part 8 tears of the innocent

# SHANEE . After I locked myself in my bedroom I cried until I couldn't cry no more still holding my mother's necklace. I guess I must have dozed off cause I was woken up by my ringing phone at first I thought I was dreaming but after a while it rang again.I answered without looking who was calling me Me : Hello Josh : Hey babyJudging by your response i guess you are very angry at me for not calling you like I promised to .My my I was thrilled to hear his voice even my heart was beating fast and louder than usual Me : Ooh baby it's youI'm so happy to hear your voice.You know I could never be angry at you even if I tried Josh : My one and only what's up ?you sound so you've been crying or something Me : No I'm fine babyI was just sleeping that's all Josh : Baby you know you're not a good liar right .I noddedforgetting we are speaking on the phone and he can't see me Me :........... Josh : I know you just nodded babynow out with it I laughed this man of mine.he really knows Mehe always see through me whenever I try to's as if he's a mind reader Josh : Now that you've gifted me with the beautiful sound of your laughter.Are you ready to tell Me what's wrong with you? Me : Baby i told you it's nothingreally Josh : I'll let it slide for now cause I can hear you are not ready to talk to me about it but as soon as I get to your place you will tell me everythingAgre ed Me : Baby.... Josh : Do we agree or not Shaa or you want me to come over right this minute?as in now Me : Josh babyplease b... He cuts me off mid sentance and I heard the tututuuuu sound and I knew he dropped the phone and he's coming over.Thirty minutes later he called again Me : Baby Josh : I'm outside Me : But...... .the tutututuuuu sound againphone dropped. I shook my head then went to the bathroomi checked myself out then wore my pumps then I left.I bumped into Alice on the stairs she looked me from head to toe then back up again.Then she passed me and bumped my shoulders so much I nearly fell.I passed the kitchen Liz : Don't mind her She said with a smileLiz was a once told me she started working for us while she was young and she's in her middle ages now.I opened the gate and there he washandsome as alwaysseeing him brought me so much joy.I was like a small girl at christmas.He met me halfway and lifted me up in his strong armshe then gave me the longest kiss ever then he put me on top of his car boot and got between my legs Josh : I missed you so much baby Me : Missed you too .He baby kissed me twice and stared at me with his deep eyes.he had eye bags and his eyes looked heavy and tired.It made me so sad to see him like thatI guess he had another fight with his mom over me again. he reached up to touch my cheeks as I was touching hiswe both giggled Us : What's wrong with you baby? .Oops we talked simultaneously and then smiled Us : You look awful and that makes me sad .Eyes pooping Us : You go first .Again we talked simultaneously then we both burst out laughing I had tears rolling down my cheek.I always cry when I laugh too muchat first Josh got worried when he saw laugh and cry at the same time but now he's used to me Josh : Oooh that was so weird Me : Tell me about it Josh : Now what?I'm furmished let's go grab something to eat then we can talkalright .I nodded he opened the car door for meI got in then he closed the door and went to his sidewe left Josh : So baby what do you feel like eating Me : Anything babyjust surprise Josh : Cool .he then played some musicI laughed Josh : What's so funny Me : You Josh : And what did I do that's so funny? Me : Your choice of musicit's not what you usually play.this is old school and it's the type of music ladies play.Where did you get it .He laughedI looked at his dimples and I just fell in love with him all over againmy man is hot guys.sometimes I wonder how he chose me out of all the hot girls at school Josh : Actually I found it on top of the couch at homelooks like mom was playing it last night.It looked like it meant a lot to her cause it lookes old but it was the first time I saw it and mom hardly plays music.come to think of it she never plays music at all. Anyway that's what made me curious so I took it .I laughed Me : You didn't take ityou stole it .He tickled me with one handI shouted for him to stop and look at the road Josh : Take it backtake It back right now or i won't stop Me : Baby stopstop it please Josh : Say you're sorry .I just continued laughing Me : Baby my cheeks and stomach are sore .please stop .He just continued Josh : You're stubborn baby Me : I take it back man .he stopped tickling melater we arrived at the mall he parked the car just as a familiar song was playing Me : I know this song Josh : Say what Me : Please increase the volume a bit .He did and I remembered where I heard the song beforesomehow it made me sad Josh : Baby what's wrong?you are crying. you know I don't like to see you cry Me : Dad used to play this song and every time he played it he would cry when he thought I wasn't looking.One day he told me it was mom's favourite song.but he refused to tell me who sings the song cause he didn't want me to get attached to it like he is.From that day he hid the CD from me and I never got to find out who sings the song until today. Josh : That's sad and cute at the same timefor your dad to still be in love with your mom after all this years Me : Yeah it is and that is the other reason why Alice resents me.Cause I'm the result of the love they shared Josh : But that's not rightcause she knew your dad was married before long before she entered his life Me : Well try telling her thatmay I please see the CD cover and repeat the song for me please .He repeated the song and gave me the coverthe singer was a woman named Faith Hill.we repeated the song several times for a while and we ended up singing as well reading from the lyrics on the CDthe song was called :There you'll be .It was such a beautiful song and it made me feel closer to my mom Us : I'll keep a part of you with me and everywhere I am there you'll be .we continued to sing until the song to the end by now we were hugging and I cried tears of longingI was longing for a mother I never knewa mother i always heard good things about all I had was her pictures and the necklace. Josh kissed my head and wiped away my stomach grumbled Josh : That's it lets go and eat .I nodded and as I was putting the CD away I saw something was written in small letters at the bottom I read it out loud Me : To Charmaine with love;from your other half Victoria.I love you always .And I looked at Josh suprised but he didn't look suprised at all Josh : I found out last night as well .He answered me as if he read my mind Me : If your mom was my mother's friend. why does she hates me so much after she found out who i was? Josh : Baby pleasewe'll talk about it after eating Me : NO I WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW AND IT LOOKS LIKE YOU KNOW .I shouted Josh : Baby please calm down I'll tell you what I know.But we got to eat first Me : Sorry.....but you got to promise you going to tell me all you know .he hesitated I gave him the look Josh : Okay Me : No Josh promise me please. I really want to knowfor years my family tip toed around any issues concerning my mother as if talking about her was a taboo or something. and I hated every moment and I still do.Victoria was my mother and I want to know more about her.And I'm old enough to handle whatever it is that I find out about her good or bad.So promise you'll tell me everything babyplease .I whispered the last part sadly Josh : Okay I promise baby as long as you also promise you will eat.I hate it when you starve yourself whenever you're sad Me : I promise Josh : And that's a deal Me : And you must also promise to tell me what happened to you last night cause baby you look like hell Josh : I thought you said I look handsome Me : Yes you are handsome but you also look like you were hit my a train but somehow you survived miraculously .For a moment he looked like his mind was far away I kissed both his eyes and mouthhe smiled and deepened the kiss.We got a bit lost in our kiss untill my stomach grumbled again.we laughed Josh : That's itlet's go .We got out the car and went to spurwe ate then Josh suggested we go watch moviesI could tell he was trying to buy himself some time before we had our "talk".Funny enough I enjoyed it we ended up watching two movies.We then left after we watched the second moviehe bought ice cream at KFC then we went to the car.He drove offhe parked at my gate Me : So Josh : So .I looked at him with my "intimidating "look Me : Josh .I hit him playfully Josh : Okay okay .He inhaled deeply and then he told me about the confrontation he had with his mother and she being my mother's best friend and that she blamed me for her "best friend's death".And then he told me about his encounter with a ghost he didn't see and how he ran for his lifethe encounter with the police man and police woman who turned out to be his uncle's best friend and the woman his fiancee and also the police station saga with Cory. Josh : And here I am now with the woman of my dreams .I was now in tears Me : Maybe your mom is rightI'm evil why else would my mother die a scary and mysterious death like that right after she gave birth to me and now there's Cory who almost went through the same fate Josh : No no no noooooI won't let you do this to yourself baby.You''ve done nothing wrongplease don't torture yourself like this I continued to sob Me : But it's true .I looked out the window Josh : No it's not babylook at me .look at me please .I turned to look at him Josh : Listen to mel love you baby.with all of me I don't care what people say or what the story surrounding your birth is.You are my queen you hear meand we will get through this together.No matter what. Me : But bab.... Josh : But nothing babywe are in this together.whatever it is we will fight it together and we'll overcome it.together Me : I think It's time I find out about my family history and why people claim our bloodline is cursed.Josh nodded Josh : We will do it togetherand stop blaming yourself for things you don't know I nodded with tears running down my cheeks Me : Lately it seems I keep on finding out about things that hurt me just days before my birthday.what have I done to deserve all this pain Josh : Hey Heeey baby please don't cry.Everything's gonna be alright do you hear me .I nodded playing with my necklace Josh : Where did you get that? Me : Ooh it's a long story Josh : I've got time .he looked so serious I almost laughed Me : It was my mom's she gave it to me .My eyes popped out as I realised what I said and Josh looked confused Josh : I'm lost .I smiled then told him about my dream and the what happened this morning with Alice Josh : One day I'll kill that woman I'm telling you Me : Let it go babyI'm used to her and her tantrums. Just ignore it like I do Josh : Ain't no one has the right to lay her fingers on my baby..come here .he laid me on his chest and we played Faith Hill's song again on low volume though.I don't know when we fell asleep but we were woken by someone knocking so rudely at the car window.I got off Josh's chest and he jumped up and almost bumped his head.he opened the window and it was the security guy my dad hired recently Josh : Yes what can we do for you Security : Ms Shanee boss is looking for you .he totally ignored Josh who looked pissed Me : Okay I'm coming .the security guy left us and went to stand by the gate Josh : The nerve of this foolknocking so rudely on my car window. what if he broke it .I laughed Me : Baby let it gowhatever did you hear of a car window being broken by something as simple as a knock Josh : You call that fool's knock simple baby his knock took me back to Jose's knock last night .I laughed so loud Josh : Ah ooh .my eyes went to where he was looking and I saw my father approaching the carhe looked angryI checked the time it was now ten to eleven no wonder he's so angry Me : He's going to skin me alive tonight Josh :Relax babylet's pretend we didn't see him Me : Joshyou so naughty .we laughed he baby kissed dad reached the car and he opened the door since it was unlocked Dad : Joshua you know better than to bring my daughter home at this time Josh : Good evening Mr Martins Dad : Don't be smart with me young manyou get back inside I want to have a word with Joshua .I left the car and went in later dad followedhe no longer looked angry which made me wonder what Josh said to him.He just gave me a long hug Me : Dad you're suffocating me Dad : Sorry baby; don't ever do what you did to me again I was worried sick and you didn't even answer your phone Me : I'm so sorry daddy Dad : Joshua told me you ateare you full or you want some dessert Me : Dad I'm coolI'm not a baby okay.if I want dessert i'll get one myself Dad : Okay I get it.But baby you must promise not to come home this late againit's a cruel world we live in this days.I will never forgive myself if something bad happen to you Me : Nothing will happen to meJosh is as protective as you Dad : Yeah he's as brave as his father Me : Which reminds medad why didn't you tell me you know Josh's parents and that his mom was mom's best friend Dad : It slipped my mind princess besides there's not much to tell. Me : But dad.... Dad : Oooh look at the timegood night princess .He pretended to yawn Me : Dad Dad : Night baby .He dismissed me just like that and went to his bedroom I also went to mine.few minutes later Josh called to say good night and I slept peacefully until I started dreaming . # The Dream . I was on the street opposite this huge beautiful old looking mansion many people went in and out of it as if something huge was about to happen.Something pulled me into the gatei tried to resist but the force that was pulling me was so strong. I went inI looked around and the people who were passing where I was were oblivious to my presence. I continued walking and I entered the mansion.It looked like it was a birthday partythe decorations were beautiful although they were old fashioned.People were having a good timesome where dancing and some where just chilling and drinking while watching those who were dancing.Their dressing was old fashioned like those of the Shakespearean erawhile all the maids were wearing loose clothes that looks bad although they were clean.My eyes caught the attention of the youngest maid and I followed her untill she reached the kitchen.It still beats me that non of the people in the mansion didn't seem to notice I was there.We reached the kitchen the girl went to the old lady who was sitting on the chair behind the doorshe looked tired.The girl knelt down and massaged the old lady's legs.They were talking but i couldn't hear what they were saying although I was next to them.Then the old lady got up and opened the container on the kitchen countershe took out a cup cake with one candle on top and she took a lighter out of her jacketshe light the candle and three young ladies joined them.They sang a song and then the girl closed her eyes and blew on the candle and they applauded for her then she ate the cup cake.A woman who looked older than the other three got in and talked to the old lady.They then left with the birthday girlthey went to what looked like a huge hall.It looked late and most people were goneonly a few man remained.There were two guards at the hall entrance and two on the other side of the hall as soon as the old lady and the girl entered they closed the huge hall double doors.The old lady looked startled she tried to approach the man with a crown who looks like a king but the guards held her.Looking carefully at the men I noticed he's really a kinghe stood up and addressed the people King : Little girl get closer have no fear .Woow I can hear himI looked at the girl. she was trembling with fear and shockshe looked at the old lady Girl : Grandmother .she had tears in her eyesthe grandmother got down on her knees Grandmother : My king please forgive my granddaughter whatever wrong or crime she committed please have mercy on her young life King : Who said you can speakold lady Girl : Please my kingI beg of you I'm so sorry King :She says she's sorrydid you hear the little negro .he addressed his guests and they laughed King : You are sorry you say? .the girl nodded vigorously Girl : Yes my king King : For what hmm you're sorry for what? Girl : I don't know my king .The king laughed and all the men in the hall laughed with him.there was a young man beside the king who was wearing a crown I guessed he was the Prince.the king stopped laughing and the hall went quiet as well. King : Bring that table here .he pointed at the table next to the guard brought it and put it in front of the king Grandmother : My king please don't hurt my Amina .she is just a kid .So the girl's name is Amina King : Shut up old negro guards bring me a rod They did as he commanded King :Girl strip naked Amina : Please my king .I've never seen such fear in a person everthe girl was so scared she even urinated on herself. the king whipped her with the rod Grandmother : Nooooo my king please .She said as she ran to kneel in front of the kingshe kissed his feet but he kicked her mouth so hard that she fell back bleeding King : Hold this old hag and make sure she doesn't escape .The two guards dragged her to stand by the door.I found myself crying with them. King : You...undress her now .he pointed at the guy at the far end of the hall and he went and undressed the girl Me : Nooooooo please don't do this .Nobody heard meI ran to the guy who was undressing the girlI tried pushing him away from the girl but i couldn't even touch him.My hands just went through it.A voice spoke behind me Voice : They can't hear you nor can you be able to touch them.You are here as a spectator you here to watch what your ancestors did to the innocent soul .I looked at where the voice was coming from but i saw no one.Back to the issue at hand .the guy finished undressing the girlshe tried shielding her privates and her breasts but the king beat her up.She ended up just standing there like a statue crying.I looked at the grandmotherher was hurt beyond words Me : Why are you doing thisyou're so cruel and heartless.You wicked king.Guys please do somethingsave Amina I beg you .I went from one guy to another and I ended up kneeling in front of the king it was as if I'm not even there Voice : You are wasting your breath I told you.You can't save her.This awful deed has already happened.look at the calender behind you.And what I saw shocked meit said twelve December fifteen twelve Me : Whaat the hellthis happened five hundred years ago Voice :Yes Me : Why am I here ?who brought me here? Voice : You are here to witness the horrendous act your ancestors did to my dear Amina Me : Whaat I automatically stared at Amina and here grandmother then I turned to look at where the voice was coming from and there she was standing behind me with a face half congested by black little spiders and the good side had tears falling like waterfalli urinated on myself literally. Me : Nooo noooooooooo .I screamed my lungs out in fearsomebody roughly shook meI opened my eyes. Only to find myself staring at my Dad's teary and worried face Dad : It was just a nightmare princess please don't cry Me : It was horrible daddy and it felt so realdaddy I'm scared .I was shaking like a leafdad hugged me.And I came face to face with Alice whom I wasn't aware was behind dad until now.She was soo angryI closed my eyes and cried in my dad's arms Dad : That's it you are sleeping with us tonight Me : But dad Dad : I'm not taking no for an answer princess .Alice looked like she would explode with anger.I really don't know what she wants from mereally i tried resisting but dad was adamant that I go sleep with them.Because I was also scared to skeep alone i agreedI got out the bed to go to their bedroom with them Dad :Princess why are your pyjamas wet ? Me : Oh my God I really peed on myself Dad :It must have been some dream Me :It was a nightmare daddyyou have no idea .I cried as daddy hugged me again Alice looked so disgusted Alice : I hope you're not planning to sleep in my bed with your urine .Dad looked at her then went to my chest drawer to take out clean pyjamas for me Dad : Go and freshen up princess I'll wait here for youdon't worry .I nodded then took my pyjamas and went to have a quick showerI heard them arguing just before I slightly closed the bathroom door and had a quick shower.I towel dried myself and wore my pyjamasI went back to my room.Only dad was thereI guess Alice left after their argument.she'll just have to forgive me tonight I'm scared to sleep alone after the nightmare I had.Dad took me to the guest room insteadWe got under the covers and he hugged me from behind and we sleptI wish mom was alive to comfort me in times like this.

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