part 6 tears of the innocent

# SHANEE . After our emotional moment dad and I went our separate waysI wasn't hungry so I just went to the kitchen and made myself a glass of warm milk and took a box of Oreos biscuits and went straight to my bed.As I passed their room I had them arguing and things breakingi just knew Alive was throwing her tantrums again and I knew where this will lead.They always do this whenever they foughtAlice would break things and then they will have make up sex.Odd I know but Alice is just so loud and its hard not to hear them when she's screaming her lungs out.She'll go like "Oooh Miguel AAAH ooohyeah give it to me real hardAaaah slap my ass"and dad would slap her and she'd be "Ooh yes AAAH I like it like that".I would just put on my headphones and play music just to escape them.So one day it happened that I forgot my phone at kisha's then they were at it.Gosh I tried blocking them by putting my hands on my ears it didn't workI the put cotton wool it helped a little bit but not enough to shut out all the noise.Lord that woman can moan I tell youthat night I got turned on and I found myself wishing it was Josh and I doing the deeddon't look at me like that I'm only human. Josh and I haven't done it yet cause I'm not yet ready and he loves me enough to wait.I'm so lucky to have a boyfriend who's so considerate of my feelings the next morning after their night of passion Alice was all lovely dovey she even forgot she hates meI guessed dad gave her real good.When dad came down I couldn't even look at himI was so embarrassed as if i was the one who was doing the deedwhen he sat down I left the table.he followed me to ask if he's done something to upset me unknowingly or not and I said no he didn't do anything wrong.How was I going to tell him I'm embarrassed to look at him because I heard him making love to his wifeso I assured him that all was well so we let it go at that.I was brought back to the present as I heard Alice screaming as usual "Aaaah Mig...Miguel Aaaah...oooooohJesus man Yeah deeper oooh shit I loove it .Ooooooooh God"I went to switch on my phone and put on my ear phones and played music while checking my massages and missed calls.That's odd Josh hadn't called me yetI thought he would have called by now.But all his missed calls and massages are all from yesterday and earlier today. I decided to give him a call but t wrang untill it went on voice mail.Well maybe he got distracted by something I just hope he didn't have another fight with his mom over me.I'd hate to be the one responsible for them not getting alongcause as much as I was hurt and upset over what his mom said about me and my family i know she's only looking out for her son I would do the same thing although i believed i would have done it differently like waiting after i left to talk to Josh about me.I guess i fell asleep cause i felt my legs getting cold and my phone was offthe battery died .I put my phone on the charger again and got under the bed covers and dozed off immediately. I dreamed of mom she was as beautiful as she was in her pictures she was standing next to my bed looking angelic and she was smiling at me.She softly brushed my cheeks Me : Mom is that really you? Mom : Yes baby it is I Me : Ooh mama I missed having you in my lifeI wished you didn't die Mom : I wish I didn't die alsobut I had to go so that you would survive Me : What do you mean mama? Mom : Baby that is something your father will discuss with you soonI don't have enough time to chat with you.I love to baby Me : I love you too mama .she than took out a pearly shaped necklace from her neck and put it on my neck Me : Oooh man it's beautiful Mom : Yes its as beautiful as you it was my favourite Me : Now it'll be my favourite as well Mom : I'm glad you like it babyit was the first gift I received from your dad Me : Woow mama then I can't take it if it means that much to you Mom : No baby you mean more to me than the necklacetake it and whenever you miss me just remember you mean everything to meyour father raised you well more than I expected Me : Thank you mama . I was so emotional and teary Mom : You're welcome babyI'm sorry it's time for me to go Me : Would I ever see you again? Mom : You'd see me a lot baby in the next few days Me :Really!! Mom :Yes baby .I was so excited and came out the bed cover and ran to hug her but i couldn't even touch her my hand just went through her Me : Mama Mom : Goodbye babywe' ll talk soon Me : Mama wait i want to ask you something please don't leave.....Mamaaaa .somebody shook me i opened my eyes only to see dad looking worried and i was still under my bed covers so It was just a dream Dad : Wake up princess you are dreaming Me :Ooh dadit felt so real .I said sadly Dad : So sorry baby I heard you calling out your mom that's why I came Me : The dream felt real she said there something you going to tell me that will explain why she had to die and she gave me her favourite necklace and she left just before you came in .I said looking down Dad : Ooh my poor princess come here Dad hugged me so tight and he let gi after some timehi eyes were teary Me : Are you crying daddy? Dad baby why are you asking? .I looked at him and decided to let it go cause i can see how much I hurts him to talk about mom.the dior swinged open and Alice was standing there mad as hellarms folded Alice : And now what is this ? Dad : Nothing dear go back to bed ill catch up with you in a minute Me : No dad it's cool you can goI'm okay now Dad : Are you sure princess? cause I don't mind tucking you in .I laughed Me : Yes dad I'm sure I'm a big girl I can take care of myself there's no need to tuck me in Dad : Are you absolutely sure Me : Yes dad please go .I shoved him a bit he stood up then hugged me one more time I heard Alice click her tongue before she leftdad followed and closed the door behind him.I took off my phone from the charger and tried to call Josh but this time it went straight to voice mail.What could this mean Josh never ever switches his phone off no matter whati just pray his okay wherever he is.I checked the time it was two thirtyI covered myself then few minutes later i was in dream land.I was woken up by the hottest slap ever on my right cheekI opened my eyes immediately only to find Alice hovering above me Alice : Who the fuck do you think you are? Me : Huh Alice : Don't play dumb with me girlI know you want to keep my husband and i apart by claiming all his attention to yourself let me tell something girly it'll never work .I wanted to leave him but I'm glad he made me see reasoni will never leave my husband just because of a silly stupid little bitch like you.Now listen carefully if you ever i mean ever dare to pretend you're having a nightmare just so he'll run to you and leave me In our bed alonegirl I'll make your useless life so miserable that you will wish you died with your stupid mother .I couldn'the utter any wordsI had a lump on my throat and it hurts like helli just cried silently she then stood up as we heard footsteps approaching she stopped at the door pointing a finger at me threatening me and shouted at me to hurry up Alice : Honey hurry up breakfast is getting cold .I just stared at her and wiped my tears Alice : Fix yourself and follow me .She whispered before she closed the bedroom doori heard dad's voice and sighed.I got up and fixed my bed then brushed my teeth and had a quick showergot done then went downstairs.They were already eating I greeted them then dished up and started eating Dad : What happened to your cheek princess? Me :Nothing dad Alice : She's probably allergic to the face cream i gave herisn't it baby? .She gave me one of her intimidating stares Me : Ahem ahem..yeah it must be Alice : You see honeythere's nothing to worry about .Dad looked at me a bit longer then back at Alice he shook his head then stood up and kiss my cheek then baby kissed Alice and also kissed Junior on his forehead and left. Junior : Woow Shaa your cheek has five finger prints like the one Liz had after mom slapped her for letting me fall off the kitchen table Me : Ooh Junior : Did mom slap you also? .I just looked at my ten years old little brother quietly only to find Alice staring at me looking pissed as hell I lost my appetite same timei left the table and then came face to face with dad who was looking at Alice like he was looking at a strangermy tears rolled down my cheeks and I ran to my room and locked myself in and criedI saw something shiny on the floor and went to picked it up.It was the pearly necklace it was as beautiful as it was in my dream.So mom really visited meI held it tight In hand the later put it on my neck.I felt so happy and knew mom was looking up at me from wherever she was

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