part 1 the guardian of the prophecy

Many years have come and gone since the strange events that took place after the birth of the twins.For most people life continued as usual accept for those who were personally affectedOur beloved doctor Mathews embraced his calling as a pastor and he became one of the world's successful and renowned pastor of all time.And that was not the only thing that changedhe and his wife adopted the twin girls although his wife wasn't accommodating of the strange one cause she felt there's something evil about the child but Dr Mathews made her change her mind and she ended up loving and accepted both little girls as her own.She named the strange one Bethany and the other one Maryjanethe couple had a son together who was two years older than the girls and he loved his little sisters a lot and he was very protective of them.As for the midwife she is still alive although she is now very very old but still as strong as she was years agoshe is stil looking after the young prince and the love she has for him is beyond wordsshe named him Noah and he also loved his "granny"to so much that he never felt the need to ask her about his parents.He lived to please her and in return she made sure he lived a normal life just like any other boy his age.Although she knew that one day he'll have to go back home but she decided not to dwell on that but to embrace life as it is and live for the moment.The king of the Kwaballa kingdom was so heartbroken and disappointed at what the midwife has done so much that he became a different manalthough he was still as kind and considerate as before.He only showed his sadness when he was alone at night or with his young queenshe understood his pain better since they were both going through the same thing.Because of their shared pain they became closer than they were before which made the first queen more jealous and she became more evil and heartless.Ironically throughout all this she loved the the Prince like he was her own and she even poisoned his mind against his mother for the young queen never stopped grieving and longing for her long lost son and unintentionally neglecting the Prince.Although she trusted the midwife since they are related that never stopped her from wishing she never took the young prince.Day after day she kept on wondering if she'll ever see her son again PASTOR MATHEWS 's HOUSEHOLD The girls barged into the kitchen as if something or someone was chasing themlaughing their lungs out and startled Mrs Mathews who was cooking in the kitchen . Mrs M:"Girlsgirls what's up with you?you know I forbid running in the house Maryjane (Mj):"Sorry mommy was just showing Beth that I can still run faster than her"she said that breathless and kissing Mrs Mathews on the chick Beth:"That's because I let you win all the time cause you are such a cry baby if you don't have your way"she defended herself as she also kissed Mrs Mathews' cheek Mrs M:"You girls will never grow"she laughed shaking her head Mr M:" Good evening familysomething smells good in here"he said walking in and also kissing his wife Mrs M:"Evening darling that's because I cooked your favourite meal" The girls:" Beef stew and rice"They said it looking at each other and they all laughed Mrs M:"Go freshen updinner will be ready in 10 minutesBy the way girls where is your brother?" Mj :"In his bedroom with his friend Peter" Beth:"Probably watching porn" Mike:"I heard that Beth and you couldn't be more wrong"as he came into the kitchen pinching Betg as he passed her Beth:"Mom" Mrs M:"Michael how many times must I tell you not to pinch your sister?" Mike:"But she started it mom" Peter:"Good evening Mrs Mhi Bethany "he was grinning like a retard when he greet Bethany cause he has a crush on her Beth:"How many times must I tell you to stop calling me by that name Peter?it's Beth simple jeez Peter:"I like Bethany better though " Mike:" Besides it's your name daah" Beth:"Mxm jerk"Michael pinched her again when Mrs Mathews is not looking Beth:"Mom.he's pinching me again " crying Mr Mathews :"Kids stop it" Mrs M:"dinner is ready settle down all of you" Peter :"It's my queue to leave" Mrs M:"I meant you too Peter " Beth :"As if he doesn't want to eat mommy's famous delicious stew"she said that rolling her eyes and they all laughed Mr M:"Maryjane bless the food"she said grace and they all began to eat while having small talks about the girls and school since they are leaving for university the next day . . KWABALLA KINGDOM . The King is gravely ill and on his death bedthe nurse was doing a check up on him then later gave him his medicationshe later left his chambers and the young queen Annabel entered . Queen A:"Greetings my king"she bowed King :"My queen " Queen A:"How are you feeling today? " King:"Dying " Queen A:"Please don't say that my kingI'm begging you"with tears filling her eyes King :"It's true my queencome closer and let me tell you something "he said patting a space next to him on the bed King :"Your sister Queen Miranda's been conspiring with the nurse to feed me slow poisonas we speak I'm left with only a few days to live maybe even less" Queen A:"My king what are you saying?you are scaring me" with tears running down her beautiful soft cheeks and the king brushed her cheeks and wiped her tears in the process King:"Sad but true my loveshe's been jealous of my affection towards you that her heart became cold as steel and her evil aunt is not helping matters at all"He started coughing real bad"waterplease give me some water"she poured a glass of water and gave him Queen A:"My king are you alright? "with a scary voice King :"Yes my dear but not for long"sounding drained and tired Queen A :"Ooh my king"heartbroken King:"Now listen carefully my dear" Queen:"I'm listening "she said getting closer since he was speaking in a low voice King:"I want you to run away as far as you can

go first thing tomorrow morning and never look backonly come back when you've found our son for he is the rightful heir to the throne and he is the only one who can rule this kingdom the way it's supposed to be ruled Queen A :"But my kingwhat about you and our so Nathaniel? King:"Beloved...I've ran my race and I have fulfilled my purpose on earth and my ancestors are ready to receive meas for our son.There's nothing you or I can do for him.Queen Miranda has corrupted him and because of his jealousy over our love for his long lost brother he has made it easy for Queen Miranda and her evil aunt the sorceress to win his heart.He's beyond our help now Queen A :"Maybe it's my faultif I didn't neglect him it wouldn't be so" King :"No my queendon't blame yourself it is how it's supposed to be" Queen A :"But my kin..." King :"No my lovedon't do this to yourself "he pat her at the back until she fell asleepshe was awoken by something poking herAnd she realised she fell asleep and it was already dark.she searched for what was poking her and she realised it was a bird not a normal bird but it was the Phoenix.she wondered what it was doing thereit looked so old and it was staring at her as if it wants to say something. she kept on wondering what was happeningbesides this type of birds she only read about them in fairy tales she never thought they existed in real life.But here it is now staring at her.Her thoughts were brought back by the king coughing again.and this time it was bad Queen A :"My king what is wrong?"she didn't know what to do.she ran to the door thinking about calling the nurse but remembered what the king told her about her poisoning him so she ran back to him crying King :"Ooh ...Queen....don't cr..crr ..cry ...f...for me"cough"you're bb...brreaa.breaking my...hea...heart"swallowed hard Queen A :"Please don't leave me my kingI'm begging you....pleaaaaaase"crying King:"My Quee..n"with tears in his eyes "please f....for me" Queen A :"No please my kingdon't thiiis me I'm begging you"sobbing with mucus mixed with tears King :"Go g...o too my's house...he'll he..heelp yo..u" Queen A :"No please "she hugged him and kissed him all over his face and mouth not knowing exactly what to do King :" Quee.Queen and and....faithfully. this..old chap"he smiled at her with tears now running down his cheeks and coughed again and this time with blood coming out of his mouth and nose Queen A :"No no no nooooo my king nooo"panicking King:"B..bye queen" he died right there and there with a smile on his faceshe kept on shaking him hoping he'll wake up but nothingthe great king has fallen.she cried like she never cried before.The bird started poking herfor a moment she forgot about it as she was concentrating on the poked her again as she look at it its head pointed at the door.and she looked at the door and back at it again and it repeated the gesture and she understand that she needs to leave.she looked at the king one last time his eyes were staring at her lifeless and she closed his eyes and sadly kissed his mouth one last time Queen A :"Goodbye my king" then she exited his chamber's and went to gather a few important items in her bedroom and quickly exited the palaceluckily no one saw hershe ran like she never ran in her life before just like the midwife did all those years agoshe never thought she will leave the palace this way but she has no choice.When she was sure she was out of site she looked back at the huge building that was once her home but now it's no longer the same without the king.Funny enough she doesn't feel bad about leaving her other son behind. she wondered how it came to this.She looked at the palace one last time then disappeared into the nightheartbroken over her beloved King's death

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