part 10 tears of the innocent

# SHANEE . . I woke up to an empty space where daddy laidI started to panic a bit although it was already morning. My eyes were still heavy with sleep so I pulled the bed covers over my head just to protect myself from the unknownI just can't help myself.The nightmare I had felt so real it left me shakingI must have dozed off again cause i was woken up by the sweet aroma of Ricoffy and I just knew daddy brought me breakfast in bed.Hmmm I'm the luckiest girl alive to have a dad like him.what more could a girl ask forlately dad has been spoiling me rotten I don't know whether it's because my birthday is near or whatI really don't mind though except it makes Alice hates me more and I don't like thatall I wish for is someone I can share female staff with you know since my mother is not around.Dad was enough for me before but these days I felt myself longing for a motherly figure more and more someone who could advice me about boys from a woman's perspective and stuff pike that. Dad : Wakey Wakey my princess .I pretended to be sleeping Dad : I know you are awake baby girlwake up and have your breakfast Me : ............ Still I pretended to be sleeping without warning dad started tickling meat first I tried to be strong and not laugh but daddy was just tickling me on the ticklish spots I just couldn't help but laugh Me : I'm awake I'm awake daddy please stop Dad : I'll only stop once you've apologized for trying to trick me into thinking you're sleeping Me : So sorry daddy Dad : I can't hear you .He said in a singing tonestill tickling me Me : Daddy please stop or else I'll pee on myself again .when I said the last part he stopped tickling me I guess It reminded him of my nightmare.we both stared at each other for a while Dad : You know I love you very much princess and I'll so anything for you right Me : Yes daddy I know Dad : Alright baby I just wanted to make sure you know Me : Dad you acting weird are you dying or what? .I asked him as I started to panic I felt my intestines turn in knots Dad : No not at all princess I'm here to stay for many years to come.I want to walk you down the aisle and give you away do the man of your dreams before I leave this earth Me : I'd also love for you to walk me down the aisle and then see your grandchildren .Somehow daddy acted uneasy when I talked about "grandchildren" but he tried to hide it although it was too late cause I had already seen it. Dad : Go and brush your teeth I have an appointment out of townI don't want to be late .I jumped out of bed and went to brush my teeth fast then got back in the guest room daddy was about to finish making the bed so I waited a bit when he was done he took out the throw for me to cover myself as I eat my breakfast. Me : Hmmmmmm yammmmyso delicious. Thankyou daddyyou're a life saver .he nodded and watched me eat and at the end he was forcing me to Dad : Finish up princess I know how you've been skipping your meals these days so today pretending you ate outthere's no escaping me this time .I ate untill there was nothing on the plate after that he took the tray away then came back to the guest room to say goodbye and that he's a bit late so he had to rush.I smiled feeling contend.I then took the longest bath everafter bathing I went to my room to look for clean clothes and to take my books so I can study for my last test on monday. The moment i entered the room I felt a little uncomfortable thinking about the nightmare.My phone rang unexpectedly on my side table it startled me I went to answer itit was my cousin from the village.The king's granddaughterP rimrose Me : Heeey Prim I call her Prim cause she doesn't like it when people call her Primrose or Roseshe thinks it's "dull" Prim : Heeey bitchwhy the silence?.if I don't call you don't callwhat's with the stinking attitude? Me : Nah it's nothing cuzonly that I've been going through some crazy shit the past few days.You can't even believe me if I told you Prim : Try me Me : Nah you go firstany juicy stories from the village ? Prim : Hey hey how many times must I tell you we don't live in a village its a small town nowwith all the development and shit so get off your high horse missy calling our town a village .I laughed that's my cousin for youshe's just a drama queen I tell you Me : Girl you're in denial I tell you Prim : I'm not tell me when last did you visit us? Me : Two or maybe three years ago Prim : Exactly .thing is as much as I loved the village for the past two well almost three years ago dad refused to let me visithe said it's a long story and he'll tell me about it but untill today he hasn't said anything and the last time I visited I was supposed to stay for a week but two days later he came to fetch me Me : Okay okay I admit itit's been a while and a lot must have happened. So are you still coming to visit us this festiveyou know my twenty first birthday is coming up in a few days Prim : About thatdad said I can't come anymore Me : But why not ?girl we were looking forward to spending time together when was the last time we were together? Girl come on talk to uncle Arthur please .Primrose and her twin brother George a.k.a "Georgina "Gina"or whatever you choose to call him/her since he's gay he/she hates the name George.They were the only family members I get along with plus we were the same age their twenty first birthday is two months away Prim : I don't think it'll make any difference Me : Prim....But why would he change his mind now ?I mean we've been talking about it the whole year.why the sudden change of heart Prim : Thing is things didn't go well between your dad and the family at the meeting Me : What do you mean?what happened? Prim : I'm not really sure you know how secretive they become when they have those kind of family"meetings " Me : Well there's nothing unusual about thatsoooo Prim : This time it was a bit different you know cause I overheard dad and mom talking about it in their bedroom last night Me : And what were you doing in their bedroom you sneaky little thing you .We both laughed Prim : No I'm not sneaky

soooo Prim : This time it was a bit different you know cause I overheard dad and mom talking about it in their bedroom last night Me : And what were you doing in their bedroom you sneaky little thing you .We both laughed Prim : No I'm not sneakyI was just in their closet minding my own business Me : Whaat !!Prim I'm so ashamed of you right now how could you.?what if they caught youwhat would have been your excuse? .We laughed again Prim : Too caught mewell I guess I was leaning to much on the door so she suspected or maybe she heard me make some noise I don't know how sharp mom's ears is.So half way through their conversation they were suddenly quiet.Just as I was wondering what was happening then bam the closet door opened and I fell like a sack of potatoes and there was momangry as hell .By now I was crying my eyes out with laughter trust Prim to make you laugh so early in the morning Me : Prim you so naughtygrow up girl.You gotta stop this we are old now She laughed sneaking up or rather eavesdropping on adults' conversation was our old time favourite especially after their so called confidential family meetings but i stopped years ago maybe I was fifteen or so but not Primrose Prim :Enough with making fun of my P.I skillslet's get to the reason of my call Me : Oh I thought you already told me you're not visitingi get it.I don't like it but if uncle Arthur has made up his mind I guess there's nothing we can do about it Prim : Not that sillywhat I'm going to tell you now will leave you shaken Me : What is it?you scaring me girl Prim : Did you hear about the prime minister's death yesterday? Me : No what happened to him?was he sick or something? Prim : That's the funny thinghe wasn't. He just started convulsing and coughing blood at the annual cherity ball dinner and then he died Me : Oooh my God that's terrible .the prime minister is the king's distant cousinwell and dad's too so basically he's family Prim : That's not all Me : There's more? Prim : Dear cousin get ready for the most terrible and shocking story of your life. .She paused a bit for her story to sink in Prim : They say two giant spiders came out of his mouth.ALIIIIIIIVE Me : Now you're exaggerating .Trust Primrose to add some drama even in sad situations Prim : Don't you read news papers or watch Tv atleast . Me : Girl you know I don't Prim : Well I think it's time you do cause your mom's name was mentioned alsothey said she died a similar death. Me : No now i know you're lyinghow could you Primrose .I was teary now I can handle anything the world throws my way but not my mother's death.One can never get used to loosing a parent even though I've never had a chance to experience a mother's love I can't help but long for it and it makes me sad sometimes Prim : I'm sorry cuz but you know me I'm all things but i can never do you like that never.I know your mom's issue is a touchy subject for you but it is what it is Me : If you say so Prim : I say so and girl what shocked me the most is when I was in the closet before I was rudely interrupted by mom .I giggled Me : Drama queen .we both laughed Prim : Now girl you know I love you right?and I'd do anything for you.right Me :Tell me alreadywill you .A part of me was scared to hear what she has to say but i urged her to continue although I can feel I'm not gonna like it Prim : Okay here goes nothingwell I heard dad say Miguel was just been stubborn about this and that he knows that eventually it needed to be done and he can't protect his daughter forever cause eventually she'll have to be sacrificed or else we all gonna die one by one like chickens Me :Sacrifice me for whatPrim now I'm scared .I panicked as I now think back to the conversation I eavesdropped on days ago in the study between him an Alice and it was right after he returned from the village and again in my dream my mother said dad has to tell me something and it sounded important. Prim : i have no idea girl all i can say is watch your back and ask uncle Miguel to come clean with you cause i think you deserve to know what ever it is.Ooh and i also heard it had something to do with the past .I kept quiet as i remembered again that on their conversation Dad mentioned something about the King sending his goons to kidnap me Prim: Shaa are you still there? Me :Yeah cuz I'm still herethanks for the update.I think someone's comingI got to go maybe it's dad Prim : Okay cuzplease be careful cause I think these old farts are serious about this.people are scared and you know what fear makes people do .Be strong I'll keep on updating you about things this side and you call me anytime you need to talk. Be strong for me please Shanee .I nodded with tears now running down my cheeks what's with this week ?one bad revelation after anotherI was looking forward to my twenty first birthday but now I'm not.All this sad revelations makes me wanna drop dead and die this instant Me : I will be okaythanks a lot Prim. You did what my own dad even failed to doI appreciate your honesty Prim : Don't be hard on him I'm sure he had a pretty good reason to keep things from youjust give him a chance to tell you his side of the storyyou know your dad loves you so much.Damn I sometimes gets jealous and wish my dad looked at me the way uncle Miguel looks at you .Now that made me cry openly while giggling at the same time Me : Don't make me laugh Prim : It's true and you know so lucky to have him Me : Now I don't feel so lucky with all the stuff I found out Prim : You will be okay girlyour dad will protect you and besides you have us.We love you girl Me: I love you too Prim .Then we hung upthat was the THE longest and unpleasant conversation I've ever had with Prim.I don't even know what to make of itI think it's time dad and I really talked .I lost interest in studying I just took my big teddy and hugged him and cried my heart out.Why do all the bad things suddenly happens to mewhat have I done to deserve this and why does dad hide things from meI dozed off and then I dreamt of my mom.This time she didn't speak she just got in bed with me and cuddled meI sighed and slept peacefully irregardless of my broken heart

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