part 2 tears of the innocent

# SHANEE . I mopped around all day with nothing to doI locked myself in my bedroom.I didn't feel like talking to anyone so my phone was still off.My eyes felt so heavy from all the crying last nightfor first time since I was born I missed having someone to call mom.Aunt Martha my mom's little sister tried her best to fill in the missing pieces in my heart but today I just felt like having my real mom.Although i have no idea how it feels like to have a motherI bet it feels real good just like it feels great to have a loving father like my dad.I wish I could have someone to share my feelings withsomeone who could really understand what I'm going through but my mind was blank i wish dad was back already from his trip in the villageatleast he loves and care for me.I was disturbed from my deep thoughts by a knock Me: who's there? Person : It's Liz madamyour friend Kisha is here to see you.Should I let her in? .Liz is our house keeper Me : Yes please Liz Liz :Okay mam .minutes later Kish came in Me : I see we don't knock these days Kisha : Agh maan friend I don't have time for thatand now!! Me : What? Kisha : Why are you still in your night wear at this time of the day?are you sick or something? .she felt my forehead and chestI giggled Me : Stop it friend I'm not sick.But even if I was what would you have done to heal me? Kisha : For starters I'd give you lot's of paracetamol then whip you ass for not going to the doctors .we laughed seconds later Liz brought us refreshments and biscuits Me : Thank you Liz Liz : You're welcome mam .Kisha rolled her eyes Me : What? Kisha : What are you doing friend?we don't thank helpers for doing their jobs.Are you mother Teresa or what? Me : Girl you gotta show appreciation if someone is doing something good for youthat's what my dad taught me.Besides she's human tooin the eyes of the Lord we're all equal it doesn't matter what your social status is.we are all the same.And No I'm not mother Teresa but I'd do anything to be half the person she was Kisha : Stop right there before you go all history on meso tell me how was dinner with the in laws and why didn't you come to school to tell me all about it and why is yourn phone switched off ? Me : Oooh girlone question at a time pleasedinner was okay.Mrs Jacobs is a good cook .I felt a huge lump on my throat just by mentioning Mrs Jacobs Kisha : Oh is it?so why do you look like you've swallowed lemons just by talking about it Me : It's nothing my friend suddenly I'm not feeling so well.Maybe I'm coming up with something after all .I pretended to coughbut she didn't buy it.I love my friend a lot and i know she means well but sometimes she can be too much Kisha : If you think I'll buy that you are mistakenI'll let it go for now cause I can see you not ready to talk about it.So why didn't you come to schoolJosh was looking for you.The poor guy was worried about you especially because your phone was off Me : Nothing major i just didn't feel like coming to school or even talking to anyone and that my friend is the reason why i switched off my phone Kisha : If you say so .she pushed the tray away after she finished eating all the biscuits Me : So how was school? .I asked smiling trying to avoid the "Josh" topic cause I don't feel ready to talk about him although I miss him like crazy.I love my man so much it hurtsI can't bear the thought of being away from him.But I got to try to get him out if my mind just to be on the safe side in case he listens to his mother and dump me Kisha : Helloo is there anyone in thereearth to Shanee .that was Kisha bringing me back to earth I didn't even hear what she said regarding her day at school Me : Sorry my friend I didn't mean to wander off Kisha : It's fine girlI got an idea .she said excitedly Me : Why do I feel like I'm not going to like it already ? Kisha : Believe me you gonna like it and I'm not taking no for an answer Me : Alrightlet's hear it .eyes rolling Kisha : We are going to the mallgo shower quickly Me : I don't know Kish I don't feel like going out Kisha : I told you I'm not taking no for an answer now go shower right now Me : But... Kisha : But nothing go go go she pushed me to the bathroom literally.I showered as quickly as I can thengot dressed in my skinny black jean and white long sleeved Nike t-shirt and my white sneakersi put on Josh's black cap but Kisha took it off and offered to comb my weavei took my wallet and off we left. . # At The Mall . We got to the mall and we did some shopping and I suddenly felt hungry and remembered I didn't eat anything the whole day so we went to Nando's.Bought full chicken and chips plus two rolls and two appetizers we went to our table and ate together .I love sharing that's why we bought full chicken.Halfway through the meal I heard a familiar voice at the counterI didn't want to look but my head just automatically turned to look at him.Hmmm my man in the flashI suddenly felt like crying just to think his mom doesn't want me near him.I was staring at his back since he was placing his order

he was with his annoying but good friend Cory.He turned and our eyes lockedI looked down after few seconds .suddenly I didn't feel hungry anymore so I told Kisha that we should leavebut she refused saying she's still eating.My friend's got an appetite for days. I took out a hundred rand note and gave her for transport and left but before I got to the door Josh held my hand Josh : Baby can we talk?...Please .I turned to look at himprepared to give him a piece of my mind.But the look on his eyesstopped me.His eyes were teary and redsuspect from crying and probably lack of sleep last night.So I just nodded he exhaled deeply.We then left Nando's the moment we reached the corner he gave me the longest kiss everdeepening it with every passing second.I held his face he pushed me to the wall until my back was against it.I felt my tears running down my cheekshe prolonged the kiss for few more seconds then stopped. Josh : I...LOVE....YOU .he whispered while he baby kissed me in between every word. Me : I love you too .I looked up to him to find him staring down at me tears running down his cheeks as wellI wiped it off with my thumbs whilst he did the same with me Josh : Don't ever do what you did to me again do you hear meyou are my lifemy everything my reason for breathing.Without you I'm nothing babyif and when we have problems we sit down and talk about itright.There's no running awayso please don't ever ever think about leaving me like thatyou hear me? Me : Yes baby Josh : Your problems are my problems your pain is my pain.Baby I'm here to stay so get used to it .he pointed at my chest as he said the last partI just nodded Josh : So baby promise me that no matter what may come our waygood or bad you won't run away cause baby I'm ready to carry your please allow me to do just thatare we clear Me : Yes Josh : I want to hear you promise me that we'd stick together like siamese twins .I giggled at the "Siamese twins"part Me : Baby siamese twins really?not glue Josh : Nah babyglue is for the weak.our love ain't weak.It's as strong as siamese twinswe're connected like that .I laughed I mean I really laughed Me : Baby Josh : What?It's true baby this heart beats for you and you only.I'm all yours baby Me : And I'm yours tooi love you so much Josh : I know you love me babycause if you don't love me whom are you going to love .We both laughed after few seconds he became serious Me : What's wrong baby . I asked worried Josh : About what you overheard last night I'm so sorry baby.It was wrong for my mother to say all the things she said about you and your family I really apologize from the bottom of my heart .I just nodded lost for words cause for a moment I forgot about it.My baby and I kissed one last time and he took me home with his car.When we reached our gate I saw my father's range rover parked in the drive way and I was so excited even Josh noticed Josh : Go on baby I can see you missed himdaddy's little girl .I'll call you laterplease switch on your phone as in yesterday. I can't bare to sleep without hearing your sweet voice one more night last night was pure torture and I never wanna experience it again Me : Same with me Josh : Love you baby Me : Love you more .he got out of the car and came to open the door for mehe held me one last time and baby kissed me.He spanked my butt just as I was about to leave him and I laughed all the way to the door.I looked back and he was still standing where I left himhe pointed at me and touched his chest and I blew him a kiss and he pretended to catch it and touched his mouth. I laughed and waved at him he waved back and got in his car and drove off.I went in all smiles and happy. I felt so thankful to God for giving me someone like Josh who loves me unconditionally

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