part 7 tears of the innocent

# JOSH . I kept on dozing off on the way to the police station the police man kept staring at me from time to time and at one time i thought I saw him smiling from the corner of my eye but then when i looked at him again he was back to his serious normal self.I still can't believe I got arrested for "suspicion" of drug use.Is there even such a thing? Police men these days are so corrupt as hell I mean they can't just look at you then poof they arrest you for suspected drug use. I can sue him if i want tofor deformation of character because what he's doing to me is unethical and totally unacceptable He didn't even search me or the car for drugs but I'm now arrested for drug use.Something I've never touched my entire lifehell I don't even know how drugs look or taste like.He's as crazy as they come I tell you.After the eventful night i had he just had to add salt to the wound and increase my misery.I guess i must have dozed off cause I woke up when he roughly shook me and told me to get out of the carI got off.I was about to ask him where my car was when the police woman arrived and roughly parked beside usthey high fived while laughing I just stared at themlike what the fuck!!?.I was so exhausted that all i wanted was to sleep.At that moment i didn't care whether i slept in the holding cells or at home as long as I got to sleep a bit and maybe I'd wake up feeling better.The police man came and held me by my elbow then roughly shoved me insidem.I heard a familiar voice followed by laughter as we entered the police station.I was surprised to see my uncle Anthony and Cory waiting in the waiting areahow in God's name did they know I was arrested?My uncle came to us as soon as he noticed us Uncle Tony : Jose my main man you found my boy.Thanks a lot hey .What the hell is my uncle talking about Jose : Only a pleasure manyou know i would never let you down Me : Hey uncle Tony what the Hell is going on here? .I looked from my uncle to the Jose guy then Cory Cory : Don't look at me man .he raised his hands Uncle Tony : Boy don't tell me you don't recognize him Me : Am I supposed to? Jose : You see why I "arrested" him ?he thinks he's special .My uncle laughed Me : I don't see anything funny herewhat the hell is going on here? Uncle Tony : What's going on is that you made my sister cry for your childish asswhat's wrong with you man?Did you even stop to think how she's feeling right now or what she's going through? huh Me : But uncl.... Uncle Tony : Hey shut up when I'm talking Jose : I told you to let me sort him out but you refused Uncle Tony : Have you gone completely crazy?is the girl even worth the trouble you created back home?listen to me and listen carefully.You my boyyou're going to apologize to your mother for what you've done.are we clear Me :.......... Uncle Tony : I said are we clear? Me : Ooh sorry uncle I thought you said I must not talk while you're talking Uncle Tony : Don't try to be clever with me boyI still kick ass .Cory chuckled I looked at him and he quickly stopped Cory : Guys when are you going to uncuff my friend I believe you made you point now Uncle Tony : Was I talking to your ass? Cory : No sir Uncle Tony : Good now shut it.Joshua I'm waiting Me : Yes we're clear uncle now can I go home .he raised his eyebrows Me : Please .he noddedJose smiled. I carefully looked at him and it finally clicked.I know this guyit took me longer to notice him cause he lost weight.The guy used to be soo fat my friends and I used to tease him when he came with uncle Anthony to visit us.We used to call him Fat Albert after the cartoon character that was huge and looked like a giant.I remember how he used to eat everything he could get his tiny chubby hands on.and he had a crush on mom.see him and uncle Anthony are fifteen years older than mesometimes mom would leave us with them when she went to run her errands.I remember one day I had a running tummy and mom left me with them to buy my medicationJose picked me up he tickled me and I shitted on myself and him.Since he was huge there was no clothes to borrow himhe had to go home smelling like shitI smiled thinking of that shitty day Uncle Tony : Hey where's your mind at?You even smiling at a time like thisyou not off the hook yet Me : I remember you nowyou are fat Albertbut where did all the fat go? .I laughed and Cory joined in Jose : You see why i punished his ass for nothing

but where did all the fat go? .I laughed and Cory joined in Jose : You see why i punished his ass for nothinghe is still the same boy that shitted on me and ruined my day years agowhen I was dressed to impress Charmaine .Now my uncle laughed as well Me : Mom was never your type man besides there was dad and still ishe would have whipped your fat ass like nobody's businessnow uncuff me before I sue your fat ass for what you've done to me and you will loose your little job just like this .I snapped my fingers Jose : For your info I'm no longer that fat assed dudeI work out regularlyi'm hot and women throw themselves at me everywhere I go he said proudly we laughed Uncle Tony : Enough talking let my nephew go.You made your point .he uncuffed me and i gave him the strongest punch i could master on his cheek just for control he fell to the ground and my knuckles hurt like hell Me : That is for putting me through hell for nothing when I already had a bad night and for talking shit about my mother Jose : Damn you surely can punch boyI feel like my tooth fell off .he said as he rubbed his cheek and we laughed at himthe police woman came to us carrying a tray and put it on the counter and she went to give my uncle the longest kiss ever Me : What the hell !! Uncle Tony : Baby meet my nephew JoshuaJosh meet my fiancee Melissa Peterson and Jose's cousin Me : You are engaged? to her!! Lisa : Yes we are....nephew pleasure to officially meet you Me : I can't say the same about you Lisa : You hold grudges like girls I thought you were better than that.Anyway have a cup of coffee you will feel better afterwards Me : I don't want your coffee I just want to go home and freshen up so I can go see my baby.where are my car keys ? .She threw the keys at me and I grabbed them Me : Cory are you coming? Cory : Yes but after I finish my coffee Me : Are you kidding me right now?You so unbelievable man .He was drinking the second cup of coffee by now.he suddenly coughed Lisa : What's wrong with you now? .He continued coughing while clutching his throatUncle Tony checked him up.his eyes were now teary Uncle Tony : Josh go get my first aid kit nowhurry .I started to panicI went to fetch it then hurried back to them.I got scared when I saw their shocked expressions Me : No it can't be .I reached them and put the kit on the floor uncle Anthony quickly took it and got busy with CoryI got to Cory's side and got the shock of my life when I saw a big black spider on the floor beside him with saliva all over it. Me : What the hell is this? I asked looking at Melissa who had shock written all her face Lisa : I have no idea where it's coming from Me : But he got attacked after drinking your coffee Lisa : I know but.... Me : But nothing if he dies you'll have me to answer to Jose : Heeey boy stop it with your accusations Uncle Tony : He's gonna be fine guysrelax Cory : Let her be boy I'm fine .I hugged the living day lights off him Me : Don't you ever scare me like thatboy .I had tears of joy running down my cheeks I was so happy.Cory is my day one ninja we've been friends since pre school.He's been part of my life for yearshe's more like my brother than a friend.I don't know what I'd do without himwhat a shitty day I've had

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