part 5 tears of the innocent

# JOSH . After leaving home i drove around not knowing where i was goingmy mind was all over the place.How can mom be so inconsiderate of Shanee's feelings.She's as much a victim of her ancestors as her mom wasif anything mom should be more sympathetic over her as her best friend's daughter not to be as heartless as she's been over the whole issue.I don't even want to begin to imagine what Shanee would be going though once she confirms that my mom wasn't exaggerating about the whole thing but was actually telling the truth.I have to find a way to help Shaneei just can't allow this thing to go on hurting her.I continued driving around lost in my thoughts until i heard a funny noise like i hit something.I stopped the car immediately to checki just hope it's not a human being cause honestly i was driving so blindly lost in my thoughts even if it was a man i couldn't have seen him.i went in front of the car to check but there was nothingi checked under the car but there was nothing as well. Me : That's oddi could have sworn i hit something but now it beats me that there's not even a sign that i bumped into somethi..... .I said under my breathebut i couldn't even finish my sentence as i felt a chilling presence.i looked around but there was no one Me : Who's there? .i asked.when there was no response coming forth .i went back to my car.i pulled the door to open but it didn't budge Me : What the hell Voice : Hello Joshua .i was startledit was a female voice sounding not very far from where i wasi looked around but i saw nothing.i tried opening the car door but still it wouldn't budge Voice : Don't botherit will not open Me : Who the fuck are youshow yourself .i was starting to freak out real badi stood with my back against the car and looked around and that's when i realized i was too far from homei was actually out of town near the hill cause i could even see the town's street lights from far off .Boy did i freak out or did i freak out.what is going on here.All of a sudden a thick fog started surrounding megreat fear engulfed me as i realized the seriousness of my predicament.I could actually die out her and nobody will come to my rescuei tried the car door once more but nothing.i started getting cold as the fog thickens and i couldn't even see anything at all even the town street lights were no longer visible. Voice : Josh .I jumped in fear cause the voice suddenly sounded next to mei screamed in fear and started running away even though i didn't see what's road ahead of me.i just followed my guts Voice : Josh please don't run awayyou will hurt yourself .I continued running scared shitlesswhat is this am i going crazy now? Me : Stay the fuck away from me you faceless thing .She laughedthe invisible woman actually laughed at me.Is this some sort of a punishment from God for the disrespecting my momI mean i've never disobeyed her before until nowif it is then dear God almighty i really apologize if you give me one more chance i'll go make things right with mom.i ran and ran until i could not run no morei don't know how long i've ran but i was dead exhausted and it took me a while to notice that there was no more was so clear and the full moon was shinning so brightlyi checked the time on my wrist watch and i was shocked to notice it was a little after three in the morning.Jesus i can't believe this!!i remember correctly that before i stopped the car it was five to twelve.I said down to rest a bit although i was scared since i was in the middle of nowherebut my exhaustion overcame my common sensei don't know how long i dosed off but before sleep overcame me i heard the woman's voice once more Voice : I told you not to run but you didn't listen now look where your stubbornness got you .I felt myself floating on air as if i was flying or something or someone has lifted me upi felt fresh cold air hitting my face but i couldn't even open my eyesi was too exhausted to even care what was happening to me.My eyes were so heavy with drowsiness i just gave in to whatever was happening to me.If this is how i'm going to leave this earth so be it i really couldn't care lessmaybe when i'm dead the two most important women in my life will surely love me enough to get along for the sake of my memory.After what felt like less than 30mnts I heard what sounded like a knock and i ignored itit repeated again harder this time and i forced myself to open the eyes.I got the shock of my life as i found myself sleeping safely in my car and it was morningit repeated again harder this time and i forced myself to open the eyes.I got the shock of my life as i found myself sleeping safely in my car and it was morningthe sun was up and all.It was the police officer knocking on my car windowi touched myself all over my body to ensure that i'm still alive.Everything seemed to be intact and i smiled to myself as relief washed all over methe police man knocked again when he realized i wasn't showing signs of opening my cari rolled my car window down Me : Officer Police man : Sir can you please step out of the car Me : What ? Police man : Sonny i said PLEASEstep out of the vehicle .he asked with annoyance this time around Me : Okaaaay you don't have to be so grumpy and rude about it Police man : Are you talking to me ? Me : No sirwas talking to myself .i said more to myself than him as i stepped out of the cari screamed in pain as my muscles gave up on me painfullyand that alone was the only reminder and confirmation that last night indeed really happened so i wasn't having a nightmare.But how did i get back into my car?ooh now i remember floating on air as if someone or something was carrying me Police man : Man i'm talking to youare you high on drugs or something?i said may i see your driver's license please Me ; Sorry sir i didn't mean to drift off like that .the police man stared at me for a while and shook his head Police man: That's it i'm taking you in Me ; WHAAT? Police man : You heard me and don't you dare shout at me sonny or you'll regret it big time You are under arrest for suspicion of drug useyou have the right to remain silenceanything you s.... i cut him off Me : What the hell mani didn't do anything wrongplease don't do this .he totally ignored me and continued Police man : say or do will be used as evidence against you in the court of law...... Me : No man you are totally mistakeni'm not a jun.... Police man : You have a right to an attorneyif you can't afford onethe state will provide you with one.Now let's go Me : This can't be happening happening to me right nowit must be a dream Police man : You talk too much man let's go .he pushed me into the back of the police car like i was some sort of a criminaland gave my car keys to his partner whom i didn't even notice until that timeand she's a womanyou should have seen her smirk man yoohwhen she noticed how surprised i was at seeing her going to drive my car yooh it was as if she won a lottery os something.Don't get me wrong i have nothing against women its just that the only woman i had ever allowed near my car or inside my car is my babyno one else.No woman has ever ridden in my car except for her.Not even my mom has ever stepped her foot in my carthinking about her just reminded me that i didn't call to wish her good nightGod i'm toast..Damn it's going to be a long long day ahead

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