part 10 the guardian of the prophecy

SOMEWHERE IN TOWN . . Noah had just arrived in town the bus reached the bus stop where he got to get offhe did and the bus left.He looked around the area and he noticed that something it not rightit was like some evil force was roaming around the town and it was unbelievably quiet.It's as if its a different town from the one he had so much about on his way here.he started walking even though he wasn't sure whether he was taking the correct route since there's no one to ask directions fromit was so creepyhe walked until he reached another street then decided to turn the corner.That's when he bumped into someone so hard he nearly missed his stephe looked up at the person and he was shocked to see its a young womanbut she had so much power radiating around her as though she some sort of a god and it looks like she wasn't affected at all by the bump Noah :"Sorry mam I didn't see you there" Young W:" It's Okay"As she was about to leave he gently grabbed her arm and she jumped in shock as if she was hurt Noah :"Sorry about that mamthing is I'm looking for pastor Matthews's church.Can you please help with direction if you know where it is" Young W :"Go straight to the third robots and turn leftcross two small streets then before you reach the third street you will see the church on your right hand side"Noah felt so relieved cause he was starting to get hungry the bus ride was longer than he thoughthe looked at the young lady she looked dirty and her clothes were torn and they had some dried blood stains that made him wonder what happened to her.He suddenly felt sorry for her Noah :"Thank you so much my ladymy name is Noah what's yours?" Young W :"Bethany "he noticed that underneath all her dirt lies a beautiful young woman Noah:"Pleasure to make your acquaintance "he took both her hands shaking themNo one can explain what happened next cause the moment Noah touched her hands smoke started coming out and she jumped in pain and shock Beth :"What the hell "she acclimated in angerpushing Noah away from her.He went flying and hit the fence that surrounded what looked like a clinic then she ran away so quick leaving Noah stunned for life Noah :"What in God's name was that "he asked himself staring at the corner she disappeared tohe then got up and dusted himself then continued on his way to the church although part of him started to doubt whether she directed him to the right church. He walked for a short mile following the directions she gave him.He reached the church and went inthe doors were opened.The church was indeed huge even the double doors were high up that made him feel small like the little people from the movie he once watched with his grandmother that was called the Borrowers.Thinking about his grandmother made him miss her even more and he wondered if she's okay or not.There was four ladies cleaning the church and he approached one of them Noah :"Good evening mam" Woman:"Evening sonhow may I help you? Noah :"I'm looking for pastor MatthewsI don't know if I came to the right place " Woman :"You came to the right place but unfortunately Pastor Mathews has already lefthe went home thirty minutes ago " Noah :"Oh"he felt so disappointed especially now that its getting late and he has nowhere to sleep Woman :"Maybe pastor James can help youhe still around. i'll go get him for you"Noah just nodded feeling defeatedhe kept himself busy looking around at the pictures on the wallon the left wall there were big portraits of what looked like previous pastors and on the right side there were variety of Jesus's pictures from when he was a baby until he was crucified on the cross.The pastor startled him when he greeted him Pastor J :"Greetings son

on the left wall there were big portraits of what looked like previous pastors and on the right side there were variety of Jesus's pictures from when he was a baby until he was crucified on the cross.The pastor startled him when he greeted him Pastor J :"Greetings sonI heard you are looking for pastor Matthews ?" Noah :"Yes pastor " Pastor J :"Can you please come see him tomorrow morning at ten o'clock "Noah looked lost for words Noah :"I was hoping you will maybe give me his address "the pastor shook his head Pastor J :"I'm afraid I can't especially with the strange events that took place few days ago.We are wary of strangers Noah :"I understand Pastor the problem is I'm not from here and I don't know anyone in this town so I don't have a place to sleep"The pastor looked at him for a while analysing him then nodded Pastor J :"Okay soncome with me"he left and Noah followed him to his office . . PASTOR MATHEWS's HOUSEHOLD . They had just finished having dinner and they were just sitting in the dinning tablegood news is that Katherine has finally woken up and Its been two days since she woke up.They agreed its time Maryjane knew the truth so they told her everything from the strange events that took place when they were born and that they were adoptedand about Katherine been committed to the mental institution.Ironically looking at Katherine you wouldn't believe It was the same woman who looked crazy two days ago when she arrived at the pastor's house Kate:"Thank you for the food Mrs Mathews it was soo delicious " Mike:"As always " they laughed Mrs M :"Pleasure dear and Michael how come you never mentioned that my cooking skills are tip top"they all laughed Mike :"That's because I didn't want you to starting thinking you're better than me"smiling Kate:" so you cook as well?" Mike :"Yes we are all good at cooking including dad but I'm the number one chefBethany tried to imitate me but she failed "Katherine started feeling uncomfortable at the mention I her other daughter Mj:"So Katherine tell us about yourself " Kate :"There's not much to tell dearexcept that I was the youngest of three children and the only galat seventeen years I fell I love with the prince in our little village.A year later the king found out about us and he wasn't happy and he banished my family and on our way to the next Village to seek refugethe king sent his people to follow us and make sure they kill everybody except for meso halfway into the forest just before we reached the village we were going to.The King's people ambushed us and killed my whole family then took me hostage " Mrs:"That's so sad" Mj:"I hope the young prince saved you"Katherine look at her for a whilesadly Kate :"Sadly noi found out through the lady who was sent to give me food in the dungeon once a week that the king brutally killed him without mercy cause he wanted me to himself and he also wanted his son's organs and blood to use for sacrifice to complete his transformation into Asmodeus the demon of lust" Mike :"That's some scary shit"Katherine continued with her sad story and she looked far in thoughts Katherine :"After he has been reincarnated he finally transformed into the demonand one night he came into the dungeon that i was kept in and forced himself on me right infront of his guards(a tear dropped ).my life was never the same ever since then cause I was a virgin.A month later i discovered I was pregnant and later found out I'm pregnant with twins and a very powerful seer in my village prophesied that the twins will be born with powers to change the who will be so evil and heartless enough to join forces with her father to destroy it and the other one will be of pure heart because of my innocence although she'll will also have the power of darkness it won't be as strong as that of goodness because she will have more of my good genes than those of her evil fatherso Asmodeus plotted to kill the good twinhe then asked his dark sorceress to mark the twin and she marked the one who will have evil powers with the mark of the upside cross known by many as the antichrist mark A month before i gave birth the seer and her daughter helped me escape with the help of two royal guards who were frieds with the Prince.And I was told in order for the good twin to reach her full power she has to meet with her mate whom God created especially for her and together they will conquer all evil and bring peace"then she kept quiet the silence in the room was deafening you could hear a pin drop.she looked up with a river of tears running through her cheeks and some going into her mouth mixed with mucusshe looked straight at Maryjane Mj:"No it can't beI'm not a daughter of a demon rapist " Kate :"I'm sorry dear that's the whole truth and you are the chosen one to save the universe and we don't have time cause a part of me believes that Asmodeus has already made contact with your sister hence the strange events that occurred a few days ago and her disappearance so you need to prepare and be ready for the battle ahead before Its too lateand i also believe he wants your power as well since he failed to kill you when you were young so he might want to start by kidnaping you so he can make a sacrifice with you to gain more power than he already has"just then there was a knockMike went to open and he was shocked to find Bethany at the door looking dirty like a homeless personshe then looked at him and fainted in his arms

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