part 6 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

After the second wife's sister showed her which way to travel the maiden walked through the woods not caring that it was pitch black and scary with owls hooting here and there.She noticed that the clouds were gathering from the east and icy cold wind started blowing.So she tried to quicken her pace because she was worried that the rain might catch up with her and it was not good for the vulnerable young princess. Maiden : Oooh my princessthe gods seems to be against us today.But worry not I will do my best to make sure you are safe and protected. .She thought out loudjust then one huge drop of rain hit her cheek.She lifted her eyes towards the sky and it didn't look good at all.She hurried up and almost screamed her lungs out with fear when a lone dog appeared from nowhere and stood in front of her with glittering yellow eyes.She stopped walking and stared at the dog and the dog did the same it was as if man (human)and dog were communicating silently. After some time the dog ran off towards the north east from where the maiden was.She then sighed in relief since she was holding her breathshe has always been scared of dogs from a young age where else they seem to be fond of her somehow.She continued walking as the rain escalatedshe had nowhere to run so she just walked as fast as she could until she saw a huge tree ahead and started running towards it but the dog appeared in front of her again.She screamedclutching her chest with fear.Then the dog ran off north east again and then came back within seconds as if it was calling on her to follow it. Maiden : My princess it seems like the gods are communicating with us through the dogshall I heed the call or what hmm .For a moment she debated whether to follow the dog or not until lightning and thunder decided for her as it striked and grumbled.It was now raining cats and dogs as she ran towards the woods where the dog dissapeared to.As if to ensure she was following the dog returned and when it saw the maiden following behind it ran off again but this time it didn't disappear.Minutes later it entered what looked like a cave and stood at the entrancethe maiden watched the dog for a while before she went towards the entrance then she entered.The little cave was warm and it wasn't as dark as she expected it to be Maiden : Hmmm that's strange but thank you my new friendI guess it's true that dogs are a man's best friend. .She saw a stone and went to sit on top of it then checked on the princessthis time she was awake with her tiny hand in her mouth she was hungrily sucking on it Maiden : You such a darling my princess not once did you cry or give me any trouble.The world would be such a wonderful place to live in if all who live in it were as sweet as youI love you my princess you such a wonderful gift to us.One day you will grow up to be the most beautiful queen that ever walked the this horrible earth you will see. .Just then the dog grabbed the hem of her long skirt and pulled. Maiden : Ooh my friend what now .The dog kept on pulling her skirt until she followed it at the back of the cave.It stopped at a pile of dry firewoods Maiden : Ooh you want me to build a fire .The dog bucked twicethe maiden smiled and picked up few firewood sticks then went back to where she was before.She looked around and grabbed two small rocks and prepared to make fireshe beat the rocks together and fire sparks jumped out. Maiden : Come on .she cried out in frustration through her teethas she continued to beat the rocks together for a while.Just when she was about to give up the sparks connected with the dry firewood and and a small fire formed.She then blew on it until the fire was enough for her to warm her hands.She took off the jacket the second wife's sister gave her and hanged it on one of the rocks.She opened the food parcel and noticed the young lady added some milk for the young princess so she fed her until she was full then burped her.She then changed her diaper and noticed that only two of them remained Maiden : Ooh my princess I hope we reach our destination soon. .She noticed the locket on her neck then fixed it properly putting it under the clothes.She held the princess until she fell asleep againshe fixed the clothes inside the basket so she can put her inside it again.She noticed the fancy hard plastic lining inside the basket and on the lid Maiden : How nicewhoever made this basket was wise enough to ensure its warm and waterproofed.No wonder the rain didn't get through. .She smiled to herselfshe laid the princess to sleep then she ate her food.She added more firewood to the fire then removed a cloth which she had wrapped around her then laid it on the ground.She took the jacket on the rock then covered herself as she laid on the ground to sleep next to the princess.She put her arm above the basket and immediately fell asleep . . . # THE PALACE . . Later that night Hunadi finally woke up from her deep sleepshe starred around her chamber and noticed she was alone.For a moment she forgot that the princess escaped with the maiden she then screamed in fear when realised that the princess is not beside her like usual.Munites later the queen mother and the first wife entered her chambers after being alerted by the guardsthey found her wailing and in a foetal position Queen M : Hunadi wa re hlodia wena maan (Hunadi you are making noise ) Hunadi : Ngwanaka Ngwanaka okae (My babywhere is my baby) .the queen mother and the first wife stared at each other and back to her.The queen mother helped her sit up and embraced her silently First wife : Ay wena Hunadi ke gore oka napa wa hlola mokgoshi o mokaaka tse o ka rego mohlologadi selo seo sa gago se utswitse ke moledi wa gago kera moshomedi wa gago wa potego.Aba ago shia opharame mo mpeteng bjalo ka setlatla seo olego sona(Ey Hunadi do you really have to wail like this as if you are a widowerthat thing of yours was stolen by your nanny.Your trusted maiden and then she left you lying there like an idiot you are) .All along the queen mother was comforting herthen the second wife budged into the chambers as well Second wife : Go diragalang moo? (What is going on here) .She asked in a trembling voicethe first wife and the Queen mother stared at her suspiciously Queen M : Bjalo wenao tswelela kae ga naga (And youwhere on earth do you come from ) Second wife : Ka phaphushing yaka le lena lea tseba (In my chambers of courseyou know that) First wife : Ge nkabe ke sa tsebe botse be ke tlare o nale seabe go se se diragetsego Hunadimaitshwaro agago seka maitshwaro a motho yo analego molato (If I didn't know better I'd say you know exactly what is happening with Hunadiyour behaviour is that of a guilty person) .She looked at her suspiciously before shaking her head in disapproval Second wife : Wa thoma bjalo Mokgadio tseba gabotse gore ke eme kae ge go etla moo.Eupsa seo gase re gore ke sabe le kwelo bohloko ge mosadi o mongwe ale seeming sa go swana le sa Hunadi.Ga kena pelompe bjalo ka wena (Don't start Mokgadiyou know where I stand regarding this matter but that doesn't mean I shouldn't feel sorry for another woman when she's going through what Hunadi is going through.I'm not as heartless as you are) First wife : Heey wena se kaba wa leka wa ntshelekishaKe nale pelompe nna(Hey don't even try to annoy meam I heartless?) Second wife : Rohle re tseba seo (We all know that) First wife : Heey w... Queen M : Homolangbobedi bja lena pele ke le dira gore le homole ka ntahlela (Shut upboth of you before I make you do so with a slap) .They kept quiet same time Hunadi : NgwanakaNgwanakaO kae Ngwanaka mma (My babyO kae Ngwanaka mma (My babymy babywhere is my baby mother?) .She looked up from the Queen mother's embrace.Her eyes where red and teary it was heart breaking even the Queen mother didn't know what to do.Just then the witch doctor came in Witch doctor : Thobela(Greetings) .The queen mother looked up Queen M : Tsena mokgekolo wa gesho (You may enter ) .She said to the witch doctor since she was still standing at the door Witch doctor : Kea leboga (Thank you) Queen M : Lena ba ba bedi etswang kamoo le yo hwetsa se sengwe sa mohola le ka se dirang bjalo ka go thabisha monna wa lena ka mapai (Both of you leave nowgo find something useful to do with your time.Like pleasing you husband in bed) .The two wives looked at each othereyes opened wide in embarrassment then they left the chambers Hunadi : O nyakang mookae Ngwanaka? (What are you doing herewhere is my child?) .The witch doctor stared at her with eyes full of pity Queen M : O tlile go tlo mo thusha goba go tlo mokgotolela mahlo?(Did you come here to help her or just to stare at her?) Witch doctor : Tshwarelo mmarena (Apologies Queen mother ) Queen M : Tshwela pele gee (You may continue ) .The witch doctor did her thingsburning incest and other staffthen she circled the burning staff over Hunadi's head while blowing at the smoke towards her.She took out some herbs in a small plastic bottle from her old looking bag and poured it for Hunadi to drink.After a while Hunadi fell asleep again Queen M : Bjalo ka gore sho o robetse gape go tla diragalang ka morago(Now that she's sleeping again what will happen after this) Witch doctor : O tla tsoga ale gabotse bjalo ka ge re motseba gona bjalo menagano ya gagwe ebe ehlakahlakane (She'll wake up back to her old self because now there was only confusion in her mind) Queen M : Kea bona bjalo (Now I see) Witch doctor : Bjale are mo tlogele a khutsere tla mmona ka masa(Now let's leave her to restwe'll see her in the morning ) .The queen mother nodded and they left Hunadi's chambers . . ***MEANWHILE . The maiden was sleeping peacefully when she started dreaming.In her dream someone was whispering in her ear commanding her to wake up.She reluctantly opened her eyes only to come face to face with an old woman.She panicked Maiden : O mang wena? (Who are you?) Old woman : Seo gase bohlokwa ngwanakase bohlokwa ke gore o tsoge gona bjalo o tshabe gobane manaba a mohlaleng wa gago gape (That's not important nowwhat's important is for you to wake up right now and run away because your enemies are on your trail again) .The maiden carefully scrutinized the woman only to realise that she's of royalty and not only that.Her attire was an ancient onethe one they used to wear in her village many centuries ago.She once saw this very attire when she first arrived at the palace few years agoshe got closer so she can touch it but somehow the woman seems to be drifting a bit further from her without actually moving Maiden : Ke wena mang (Who are you) .She asked her againthe woman smiled sweetly at her with dimples showing on her cheeks.Her smile looked familiar but she wasn't sure where she saw it Old woman : O tla tseba ka le lengwe la matsatsiGwa bjalo tsoga o tsee kgoshigatsana o tshabe (You will know who I am one day but for now wake uptake the princess and run) Maiden : Efela ke tsogile (But I'm awake) .The old woman shook her head and looked aroundthe maiden's eyes followed where the old woman was looking.Then she noticed she was in that room at the palace which she was banned to enter after she saw the old traditional attire.The old woman came closer to her and whispered in her ear Old woman : Tshaba gona bjalo o tshireletse kgoshigatsanaka tsela yeo ke gona go tla phethega thato ya badimo ya gore atle a bushe setshaba sa rena atlishe khutso le tswelopelo (Run away now and protect the princess that way the will of the gods shall come to pass.And the princess will grow and come to rule her people and bring peace and prosperity ) .The maiden was confused by what the old woman said but she nodded in acknowledgment for the first time she really stared at the woman that's when she noticed the resemblance Maiden : Modimo 'a ntswetse(Ooooh my God) .She acclaimed in wonder for the woman resembled the little princess so much you would think it was her in her old agefrom the smile and her dimples to the colour of her skin Old woman : Kea bona o maketseefela se tshwenyege tsatsi le lengwe go tla tswelela ebile go kweshishege (I know you are suprisedbut don't be because one day all shall be revealed and will be understood) Maiden : O Mmakgoshi wa setshaba sa rena efela o leswebe.Eupsa bjang(You are the queen of my peopleand you are an albino.But how?) The old woman shook her head and smiled Old woman : Gake MmakgoshiKe Kgoshigadi goba kere be ke le Kgoshigadi yo abeng a busha setshaba sa gagwe gabotse ka lerato mengwagangwaga ye mentsi ya go feta.Ee ke leswebe efela ga kea fapana le mang le mang ka kua ntle (I'm not the queenI am the female King or shall i say I was the female King who used to rule her people well and with love many centuries ago.And yes I am an albino and I'm no different to any human out there) Maiden : Kea kweshisha efela ga ke kweshishi gape (I understand but yet again I don't understand) The old woman nodded and smiled at her again Old woman : Kea tsebaefela bjale ka ge ke boletse peleng otla kweshisha tsatsi le lengwe.Gwa bjalo tsoga(I knowbut like I said before one day you will understand.But now just wake up) .The old woman disappeared leaving the maiden confusedthen she felt something wet and slimy touching her cheeks and mouth.She slowly opened her eyes only to see the dog licking her faceshe sat up and looked around and noticed she was in a cave then realisation hit her when she remembered she was on the run to save and protect the princess.Her heart beat quickened then she opened the basket only to be stared by the princess's small and beautiful little eyes.She picked her up Maiden : Morning my loveyou such a peaceful baby.Not even once did you give me a hard time.You don't cry like some babies would cryyou just bring peace and tranquillity.What a blessing you are .Just then she heard voices outside the cavefear creeped in. Maiden : My princess we got to be on our way .She quickly gathered her things after wrapping the princess in her warm blanket and put her in the basket again.But then she didn't know which way to go since the voice where sounding closer and closer towards the cave's entrance.She started to cry silently where she realised she had no other way to go Maiden : This can't be the end for us my princess it can't .She murmured helplessly as the voices sounded exactly at the entrance she stepped a bit further to the back of the cavetrembling with fear.But it was not fear for her life but she feared for the princess's innocent life as she continues to move to the backeyes on the entrance

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