part 9 tears of the innocent

# JOSH . After briefly talking to Shanee's father and made him aware that I know a bit of their family history and that I love his daughter so much that i''ll do anything to make sure she's happy Mr Martins suggested we make and appointment and discuss a way forward with all this.Cause he really fears for Shanee's life.Since we needed privacy we met at his penthouse out of townI was waiting for him while drinking coffee compliments of his friendly housekeeper. He walked in panting Martins : Sorry I'm late Joshua there's something that needed my undivided attention Me : It's okay Martins : So son considering what your mom told you about the danger of associating yourself with my family.You say you love my daughter enough to fight this battle with us? Me : With everything I got sir Martins : Please call me Miguel .I smiled a bit Me : Okay Miguelyeah I truly love Shanee and I don't see myself living without her she's my life sir Martins : Hmmm its good to knowI can see you are as brave as your dad was Me : I try sirI mean Miguel .He smiled a bit Martins : Joshua I'm gonna trust you with my family history and hope that after hearing it you would still want to associate yourself with my daughteryou see I love my daughter with all my heart and I would die first before I let any harm comes to her I hope we are clear on that Me : Loud and clear Martins : I want you to assure me that if what I'm going to tell you today makes you want to run and never look backyou will do so as soon as we leave this penthouse so that I'll know its my daughter and i alone on this fight henceforth.And I also want you to know that should you decide to part with my daughter I will understand and I won't hold it against you.cause we are heading for a dangerous journey ahead one that might lead to fetal casualties Me : I understand sir Martins : Good .he then stood up and poured himself a glass of whisky and gulped it in one gohe poured the second one then took out a beer from the fridge and gave me Me : Thanks .he just nodded then took a sip of his whisky he then ran his fingers on the glass he looked far away with his thoughts Martins : Many years agoone of our ancestors.King Marcus the first once commited an awful horrible crime against one of his servant.Those days many of our kind meaning white people use to take pride in buying and selling black people just to make them slaves and King Marcus was one of those people who took slavery as a hobby so he bought as much as he sold black people from many parts of Africa.It so happened that one day he threw a birthday party for his only son Prince Marcus jrwho was turning eighteen years old.So it happened that on the same day one slave girl by the name of Amina was also celebrating her twenty first birthday.Somehow the king found out about it and he wasn't happyhe was angry that a slave girl shared her birthday with his beloved son. .he took another sipI could tell that it wasn't easy for him to tell me.He then continued to tell me how they forced the girl to strip naked in front of a room full of men and they forced her grandmother to watch.they made fun of her and beat her up mercilessly Me : He was such a wicked king Martins : That he wasthe painful part is that.After beating her up the king forced himself on her when he was done he orderd his son to follow suit Me : Jesus ..By now Mr Martins was sweating and he looked disgusted at what he was telling me Martins : That was not allafter the Prince had his way he commanded that all the man that were in the great hall with him including the four guards to also violate her .Mind you the Prince was a virgin so was the girlall the man in the hall were twenty one so imagine all twenty one man had their way with the poor slave girl while her grandmother was watching.How sick was that .Mr Martins was now silently crying Me : I don't know what to say Martins : I understand my boy as a father who has a daughter you can imagine what this is doing to me.If something like that was to happen to my Shanee God forbid I would go on a rampage killing everybody invonved then after kill myself cause I don't see how one .ca continue living after such traumatic deed Me : I would also do the same sir .I could still feel that there's more to comeas he stood up to pour himself another glass while I was only halfway with my beer.He came and sat opposite me Me : So what happened to the slave girl ? Martins : She died that nightshe fucken died while they were busy pleasuring themselves with her that they didn't even notice she's no more untill after they finished with her.And all this time the grandmother was watching helplessly. After they noticed she was long gone they threw her body at her grandmother and the spat and urinated on them.They told her to take her little "bitch" with her.They called an innocent little girl names and they were not even sorry for what they did.Little did they know that the grandmother was the descended of the great goddess of the spider from a west African countrythat night after been thrown out of the palace.The grandmother dragged her granddaughter's corpse to the river were she buried her.But before she buried her little granddaughter she cursed all those who were involved in the girl's violation.She called upon the spirit of the goddess to avange the brutal killing and violation of her innocent grandmother for generations and generations to come so that their lineage may not know peace.So every hundredth year the girl rises up to seek revenge on the bloodline of the king and everybody associated with them and only leaves a few to continue the leneage so that when she returns on the next hundredth year she'll have her revenge on the king's bloodline again . Me : I'm speechless .Mr Martins' s face and ears were pink from crying and touching himself in frustration Me : So this is the hundredth year? .He looked at me for a long time before responding Martins : Yes Me : What's does that have to do with Shanee's momcause mom told me how she died and it wasn't pretty .he swallowed deep Martins : Victoria God rest her soul..She was the love of my lifeeven in death she's still is. .he smiled like a retard and that proved to me how strong his feelings for his late wife is even today Me : She really meant a lot to you Martins : More than you can ever imagine sonyou see my wife was a selfless woman.She cared about others more than she cared about herself she loved me wholeheartedly and i loved her too.A part of me died with her that day in hospital. If it weren't for Shanee I could have committed suicide the same day cause I saw no reason to move on without her.But then I remembered my promise to her that I will take care of our daughter and make sure I give her all the love I have in me so much so she never feels incomplete or motherless .And today I look at my daughter and i feel so grateful to God for giving me someone to live for when I had no reason to live.Victoria sacrificed her life so Shanee could live and save our bloodline Me : Heeey heeey heey what do you mean by that? .he inhaled and exhaled deeply before he continued Martins : Victoria left a diary with your mother and she asked her to give it to me after she passed awayshe also asked your mother not to read it but it seems your mother got curious and she read it because after Victoria passed on she never wanted anything to do with me and my family especially Shanee that's why you grew up not knowing each other despite the fact that your mothers were best friends they were inseparable that sometimes your father and I would be a little jealous .he laughed a bit at the memory but quickly composed himself and returned to his gloomy sad selfI was disparate to know what was on the diary Me : What was on the diary sirMiguel ? Martins : It turned out that from the moment Victoria conceived Shanee the goddess of the spider was visiting her in her dreams and later she haunted her live and everywhere she went but Victoria being Victoria. She pretended she was only sick because of the pregnancy when I started to notice she looked drained and tired all the time. Me : Why was the goddess haunting Victoria? cause she wasn't from your bloodline Martins : Yes she wasn't but she was carrying one of us and not only thatthe thing is our generation is different from the past generations of the king's descendents Me : How so? He exhaled deeply looking sad Martins : Our generation has Shanee Me : Sowhat ? Martins : Shanee was born on the same date as young Amina the slave girlmeaning Me : Meaning on Shanee's twenty first birthday it would be the hundredth year again. I felt myself panicno I can't loose my baby no ways I'd rather die Martins : Yeah .He now had tears running down his cheekshe wasn't even trying to hide it anymore Me : What does that mean for Shanee? Martins : Well it means on her birthday Shanee might go into a coma that she'll never wake up from unless Me : Unless what? .By now I was beyond the word scaredI felt my own tears drop from my eyes no matter how much I try to be strong Martins: Unless Amina's bones are found and returned to her native land together with her grandmother's and a sacrifice is performed to appease the goddess of the spider Me : Does Shanee even knows about this huh?that in a few days she might lay in a coma and never wakes up for something she's not aware of or even responsible for. .he shook his head helplessly Me : There must be something we can do Miguel I can't just sit here and watch while my baby parish no ways.How sure are you about this? Martins : It turns out that Shanee was supposed to die the day she was born but Victoria begged the goddess to take her instead and save her daughter and because of her good heart and the love she posseses the goddess had pity on her and for the first time since the horrendous deed was done the goddess offered our bloodline a chance to redeem themselves by taking Amina and her grandmother home where they belong. Me : Why didn't you tell Shanee about this? she deserves to knowMr Martins some stuff are not meant to be hiddenif you've told her from the start maybe we would have had a better chance at finding the bones that's if they still exist and then prevent all this Martins : Ever since I found out I wanted to tell her but i couldn't bare to see my baby hurt and scared that's why I took the liberty to search for the bones myself well not exactly myself but i hired a team of expects to do it for me but they were unsuccessful.And a few days ago the king summoned me to the village to tell me that the great seer said they should sacrifice Shanee to the goddess so that all shall be forgiven Me : Whaat is he fucken crazy?there's no way I would let anyone take my girl from me Martins : I agree with you there I tried reasoning with him and also asking him to help search for the bones since they know the village well but he refused and said it's just some excuse I made up to save my daughter .So as we speak I hired a team of highly trsined bodyguards to follow Shanee wherever she goes so they could protect her cause I can't always be with her.She's not aware of all that is happening and I want it to stay that way until i can figure things outi want her to enjoy what could be her last days on earth in peace .They way this man was broken by all this made me feel worse than I already felt Me : No no noooo I refuse to believe that she'll die soon I just can't.There must be away out of this and I'll make damn sure I search until I find a solutionmy baby is not dying.I refuse who does the stupid king things he is? Martins : Calm down Joshua Me : With all due respect sir I'm not going to calm down not while my baby's life is at stakeAnd Mr Martins you need to come clean with Shanee and give her a chance to fight this as soon as possible or else i will tell her myself .I left him looking lost and broken as for me my heart was in shambles I was dying insideI'm not going to give up on my Shanee I refuse to accept defeat without even fightingMy Shanee will leave to see our kids and grandchildren.If the king even dares to come near Shanee I'll show him what I'm made ofI'm not going to lie down and wait for them to come after us.Shanee is my woman and its my duty for me as her man to protectect her and I'll do just that.I'm actually suprised that Mr Martins seems to have accepted defeat.I got out from the elevator and got into my car and drove offI'm going to see my woman and make sure I bring back her beautiful smile that I love so muchi''ll be damned if I let some ancestors's shit ruin her happiness No ways

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