part 4 tears of the innocent

# SHANEE . After bidding goodbye to my baby I rushed into my dad study room just to see himhe's been away for three days to attend an important meeting in the village with the king.He was actually supposed to be gone for a day but a day turned into three daysGod knows how much I love my dad.He was the only man who used to make my world go round until I met Josh.Now I have two men who adores me ain't I the luckiest girl alive. I was still smiling when I reached daddy's study room but i stopped smiling the moment i heard daddy's angry voice Dad : How dare he?who the hell does he think he is?he might be the king but he had no right telling me all that rubbish he said about my baby girl Alice : Calm down my love Dad : Don't tell me to calm down Aliceshe's my only daughter for crying out loud .Dad was fuming I tell youit even scared me a little. I've never seen him like this evermakes me wonder what exactly ut was that the king said Alice : I understand that my love but we all know that the king is rightwe can't risk our lives for her.Miguel you of all people has experienced the wrath that comes with her cursed lifefirst hand.I'm actually suprised you let her live up to now.She should have died with her ratchet mother years ago.But yo..... .My eyes popped out in shock and the hottest slap touched her chubby cheek before she finished saying whatever she wanted to say.By this time my vision blurred because of the tears that were flooding my eyes and rolling down my cheeks cause I've now realised they were talking about me Dad : DON'T YOU EVERI REPEAT.DON'T YOU EVER SAY WHAT YOU JUST SAID ABOUT MY DAUGHTER TO ANY SOUL DO YOU HEAR MESHANEE IS A BLESSING FROM GOD AND ILL BE DAMNED IF YOU OR ANYBODY ELSE EVER HARM HER .ARE WE CLEAR? Alice :............ .silence Dad : I asked you a question Alice .sniff Alice : Yes whispers Dad : the way what do you have against my daughter what has she done to you?she's just a motherless young girl who just needs to be loved Alice : You won't understand even if I tell you you're so blinded by her resemblance to her mother that you don't even think I see the way you look at her when you think no one is watching Dad : What the hell are you talking aboutare you even listening to yourself right now Alice? .he asked sounding a little shocked and annoyed Alice : Miguel you look at her the way you used to look at your dear departed Victoria wake up Miguel Victoria is gone and she's never coming back whether you like it or not and the way you spoil your little brat is creepy.If I didn't know any better I'd think you want her for yourself .I was so shocked at what I'm hearing how could Alice even suggest such a dirty thing Dad : What !! .I looked through the slightly opened door and the look on my dad's face brought me so much pain Alice : Yesit's the truth and you know it.You wish she was Victoria.And Miguel don't you ever act dumb with me

it's the truth and you know it.You wish she was Victoria.And Miguel don't you ever act dumb with meI'm so sick and tired of competing for your affection with Shanee and Victoria's ghost Dad : You know what Alice I've travelled a long way from the village and im so tired i don't have time to fight with you Alice : Who's fighting? I was just stating the facts the truth hurts isn't it?I know you never loved meyou only wanted me to fulfil you sexual needs nothing more .By now she was sobbing Dad : What is this Alice?You know I love you .she laughed with disbelief with teary eyes Alice : Ooh do you now ? Miguel the only people you've ever loved are your witch Victoria and her spoilt brat.I WAITED AND WAITED YEARS FOR YOU TO ACKNOWLEDGE ME?ME ALICEMIGUEL..even if it was for a little bit but you were so caught up in making "poor motherless Shanee"happy you never even noticed i existed .she was now sobbing even though I was hurt about what I've overheard I couldn't help but feel sorry for herI know dad still loves my mom and me and Jr but he should pay a little attention to her as wellmaybe then she might learn to like or even to tolerate me a bit Dad : I didn't know you felt that wayif I ever made you feel like I don't care or I don't love you I'm so sorry Alice but it is not so Alice : Save your sorries for someone who really need them I'm I'm done with you I'm leaving you before it's too late and I'm taking our son with me.Stay here with your beloved cursed daughter I hope the king's men finds and kill her soon.I myself will come to her funeral just to make sure it's Miss Universe herslf inside that casket. .she left the study room in hysterical tearsI ran and hide in the dining room since it was the closest room to the study room.I felt so drained and heartbroken I couldn't believe that so much hatred will ever come out of Alice although I knew she didn't like me she is after all the woman who practically raised me into the young woman that I am today.I watched her disappear into the stairs still crying.I went back to the study room ready to confront dad about what Alice was talking when she said the king' s men are looking for me.Could it be that Mrs Jacobs and Alice are right about me being the cursed child.Am I really responsible for my mom's death?If so how.Dad never told me about how mom diedhe only told me that she died after giving birth to me.So that is not a secret.Is there more to the story than meets the eye or am I just imagining things because of Alice and Mrs Jacobs' words .I opened the study room and what I saw broke my last nervedad was crying like a little girl.I just went and hugged him from behind the chair and he looked up to me shyly because he realised it was too late to hide his tears from me.We cried together both of us embroiled in our own thoughts. Me : I love you daddy Dad : I love you my princessmore than you'll ever know.I would die before I let any harm come to you .he whispered I believe he was saying what he said more to himself than to me Me : What do you mean daddy? Dad : Nothing to worry your pretty head about baby girl .he stood up and wiped my tears and his then hugged me Me : Daddy Dad : I missed you baby girl Me : I missed you too dad .We hugged once moreand i decided not to ask him about what i overheard besides tomorrow is after all another day.

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