part 9 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

Hunadi decided to go to talk to the king so that her actions must not be suspicious.She knocked in his chambers and he told her to enter Hunadi : Greetings my king King : Hunadi my wifehow are you holding up Hunadi : Not well but what can I do .She summoned her tears and eventually she felt them approaching the king has a weakness for her tears so she knows very well that she will get what she wants once she shed some tears King : Mogatsaka (My wife) Hunadi : I just don't understand why she did it though.I trusted her King : I know my dear .The king opened his huge arms for her to step inshe went for a hug.But to her suprise she got emotional and cried for real.It's been so long since the king showed her some affection.He rubbed her back until her cries subsided Hunadi : I want to see her King : Hunadi my love Hunadi : Please I just want to look her in her eyes and ask her why she did it.She owes me that much after everything I've done for her and her family .She looked up at him with her big teary eyes and he melted King : Alright but only for few minutes Hunadi : That's all I ask for King : A guard must accompany you to the dungeon Hunadi : No problem .Hunadi baby kissed him and she was about to leave when he stopped her before she opened the doorshe stood with her back to him King : I'm sorry about our daughter just that I'm in a difficult position and traditions must be followed especially because not so long ago another child who was pale like her was sacrificed to the gods because of me so it wouldn't be fair if I suddenly change our ways because it has happened in my household Hunadi : I understand King : Thank youyou may go .She nodded and leftshe went to her room and cried her heart out.Then sat up and write a letter for the maidenwhen she was done she put it in an envelope and she also put some money then folded it into a small roll.She prepared to go to the dungeonshe went with one of the guards.When she reached the door she stopped and looked at the guard Hunadi : Oka nkemela gona mo (You may wait for me right here) .the guard was about to resist when she gave him a deadly stare so he just nodded and opened the door for her and stood at the door.She went over to the maiden with eyes filled with pity but then she remembered the guard behind herso she slappedthe maidenwho screamed in pain and began to cry Maiden : Ke kgopela tshwarelo hle (Please forgive me) .Hunadi closed her eyes then turned to look at the guard Hunadi : Ke kgopela o tswalele lebati ore shiyeka gore okase rate seo otla se bonang mo(Can you please leave us and close the door because you won't like what you will witness here) .The guard was reluctant to leave them together because the king commanded him not to let them out of his sight.Hunadi noticing this she went and took the sjambok that was just outside the door and went back in Hunadi : Apola kaofela diaparo tse di leng mmeleng wa gago gona bjalo (Take of all those in your body now) .The maiden seem confused by Hunadi's actions but then she remembered that she failed her by getting caught and loosing the princess then she thought maybe she now hates her because she failed.She looked over at the guard Hunadi : Se mo lebelele akere ke mmoditse gore are shiye yena a gana gora gona gore onyaka go bona mapono a gagonna ga ke na taba gonna gono swana fela.Se njele nako wena tsola(Dont look at him I already told him to leave us but he refused so obviously he wants to see your nakedness.Frankly I don't care either way so stop wasting my time and take off your clothes now) .The maiden cried and took off her topthe guard seeing this he looked alarmed because in their culture a good man is not supposed to see the naked body of a woman except his wife's only.Hunadi then hit the wall behind her and she jumped up and she was about to take off her skirt when the guard spoke Guard : Eer eer mmarena ke nagana gore go kaone ke eme ka ntle gannyane ke le nee nakonyana (Um um my queen I think it'll be so much better if I step outside a bit and give you some time alone) .Hunadi ignored him and he closed the door and stood outsideHunadi ran to the maiden and hug the life out of her and brushed away her tears Hunadi : O tla ntshwarela mogwera beke sa tsebe gore ke morake bjangke kgopela o apare diaparo tea gago (Please forgive me my friend I didn't know how to chase him awayplease wear your clothes now) .The maiden's eyes popped outsuprised by Hunadi's reaction.Hunadi hit the wall again and shouted Hunadi : Se njele nako wena (Don't waste my time) .She shouted so the guard wouldn't suspect a thing and winked at the maiden Maiden : Oh my queen I'm so ashamed for I have failed youI really tried but I failed.Would you ever find it in your heart to forgive me .Hunadi cried and hugged her briefly Hunadi : I know you did your bestplease don't feel bad.Maybe it was supposed to be this way.Please tell me what happened .The maiden told her all there is to know and by the time she finished relaying the story they were both in tears.She was silent for a while with eyes cast down Maiden : Do you think she's still alive Hunadi : I believe sonow dear I don't have much time with you.Please take this and hide it in your waistlineinside there is my best friend's address who stays in the city and some money.When you leave here please go catch a bus and go there.I will wait until things calm down this side then I'll come visit you.Don't worry about your family I'll continue to look after them for you. Maiden : What's the use my queenthey are probably going to kill me tomorrow so there's no use for you to worry about me I knew what the consequences will be If I failed.I'm ready to die .She held Hunadi's hands with tears running down both their cheeks Hunadi : Please don't talk like thatI will die first before I let them kill you.Please just have faith in me Maiden : No my queen I don't want to put you in troublethe only thing I can accept is you helping my family but as for meit's too late. Hunadi : No it's not too lateplease let me do this for you. Maiden : But why I failed you.I put my princess's life in danger for all we know she can be dead Hunadi : Please don't say thatmy daughter is not dead.I would feel it if she was Maiden : Let's hope you're right Hunadi : I know I'm rightso take this.I also wrote a letter to my friend explaining your situation Maiden : But my queenI can't Hunadi : No you can and you will accept my offer as your queen.My word is finalleave everything to me .The maiden bowed to Hunadi Maiden : As my queen I will accept your offer .Hunadi hugged her and kissed her cheekshe was about to leave when the maiden stopped her Maiden : You forgot something Hunadi : What .The maiden pointed at the sjambok which was now on the floorlong forgotten Hunadi : Thanks friend Maiden : That's not all Hunadi looked at her questionably Maiden : You have to give me few strong strokes Hunadi : Whaaat Maiden : Yesmy queen you stayed longer than expected with me.Remember I'm the woman who betrayed you and stole your baby and you are very angry with methe guard left you alone with me because you wanted to punish me.If you don't it will look suspicious Hunadi : Nooo Maiden : Yes my queen it's the only way .Hunadi swallowed hardthe maiden picked the sjambok on the floor and gave it to Hunadi Maiden : Please my queenyou have to or you might as well forget about your rescue plan. Hunadi was still debating in her mind when she heard some commotion outside Maiden : Hurry up .Hunadi took it and stroked the maiden several times while cryingThe maiden was crying in pain.Pain of the sjambok and pain for her failure to protect the innocent princess and pain that she has to be separated from her loved ones.Hunadi was crying with hershe was crying because she hated every moment of what she was doing to her friend.She was also crying because she feels its her fault for allowing things to come this farCrying because she was angry at the world and angry at the gods and God for allowing all this injustices to befall the innocent.Her vision was getting blurry with tears when she felt someone touch her hands from behind.She knew it was the king King : That's enough my loveshe will get the punishment that's suitable for her likes.You can go and rest in your chambersMatlakala (Second wife)will bring you some soup . .Hunadi looked at the poor maiden who was lying on the ground crying painfully and made a vow right then and there that if her plan to rescue her fails she's going to come clean and let them punish her if they want to.What she knew in her heart was the maiden will not be killed while she lived.Then they left with the king barking orders to the guard to ensure nobody enters or leaves the dungeon without his knowledge . . . # MOKOENA'S HOUSE . . The next morning Mokoena woke up and cooked soft porridge for his new daughter.And also prepared warm water for her to bathhe was so happy to have a daughter and couldn't wait to share the news with his wife.He got done and went to feed her Mokoena : Tla go papa tsobana laka le lebotsana(Come to daddy my beautiful little flower) .He picked her up and started bathing her after making sure the water was lukewarm enough for him to bath her. Few minutes later he was done Mokoena : Aaah morwedinyana wakare feditse go hlapa ankere.Wena o rata meetse bjalo ka hlapi.O kgahla papa akere (Aah my little daughterwe are done bathing aren't we.You love water like a fishyou make daddy so proud) .He moisturizer her then took some of his young son's old newborn clothes that were still looking good and dressed her up.He wrapped her up with her baby blanket then started feeding her.When he was done burping herhe cleaned her up and laid her on the bed since she was slowly falling asleep.He kissed her forehead then smiled with pride then whistled as he took the basin with the water he used to bath her and went out to split it.When he got outside he just threw the water away and quickly went back to his newly found daughter unbeknownst to him that he split the water on his wife who was just turning the corner of their three roomed house followed by their two sons.She just returned from visiting her familyshe went inside the house fuming with anger because it was a chilly morning and the water made her wet clothes worse.She entered the kitchen and found him in kitchen preparing to eat his breakfast Mma Mokoena : Wena Tebogo wa khonakwenza njani ngawe? (Hey Tebogowhat's wrong with you) .Mokoena was suprised to see her because she was supposed to return in two days or so and he was even shocked at the anger in her voice and also she called him by his name which she only did when he made her angry Mokoena : Ao mogatsaka le boile naa? (Oh my wifeyou are back already?) .she got closer to him Mma Mokoena : Ungathi mogatsaka mogatsaka wena ungithele nga manzi kubanda kanje la ngaphandle (Don't say my wife my wifewhile you have split water all over me while it's so cold outside ). .He was so remorseful when he noticed her wet clotheshe wiped the droplets away from her face Mokoena : Tshwarelo moratiwagaka go bona hle(I really apologize my loveI didn't see you there) .She clicked her tongue and pushed passed him into the bedroomit didn't take her long to scream her lungs out MmaMokoena : TEBOGO TEBOGOOOOOO .Then it hit him Mokoena : Yo Modimo wakangwana (Oh my Godthe baby) .He then rushed to his bedroom to explain

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