part 8 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

They dragged the poor maiden back homethey walked the whole day in the blazing sun and only rested once.Then they were back on the trail againhalf way to their village they took a short cut which passed through the woods near their river.The small trail there was filled with thorns which didn't have mercy on the poor maiden's skin since her hands were tied with a strong rope.It was late in the afternoon when they finally reached their villagethe villagers who saw them followed behind them some singing and dancing in celebration because according to them the culprit who threatened their village's future has been captured Man 1 : Hololo hololooooo Other : Holoooooo hololo holo Man : Hayeeee Others : Hooooo All : Hooolo holooo Man 1 :Hololoooo Other : Holo holoooo holo .They continued singing and stomping their feet on the ground in unison just like their song onetwo....onetwothreethen onewith their sticks raised.They repeated their song and danced to its rhythm until they reached the palace gates.Some were pretending to chase each other and then came to a halt ahead of them then fought with their sticks while holding their shields on their other hands.Some woman would split on and slap her and clicked their tongues nobody bothered to reprimand them Woman 1 : O sehlola sa mosadi mphowaaa(You are a disgrace to womanhood*spitting*) They repeatedly beat and spit on her while some threw stones at her.By the time time they reached the palace her clothes were bloody and her face was swollen.The guards guarding the palace gate opened for them and one of them ran inside to report that the man who went in search of the run away maiden have returned.The maiden was dragged forward and tied to the big tree at the center of the yard.People were still singing and dancing when the king and his council and the Queen mother came out followed by Hunadi who discreetly had some stolen eye contact with the maiden who sadly shook her head Elder 1 : Tsielala banna ba gesho (Attention my countrymen) .They all kept quiet Elder 1 : Efang kgoshi ya rena tlhompo yeo emo swanetsego (Give our king his well deserved respect) .All the villagers all bowed to the king singing his praises and the woman alulated Elder 1 : Rea leboga (Thank you) Man 1 : Bakgomana ba hweditse lehodu la go utswa sehlabelo sa badimoka maswabi sehlabelo gothwe seile le noka gore se feletse kae gago yo a tsebago(The guys have managed to capture the sacrifice's thief but unfortunately the sacrifice has flown with the river.And nobody knows where it has ended up) .Some made some noise and shook their heads Elder 1 :Hlaloshang gabotse gore go diragetseng (Explain exactly what happened ) .Guard 1 : Thobela kgoshi yakasebata sa naga.Tau ya leshokaLe lena bagolo baka le setshaba sa gesho ka kakaretso (Greetings my kingthe great animal.Lion of the wildernessand to you too my elders and my countrymen as a whole) .The king and elders nodded in greetings Other : Dumela le wena monna wa gesho wa potego(Greetings to you too our noble countrymen) Guard 1 : Erile ka masa ge rentse re nyakanyaka kua nageng........ (It was very early this morning when were still in the woods searching ) .He told them everything that occurred up until they captured the maiden by the river and how she lost her grip on the grass basketuntil the moment they got homethose who were against the killing /sacrifice of the albino babies were happy that the princess escaped and they prayed that she come across a good samaritan who will love and take good care of her.And those who believed in the myth were scared of the "wrath" of the ancestors because they believed it was their way of showing appreciation to the gods for all the rain and good crops that was to come their way.So they believed that the maiden's deed will anger the gods and no good will befall their village. Elder 1 :Aowa go kwagetse monna wa geshoke tla shiela mong mabu elego yona kgoshi ya rena marapo(We've heard you my countrymenI'll give our king a chance to address you now) .Once again they bowed and sang his praises and alulated Elder 2 : Tsielala setshaba sa gesho (Attention my countrymen ) .they were all quiet as the king cleared his throat King : Setshaba sa geshokere madume shiawo (My countrymengreeting to you all) People : Thobela kgoshi ya rena (Greetings our king) King : Sa mathomo ke rata go leboga banna ba gesho bao ba ilego ba ethaopa ba tswa lesolo la go nyaka le go swara mosenyi yo ba mo tlisha gae gore atle a hwetse kotlo yeo emo lebanegoLe ge ele gore ngwana yola wa sehlola o ile me meetse (Firstly i would like to thank the guys who volunteered to go out there in search of our culprit and to ensure they captured her and bring her back to face her punishment even though the abomination child has flown away with the river) Man 2 : Ga a bolawe (She must be put to death) .The maiden cringed when she heard thatsome people made noise some agreeing with what the man saidher eyes roamed around the crowd until her eyes caught her mother's penetrating glareshe looked down with shame. Elder 2 : Tsielala Efang kgoshi sebaka sa go bolela (Attention please give the king a chance to speak) .They settled down even though some still mumbled King : Bjale ka ge ke boletse ngwana o mosehla o ile le noka.Bjalo sephetho se se shetseng ke sa gore re direng ka mosenyi yoo.Ka gore molato woo a odirileng ke o mogologologoloka go realo diphetho ke tse pedi fela.Kotlo ya gagwe etlaba lehu goba a rakwe monageng ye ya rena bophelo bja gagwe ka moka (As I was saying the pale child went with the river so we only left with our culprit who has committed one of the most serious crimes which means she will be faced with one of the two sentences.She will be killed or banished from our village forever) People : Ga a bolawe (She must be killed) Others : Ga a hwega a hwega a hwega a hwe (She must dieshe must dieshe must dieshe must die ) .They shouted in a song Elder 1 :Tsielala bageshoare tlogeleng kgoshi e fetse go bolela pele.Gomme etlare ge a feditse me re lefe le lena nako ya go bea se leng mafahleng a lena (Attention my countrymeplease let our king finish what he wants to say first.Then you will also be given a chance to voice your opinions) Youth : Aowa gona go lokile (Alright then) Kgoshi : Bjalo ka ge le bona eshetse ele leswiswitse ntshi re tladi bona ka masa (As you all can see that dusk is approachingwe will finalize everything at dawn ) .Some agreed some were feeling sorry for the maiden Man 2 : Re tla reng ge a ka tshaba(What if she runs away again ) Kgoshi : Seo se kase diregentle le ge letla mo dumelela a etswa ka toronkong (It will never happen unless you let her get out of jail) Man 2 :Aowa re ka se thome (No we won't ) Kgoshi : Gona ge se sere kopantshisego se fedile (Then that means what we came here for has been sorted out) .He said as he stood up to go to his chamber

ntle le ge letla mo dumelela a etswa ka toronkong (It will never happen unless you let her get out of jail) Man 2 :Aowa re ka se thome (No we won't ) Kgoshi : Gona ge se sere kopantshisego se fedile (Then that means what we came here for has been sorted out) .He said as he stood up to go to his chamberhe couldn't even look at Hunadi who was silently crying for her daughterwondering if she was dead or alive Elder 1 :Kgoshi ya rena e boletseLe e kwile.Kotlo ya mosenyi re tla ekwa gosasa.Kgoro ephatlalalebakgomana mo tseeng le mo ishe ka kgolegong (Our king has spokenyou all heard him.The sentencing of our culprit will be heard tomorrow morning.Now you may go home guards take her to the dungeon) .They dragged the poor maiden away and put her at the palace's old building which they now use as dungeons where they hold their law breakers prisoner.The maiden stared at her old frail mother who had teary eyes sadly before they took her away.Now tensions were running higher and highersome didn't like the king's ruling.They accused him of buying himself some time to come up with a plan that will benefit the royal family.Some were happy and contend with itonly few people who knew the maiden personally sympathized with her . . . # HUNADI 'S CHAMBERS . . She was pacing up and down her chambers in anticipationshe just couldn't wait to get a chance to talk to the maiden alone.She wondered If she should snuck into the dungeons or ask for the king's permission first.Just then the queen mother entered her chambers without knocking holding the little prince. Queen M : Kgoshana e llela mmago yonagoba mohlomongwe o shetse o lebetse ka yena ka baka la gore tshetlana ya gago e hwile... (The Prince is crying for his mother's attention or maybe you have already forgotten about him because the pale one is now dead) Hunadi : Ngwanaka ga a hwake kwa le mo mading gore mo alego gona osa phela (My child is not deadI can feel it in my blood that wherever she is.She's still alive) The queen mother laughed at her Queen M : O tsebang wena ka maikutlo a goba mmale gona otsebela kae gore wa phela wena osena le beke obelege(What do know about motherly instinct and how do you know that wherever she is Shes alive when it's barely a week since you gave birth) Hunadi : Nka noba ke sa tsebe selo ka botswetsi efela waka ngwana kea kwa gore Modimo o motshireleditse (I might not know much about child birth but I can feel that God has protected my baby) .The queen mother stared at her from head to toe Queen M : Ke thoma go sola mo ge ele gore sehlola seo sa gago ose rata ka tsela yeo O bolelang ka yona.Nkane osa bontshe pefelo gore lehodu leo le mo ustwitseng re le hweditswe(I'm starting to suspect something fishy is happening herefor someone who claims you truly loved your abomination child.Why is it that you don't show anger and bitterness for the thief who stole her from you) Hunadi : Wa tseba mma nna ga ke sana taba gore le ntsea bjang go tlogela lehono le nna kgang ke tseba mo ke emeng gona le monna wakago lekane(You know what mother I don't care what you think of me from now onbecause I know where I stand with my husbandand that is enough) .The queen mother put the Prince on the bed and clapped her hands Queen M : Wena Hunadi o bolela le nna ka tsela yeo?Ema go fihlela ke botsa morwa waka ka taba ee(Hunadi are you really talking to me like that?wait until I tell my son about all this) Hunadi : Le tla ntshwarela mma efela ke lena le nkgorometsago gore ke bolele ka tsela ye(Apologies mom but you pushed me to talk like this) Queen M : Ye yona ke mehlolo ele rurikere le bagolo ba gago ga ba sohlwe ba bolela le nna ka tsela yeo(This is really an abomination not even your elder sisters has ever addressed me like that) Hunadi stared out side her window as the Prince started cryinga pang of guilt hit her because ever since she discovered that the maiden has been compromisedshe was so restless and she never gave a single thought to the Prince. Queen M : Ana otla mo tsea omo homotse goba onyaka nna ke mo homotse (Are you going to pick him up or you want me to do so?) .Hunadi took her son silently and breastfeed hershe loved breastfeeding her kids which is why she was greatful that they pumped her milk while she was in her deep sleep the other day to keep it healthy for her kidsalthough she now remained with one child only which was the most painful thing for her.The queen mother stared at her for few seconds then she clicked her tongue and leftHunadi shook her head in frustration Hunadi : This woman will be the death of me one day .She mumbledafter few minutes the Prince finished then she burped him then laid down besides him while she cooked out her plan on how to approach the king with her request.But what she knew was that she won't let the maiden die because of her no matter what. . ****MEANWHILE. . Somewhere in a village far awayit was late in the afternoon when a fisherman was preparing to leave the river and go homebut then decided to wash his feet first.When he was donehe put on his shoes while whistling.His eyes caught something behind a small tree overlooking the river he decided to go check. Man : Ooh it's just and old basketmy wife will never like it.It's not even that beautiful no wonder they threw it away. .He mumbled to himself as he left to collect his thingshe was about to leave when he heard a faint cry of a baby Man : Aaw bjalo ngwana o lla kae ga naga gona mo nokeng (Ooh which part of the river does the baby's cries come from ) .He listened and the baby cried again he then realised its coming from the grass basket.So he went to investigate just to feed his curiosity.he lifted the basket off the river and went out the water.He opened the grass basket only to find the most beautiful creature he has ever seen with tired looking eyes.It looked like the baby cried too much in the past few hours if not days.He put the baby back into the basket and gathered his things and went home. Man 1 : Go gabotse ka gore mmaMokwena ga a gona bjalo go tlaba nna le wena felare tla thoma re tsebana pele re ka botsa batho ka wena ankere(It's a good thing MmaMokwena is not home so it will just be you and me onlywe will bond first before we introduce you to other people isnt it) .He took her home and then rushed in his bedroom with her.He took her out of the basket and she had messed herself and she looked so hungry.He laid her on his bed since she was sleeping and quickly made fire outside to warm waterwhen the water is warm enough he put it in a small baisin.He made sure its lukewarm and fit for a baby to bath inhe undressed the sleeping baby and began to wash her.She didn't even cry when he was done he took the fresh goat milk he kept to put in his tea and fed the baby using a spoon.When he was done he burped her like he saw his wife do with his two sons when they were young Man : O mpho ya Modimo ngwanaka ebile setse ke go rata ka pelo yaka ka moka kgoshigatsana yaka ennyane.Ka nnete Modimo o lerato ka baka la gore ontlisheditse wena morago ga mengwaga ementshi ke nyaka ngwana wa ngwanenyana.Ke tla go thea leina la Mpho ka gore ke seo olego sona mo gonna ebile ke tshepa mmago atlo go rata bjalo ka ge ke go rata(You are my gift from Godand I already love you so much my little princess.Indeed God is love because he brought you to me when I've been crying for a baby girl for years.I will name you Gift because that's what you are to me and I know your mother will love you just like I love you too ). He kissed the baby's forehead then laid her to sleephe watched her sleeping with a happy smile on his face.

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