part 2 the guardian of the prophecy

MIDWIFE's HOUSEHOLD (GRANNY ROSEANNE "ROSE") . She was sitting on her favourite chair in her lounge for quite sometime with her eyes closed and Noah started to get worried about her when he noticed she was sleeping.He got worried so much so he decided to woke her up so she can go sleep in her roomatleast her bed is more comfortable than the old chair. Noah :"Granny granny please wake up" Granny :".........." Noah :"Gran"he shook her this time Granny :".........."silence Noah:"Grandmaplease wake up.You're scaring me now"he shook her one last time and then checked her pulse..."everything seems to be okay with herher pulse is very strong " he thought to himself.He decided to go get some water to sprinkle it on her a bit.Just as he was about to sprinkle it on her face she opened her eyeshe took a step back. startled Noah:"You are awake " Granny :"Of course I'm awake did u think I was sleeping? " Noah:" No I thought you've fainted sitting on your chair somehow cause I've been trying to wake you up for the past 10 minutes to no avail " Granny :"Ooh is that so?"sounding surprised Noah:"Yes granplease tell me what's really going on....cause lately you've been dozing off for long periods of time on this very chair.and you always look tired than usual?" Granny :"Nothing's going on my boy "smilling Noah :" but gran I...." Granny :"But nothing my boynow tell me what's been bothering you?I've also noticed how you always loose track of time staring at nothing but the wall or out the window" Noah :"Very clever granyou know just when to shift attention from yourself "They both laughed Granny :"Jokes aside sontell me what's eating you?"one look at his grandmother told him she's not going to let this go and he decided to tell her everything Noah :"Lately I've been having this weird dreams and I don't know what they mean " Granny :"hmmm go on" Noah :"I've been dreaming I was crowned a king of some sort somewhere in the village i don't even know.So many people were celebrating and allit was so lovely and I was sitting on this high beautiful chair and I had this great beautiful crown on my head.Just when I was about to addres the crowd.A dusty wind started blowing and I saw this huge bird coming my way.but when it got closer I noticed it was not a bird but a Dragon not any Dragon but a huge ugly evil reddish dragon .As I was staring at it startled it started breathing and blowing fire aiming it straight at me and the fire burned my arm.And I ran for safety but it followed me and strangely I saw myself or shall i say someone who looks just like me riding it.I run so much but whenever I tried to hide it appeared wherever I was there was no escaping it.I looked at the rider and when our eyes met he stared straight at me before he turned around and flew away with the dragon. What scared me the most was the hatred I saw on his eyes it was chilling and I felt great evil surrounding him and when I woke up I had this burn marks on the very arm that got burned in my dream (he showed her the burned arm)and my whole body was sore as if it was really happening "..after he told his grandmother his dream she looked more worried than shocked Granny :"My God....not so soonit can't bethe protection charm must have been lifted somehow " Noah:"Gran what protective charm? .....tell me what you're talking aboutyou've really lost me now ?" Granny :"We don't hve much time my boy

you've really lost me now ?" Granny :"We don't hve much time my boywhat you saw was not a dream....your brother is really attacking you with the help of Zahra the sorceress and Queen Miranda " Noah:"I don't understand "he was indeed confused as Roseanne has never told him about his past and how they came to stay together. Granny :"It started after you were born....."She told him everything that happened in the past and why she had to run away with him Noah :"So basically this so called twin brother wants me dead so he can rule the kingdom after our father the king pass on?"Roseanne looked down Granny :"Yes my boy" Noah:"Then he's got nothing to worry about cause I don't want to be a kingI know nothing about it and I want it to stay that way" Granny :"Unfortunately you have no choice in the matter cause its your destiny so you must fulfil it otherwise your people will parish cause your brother sold his soul to the devil and there's no turning back for him.especially after they murdered your father the king last night" Noah :"Whaaaat my father is dead !?" Granny :"It is so...And now it seems your brother is more powerful than i thought cause he managed to penetrate my protective charm to get to you in your sleep that way he wants to weaken you so that when you finally meet he will easily defeat you"Noah was so shocked he couldn't even speak ;he asked himself if he was dreaming or not cause what he just heard sounded like something one reads about in books not something that could happen in reality. . . KWABALLA KINGDOM . . The whole kingdom was in mourning after the death of the kingeven people from neighbouring villages were so shocked and heart broken about the king's passing.They came to the palace to pay their last respect to the fallen kinginstead of mourning like everybody else Queen Miranda was raving mad at the disappearance of Queen Annabelle and she was taking out her anger at everyone she came in contact with.She told everyone who cared to listen that the king was murdered by Queen Annabelle then she ran awayafter the visitors left she summoned all the guards to the great hall Queen M:"Now you fools tell me again how this witch you call Annabelle slipped through your useless fingers without you noticing it?" Guard 1:"My Quee......" Queen M :"Did I say you may speak huh? Guard 1:"No your highness " Queen M :"Now close that hole you call a mouth and listen to me carefully"they all nodded Queen M :"I want that murderer found and brought to me as in yesterday do you understand me" Guard 2:"But my Quee....." Queen M :"Don't you dare address me as if you are talking to one of your matesspeak to me only when I tell you to otherwise your job is to say Yes my Queen and nothing I make myself clear?" Guard 2:"Yes my Queen " Queen M :"Now listen to me and listen carefully with those things you call earsif by this time tomorrow you didn't bring forth this witch I'm going to burn you and your useless families alive and i will not have any mercy even on your pigscats and dogs and even your chickens that's if you have them.....just so that all your fellow commoners will know that I OWN YOU ALLGot it ? Guards:"Yes your highness " Queen M :"And don't even dare double cross meI've got eyes and ears everywhere sooo don't even try me....Now run along you filthy pigsI want Annabelle here pronto " All this time Nathaniel was standing on the stairway listening and watching the whole thing.The poor guards exited the hall running for dear life scared as hell. Nathaniel applauded the queen as he walked to hersmiling Nat:"Bravo mother for a moment I was also scared of you" Queen M :"You should be scared I hate traitors "she also smiled at him the smile not even reaching her eyes he poured whisky for both of them and he gave her her glass Nathaniel :"And that's something dont have to worry your pretty head aboutmy loyalty lies with you as always.......Cheers mother dearest " Queen M :"It's good to know......Cheers son;one obstacle down two to go and victory shall be ours" Nathaniel :"indeed "they laughed such an evil laughter not realising that one of the maids was eavesdropping on them

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