part 3 tears of the innocent

# Josh . After dropping off my babyi drove home smiling like a retard you guys don't know how much i love that girl.My love for her is just so hard to explain I can't even find words in the vocabulary to explain it.It's just out of this worldI know if I was asked to lay my life for her I would do it in a second with hesitation whatsoever .Last night was hellafter her evil step mother chased me away i stayed in my car for hours hoping for a miracle but none came I ended up dozing off until their security guys knocked on my car window and asked me to leave.I went homeif you ask me how I got home I won't be able to even tell you cause I don't even know myself. I got home and mom was was waiting for me in the living room but I just passed her she tried stopping me saying we need to talk but I just couldn't even bare to look at her.I know that alone broke her heart cause me and her have the agreement that we don't go to sleep angry at each other no matter whatwe discuss whatever we disagreed about and forgive each other.But last night i wasn't in the mood and i know that hurt her feelings real badI know my mom loves me and she only want what's best for me.But for the first time in my life I don't agree with her methods of affection.Now as I parked my car in the garage I saw mom's car so I knew she was homeI got out the car singing one love song after another or a mixture of various songs cause lots of love lyrics came to me at once when I think of my baby that I couldn't even stick to singing one songyou guys don't understand what I'm talking about I know because I wouldn't understand me either. Shanee drives me crazy that without her there's no me.I got in and the aroma that hit my senses from the kitchen was to die formy mom is the best cook i know and tonight she cooked my favourite meal.She always does that if she want to soften me then later she would apologize to meI made my way into my room but she saw me. Mom : Josh baby Me : Hi mom Mom : Can we talk?....Please .I stood on the stairs debating with myself not sure if I should give her a chance to talk or not.cause I didn't want anything to spoil my mood.but when she begged me I melted Me : Alright .we went to the kitchen and i just knew she wants to use her cooking skills to her advantagethat's Mom for you Mom : I just want to apologize about last nightI should have atleast waited until she was gone to express my feelings Me : Yeah you should havemom I love Shanee so much i can't even imagine my life without her.I won't force you to love or like her but please respect what we have Mom : But.... Me : Please mom .she shook her head a little with tears filling her eyes Mom : You know I love you right? Me : Without a doubt Mom : So please understand what I'm coming fromas a mom I can't bare to see you put your life in danger like you are doing right now Me : How sure are you about all this for all we know it's just a story made up by some journalists and then carried out for generations to come Mom : Baby I know for a fact that its true Josh : How so ? Mom : Victoria that is Shanee's mom was my childhood best friend we loved each other so much we were inseparable.Then she fell in love with Miguel Martins our parents were against their union but she was so stubborn about itand my parents forbid me to continue my friendship with her.But I refused to listen to them cause she was like a sister to me.So we continued with our friendship and their relationship grew.Our parent's business suffered because their clients found out about Victoria and Miguel' s relationship my dad beat me to a pulp one day because I brought Victoria home.But that didn't stop me to love and support my best friend.So months later Victoria and Miguel eloped and that was the last strokeall clients terminated their association with our parents' companies and they went into bankruptcy.Still I stood by my best friend's sideher parents disowned her and mine gave me an ultimatum to choose between my friendship and themyou know what happened? .she looked at me with tears now running down her cheeks and eyes red It broke my heart Me : You chose your family of course .that's what made sense to meseeing that she wants me to do the same with Shanee but she shook her headwiping her tears side ways with her fingers.which was useless cause they kept coming like waterfalls Mom : I chose Victoria and my parents also disowned Me I had to move in with your dad Me : Woow Mom : Yes I was as stubborn as her and your stubbornness right now reminds me of us back then .she laughed a bitbut it wasn't a happy laugh.she was broken and she looked faraway and mucus came out her nostrilsshe used her fingers again to wipe herself off Me : Atleast you can relate momyou of all people should understand what we're going through .she shook her head sadly Mom : You don't understand baby you see it took them years to conceive.I even gave birth to you before Vic.But as always she was supportive and happy for meour kind of frienship didn't allow us to be jealous of each other's achievement.We supported and cheered each other on no matter whatI even made her your godmother.Three years later she fell pregnant we were all ecstatic.I threw her a baby shower I invited our other friends and our sisters but only her little sister came.The three of us celebrated and had fun regardlessa month later she gave birth I was there with her little sister but we were asked to stay outside the ward only Miguel was allowed in of course as her husband.There were strange complications after she gave birthshe had seizures and convulsions like someone possessed it scared even the doctors .she looked far off i don't even think she was even aware I was there it was like she was talking to herself.Tears were still running down her cheeks mixed with mucusby now I was also crying with her.I could feel her painit was as if I was there with her.she continued Mom : I went into the ward as she was naming her daughter Shanee then seconds later she started convulsing again and coughed bloodlots of it.Then she went still .Mom kept quiet a bit as if she was letting her story sink in Me : And....? .By now I was more than curious to hear the big part cause I could sense that there's more to comemom silently stared at me like she just realised I was in the kitchen with now she was no longer bothering wiping her tears and mucus off Mom : My best friend died that dayshe left me.I cried like I never cried before Miguel was just standing there like a statue. Seconds later a huge spider came out of her mouth what shocked us the most is.It was aliveyou hear me it...was...ALLI IIVVVEEE .she said the last past laughing like a mad woman her voice shakingmy eyes opened wide in shock Me : What .I couldn't believe it Mom : It was fucken alivewhere in the world have you heard of such blasphemy? huh .I just shook my headshe looked at me in shock Mom : You still want to be with her even after everything I told you? .i just stare at hershe was starting to get angry Me : I'm sorry momI just love her.I loooove her mommy .I dont call her "mommy"unless I'm desperate for her understandingi was now hysterically cryingtears running down my cheeks into my throat Mom : Whaaat? .she asked silently her voice coming out like a whisper Me : She's my life mommyI can't imagine my life without her.I'd rather die than be apart from hermom she make me feel whole.she completes me .I whisperd the last part not sure If she heard meI was taken out of my revoiry by Mom slamming the table hard.I looked upshe was beyond angry.She was ballistic Mom : YOU CHOOSE HER?YOU CHOOSE HER OVER MEUS?SHE'S A MURDERER FOR GOD'S SAKE JOSHUA .Now I knew mom was really angrycause she never calls me by my full name unless she's really really angry at me like nowI stood up too Me : Mom please und...... Mom : Don't even dare ask that of memy best friend died because of that cursed child and YOUyou're choosing her.DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW THAT MAKES ME FEEELDO YOU? Me : No .I whisperd Mom : DO YOU? Me : No Mom .i raised my voice so she could hear meshe shook her head Mom : I lost my best friend because of her and I'll be damned if I loose you also because of her.I'm giving you one last chance to change your mind she said sounding drained I looked at her and I felt her pain.I really did and it wasn't a pleasant feeling.Just then Shanee's beautiful face came to mindher beautiful smile. Our last encounter and I knew I'm doing the right thing.I looked at mom looking at me expectedly.I took my car keys that I had put on top of the kitchen tableand I held on to them very tight.I looked at Mom once more with tears on my faceshe shook her head in disbelief tears running down her cheeks afresh.I made for the door and stood there Me : I'm so sorry mommy.........I love you so much and I'll always do but Shanee is part of my beingI'll perish without her .I said with my back turned to her cause i couldn't stand to see her disappointed face Me : Goodbye mom .I left I closed the front door and I can hear her voice shouting for me to get back to her.I automatically switched off my mom's voice from my mindher painful cries were unbearablei got to my car opend the door.And out the garage I drove off with no idea where I was going at that moment.Call me crazy but guys when the love bug has hit you nothing else makes senseon your mind and heart it's just you and your person.

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