part 1 tears of the innocent

YEARS LATER . # SHANEE . I was invited for dinner with Josh's family Josh and I been dating for six months now and his mom asked him to invite me for dinner.Although I was reluctant at first I ended up going.Everything was going so well until Mrs Jacobs asked me about my family as usual i was proud to tell her about my dad and everything I know about our family history. Somehow her moods changedshe was no longer in a jolly mood like she was moments ago.Suddenly she asked to have a word with Joshafter sometime I heard them shouting at each other in the kitchen.Usually I'm not the sneaky type but something pushed me to eavesdrop on their conversationwhat I overheard made me regret sneaking up on them.The kitchen door was slightly open so I just stood there Josh : But mom you know how much I love ShaneeI thought you liked her as well hence you invited her for dinner Mrs Jacobs : I know you don't understand me now but son believe me when I say this is for your own goodplease stay away from this girl Josh : I'm sorry mom but i can't do thatShanee is my life.I can't live without her Mrs Jacobs : But son.... Josh : But nothing momShanee is a good girl and I will die first before I let you or anybody else separate us Mrs Jacobs : Son If you continue this thing you have with her.All of us will be doomed her bloodline is cursed especially her Josh : What do you mean by that? Mrs Jacobs : She is the reason her mother died after giving birth to her Josh : Mom please don't tell me you also believe in such nonsense in this day and ageher mother is not the first or the last woman to die after childbirth Mrs Jacobs : Well son I'm afraid it's the truth whether you believe it or not. Shanee is the descended of king Edmund the 3rd Josh : You mean the dictator who took pride in slavery and was known to have been abusive towards his slaves and anyone who was not a member of his family Mrs Jacobs : Not only that but it's a known fact that he once molested a slave girl in front if his guests on his son's eighteenth birthday and afterwards commanded his guests and son to do the same.All twenty one of them sexually molested the girl until she died.Her grandmother was a traditional healerit's rumoured that she cursed everybody who was involved in the horrid crime and their generation.So ever since then every hundred years on the day she was victimized horrible things happened to everyone who was connected with them.And it's believed this is the hundredth year and ever since Chief Martin's wife gave birth and died afterwards strange thing have been happening to that family.So you see Josh my sonyou can't be with her Josh : I'm sorry mom?Shanee has nothing to do with any of those things.Besides I don't believe in superstitions .All along tears were streaming down my cheeks mixed with mucusI wiped it with the back of my hand but it was as if II'mmaking it worseI was so heartbroken I couldn't listen to their conversation any longer.So I left the Jacobs I ran all the way homeI got home luckily there was nobody in the kitchen.I went to my bedroom and cried my heart outHow could Mrs Jacobs say such horrible things about my family and i when she doesn't even have concrete proof of what she was talking about.For all we know those were just stories made up to scare kids

How could Mrs Jacobs say such horrible things about my family and i when she doesn't even have concrete proof of what she was talking about.For all we know those were just stories made up to scare kids how dare she accuse me of being responsible for my mom's death.She doesn't even know me or my family.I took my mom's picture from my dressing table it was the only picture I had of her.She was beautiful and was smiling so nicely.Daddy hid the rest of her pictures because he didn't trust Alicia his wife with them cause she's always complaining that my dad is still hanged up on my mom and that she can't compete with a ghost.Dad promised to give me all my mom's belongings on my twenty first birthday which is a week away.I smile a bit just by thinking of itmy phone ringing brought me back to earth.I checked the caller identity only to see Josh's name appearing on the screen and all the painful things Mrs Jacobs came back.I rejected his calls but he kept on calling until I switched off my phone.I held my mom's picture and slept in a foetal position with my clothes onI didn't even bother getting under the covers and the next thing I knew it was morning . . # Josh . After the conversation I had with mom regarding Shanee left me broken and angryI went to the dinning room so I can take Shanee home only to find her goneI called her several times but she didn't answer her phone and she eventually switched it off.I was so worried about her she had never rejected my calls before no matter how angry she was at me.That's my sweet Shanee for youI couldn't sleep without talking to her so I went to her home only to be chased away by her evil step mother Alice.I went home disappointed and heartbrokenI can't imagine what she must be going through.Cause it's obvious that she heard everything my mom and I talked about.I came to school hoping I'll see her only to be told by her friend Kisha that she didn't come to school.My friend Cory nudged me to bring me back to the issue at hand Cory : Man do you want Mr Anderson to throw you out of his class?you've been day dreaming since you got here.What's up with you boy Me : Nothing man Cory : Don't tell me it's nothing cause I can see you're not yourself Me : Okay ill tell you all about it later Cory : If you say soI just hope it has nothing to do with your Queen Elizabeth .I laughed Me : Don't start with me manstop calling my girl Queen Elizabeth cause she's nothing like her.She's unique a rare precious stone.The most... Mr Anderson : Mr Jacobs and your friend do you care to share what you find amusing and important enough for you to disrupt my class Me : Sorry sirit won't happen again Mr Anderson : I hope so cause if you do it again you'll be out of my class pronto .Are we clear Me : Yes sir .He carried on with his classeswhen the bell rang i rushed out as quickly as i could so I can meet up with Kishaatleast she agreed to accompany me to Shanee's home.I just can't go another day without seing her and making sure she's okay.Whether the story about her bloodline is true or not I will never leave her.I'd rather die than be apart from her.Curse or no curse I don't care.Besides I don't believe in such bullshit

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