tell them when they turned twenty one which was two months away .They continued with their conversation Pastor M :" Don't worry my loveno one can or will ever try to take Bethany and Maryjane away from us especially that poor mentally challenged woman " Mrs M:"I hope you are right"she went to sit next to him on the bed Pastor M :"I know I'm rightnow relax okay"he said that trying to ease her mind but to no avail Mrs M :" I know I didn't want us to adopt Bethany at first because of how strange way she looked and the scary events that took place when they were bornsomehow I thought she was an evil child "Bethany was beyond shocked Pastor M :"I know my wife" Mrs M :"You know(she turned and looked at her husband )....I thought she will grow into this evil being that I don't know and destroy us all"they both laughed

somehow I thought she was an evil child "Bethany was beyond shocked Pastor M :"I know my wife" Mrs M :"You know(she turned and looked at her husband )....I thought she will grow into this evil being that I don't know and destroy us all"they both laughed Bethany was now crying after hearing what Mrs Mathews just said she was so heartbroken and she started getting angry as she couldn't take it anymore she couldn't even hear what they said thereafter Pastor M :"And look how wrong we all were;the kids are now beautiful young women and they lead a normal healthy lives " Mrs M :"And I love them to bits and i won't let anyone take them away from me" Pastor M :"And nobody will besides they've grown now.They can choose who ever they want to stay with" Mrs M:"True "She started smiling looking relived at last Pastor M :"And I'm sure they will choose you over and over again and againcome here "And they hugged and kissed just then lights started flickering and it was getting stronger by the minutes as Bethany gets more and more angry and a mini earthquake started shaking the whole house and things started falling and anything made of glass smashed. The pastor was shocked cause it was happening exactly the way it did all those years ago at the hospital when the twins were born. Bethany looked like she was in a traceher eyeballs were all white and red veins started popping out just below her eyes. She moved from the door as quickly as lightening and all Mrs M saw a shadow Pastor M :"Oooh Lord not againit just can't be.......what are we going to do now? "Stunned as he was he started recalling what happened years ago at the hospital Mrs M:"Oh my God did you see that?"she pointed at the door looking scared Pastor M :"No I didn'twhat did you see?"he asked worried Mrs M :"Something passed at the door I didn't see what it was"They both stood up and left the room only to see the kitchen door that leads outside closing with a huge bangat that moment the earthquake got worse and they couldn't stand still.As they were still shocked they heard thunder and lightening strike and the kids came rushing to them from their rooms but it was only Maryjane and Michael and Mrs Mathews quickly noticed that Bethany is not with them and she got worried and scared at same time. Mrs M :"Kids where is Bethany? "Maryjane and Michael stared at each other Mike :"We have no idea mom" Mj:"I was with her not so long ago in my roomshe left me saying she's coming to talk to you about something "Pastor and Mrs Mathews stared at each other with the look that say "Are you thinking what im thinking "and Mrs Mathews quickly dismissed the thought and shook her head Pastor M :"Mike go check her in her bedroomquickly "Michael quickly went and checked only to come back with nothing Mike :"She's not there dad" Mj:"But where could she be when she left my room to yours not so long ago "Sounding more worried looking at her parents for answers Pastor M :"How long ago was it?" Mj:"Plus minus ten minutes ago "The parents looked at each other now sure that she heard everything they discussed Mrs M :"Oooh my God"she felt powerless and dizzy at the same that moment the stormy wind started and this great scary thunder soundedThey all hugged pastor Mathews so quickly he nearly fell. . MEANWHILE ON THE STREET . Bethany was running in the middle of the street still in her trance like state and destroying everything in her path.And then a double decker bus appeared right in front of her and she stopped running and stared at the bus driver as he was struggling with the bus brakes. When he managed to stop the bus she looked straight at him with her clear white eyeballs which left the driver scared and shocked and wondering if she can see him.then she talked Bethany :"Get out of the bus "she said in a commanding robot like voice that shocked the driver even more Bus driver :"............."He was just staring at her still shocked and couldn't move Bethany :"I SAID GET OUT OF THE BUS.....NOOOOOOOOW"she shouted in a roaring voice and her hair stood up straight and changed into black and white right in front of the poor shocked bus driverhe quickly jumped out of the bus and fell on the road and quickly stood up.She then came to him and held him by the throat she then squeezed it a bit Bus driver :" .d.don't. .kkkill me"He begged she just picked him up with one arm still holding him by the throat.He looked at her with begging eyes and quickly looking down at her chest cause her eyeballs were scary as hell.and saw her pandent with an upside down crossher clothes had now turned into this long tight hugging black robe.The bus driver was more shocked cause he could've sworn she was wearing what looked like pyjamas.He stopped wondering off as she squeezed his throat even more Bethany :"Done scrutinizing and analysing me..huh?"she asked with her still robotic voicethe driver nodded in fear not knowing what to say.She squeezed even further and the driver peed on himself then his neck snapped and he died Bethany :"Oops "pretending to be shocked and then she laughed so hard for so longher laughter was so soo evil it can sends chills on anybody who heard it... the storm got even worse the more she laughed

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