part 5 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

After an hour or two of running after she hearda the sound of the horn blowingthe maiden finally reached the river separating the two villagesshe was so exhausted that her chest was even closing in and she was having pains and it was getting more and more difficult for her to breathe.She clutched her chest as the pain escalatedshe stopped a bit just to catch her breath.She felt like crying but she knew that that was not going to help her in the long runshe stopped under the big tree just after she crossed the river to catch her breath a bit.She checked on the princessshe started by removing the dry leaves and papers and threw them away.Then she unwrapped the soft blanket on her faceshe was sleeping so peacefully.The maiden couldn't help but kiss her pounting soft pink lips Maiden : You so beautiful my future queenand I vow to protect you until there's no breath left in me. .She kissed her once more then put her back in the grass basket and then continued walking towards the villageit was almost dawn when she reached the villageshe could now see smoke coming out of the thatched roofed huts.She started to search for a safe hiding place so she could watch over the village activities unnoticedshe found it behind the biggest tree not far from the human trail leading to the river.She sat down and then held the basket firmly to her.Sleep overcame her because of exhaustion she was woken up later by the hot sun shining above the tree branches.Then she saw three girls going to the riversinging along the way.The last one bent to pick up something she dropped but when she raised her eyes she saw the maiden.They looked at each other for a whilethen the girls features softened as she felt sorry for the scared looking maiden.She smiled at her just before she ran to follow the others Maiden : That was a close call my princesswe must be careful next time.If the girl had screamed i don't know what i would have done . . # AT THE PALACE . . The king was running out of his mind at the latest occurrences min the palacethe villagers were also going out of their minds with anger.Most of the youth were out in the woods looking for the run away maiden while the adults were going for blood at the palace demanding answers.It was early in the morning when most of the youth returned to the palace to report that they failed to catch the maiden.The king and queen mother came out to address them Man : Le dirile gabotse ka gotswa gape re be re setse re fela pelore nyaka dikarabo felo moo.Mohlolo o mo kaaka odirega bjang mo moshateka gare ga balata ba dinatla ba baletileng kgoro. (You did well by coming out to address us we were now running out of patiencewe need answers.How could an abominable act like this happen here in this palace that's surrounded by muscular guards) Crowd : Ee ke seo re nyakago go se tseba (Indeed that's what we want to know) nMan 2: Nna ke nagana gore bamoshate ba tseba nnete efela ga ba nyake go re botsa.Rohle rea tseba gore mmakgoshi omonnyane kera yena mmelega mohlolo oo obe asa nyake gore ngwana yo o mo sehla a nale nnete ya gore onale seabi mo tiragalong ee (I believe that the palace household knows what really happened herethey just dont want to tell us the truth.We all know that the young queen I mean the one who gave birth to the pale child didn't want her to be sacrificed...I'm sure she's an accomplice to this occurrence ) Girl : Se bolele bjalo Mmakgoshi ke motho wa go tshepegaAka seke a dira taba e bjalo (Don't talk like that the queen is a trustworthy personshe will never do something like that) Boy : Tlogela kua o dira ke gore o ithapeletsa gofiwa marothodi aborotho bja sekgowa goba diaparo tsa mankgeretla (You're crazyyou saying all this because you want her to continue giving you the western bread left overs and second hand clothes) .There was commotion as people started arguing among themselves some against the young queen some were on her side.Believing in her innocence while some were against her Elder : TsielalaKganthe le lahlegetswe ke hlompo naa.Gale bone kgoshi pele ga lena (Attentionhave you lost your respect for the kingcan't you see him in front of you ) Man : Tshwarelo bagolo le wena kgoshi (We beg your pardon our elders and you our king) .He said as he bowed and the rest if the crowd followed suit.As they sang his praises.The king addressed them and even assured him of the young queen's innocencehe continued to tell them of their young queen strange condition.Some shouted in shock while some blamed the "pale"child Man : Ka nnete ge ngwana yo o mosehla ase hwetswe a dirwa sehlabelo sa badimoke gona ge re fedile.Le sare ga kea le botsa (Really if the pale child is not found soon and a sacrifice to appease the gods performed

we will be wiped out.Don't say I didn't warn you) .Another commotion broke out some even started fighting against those who were on the young queen's sidewhen their fight became physical the king's advisors took him inside and the guards tried to stabilize the crowd Elders : Bagagesho le lena basware kgopela le itswareng hle kea tseba le befetswe eupsa ga gore gore relwe ka borena.Re swanetse go berekishana gore bothata bjo bo rarollege ka pela (My countrymenour youth I'm begging you.Please try to behave and stop fighting over thiswe have to unite and work together if we want this trouble to be sorted out sooner) Elder 2 :Yeo ke nnete monna wa gesho (And that's the truth my countryman ) Youth 1 : Bjalo lena bagolo ba rena lere tharollo ke efe ge gole ka tsela ee? (Now our elders what do you think should be the solution to this?) Elder 1 :Re setse re rometse molaetsa go baagelwane ba rena gore bare thushe go nyakalena se le ka we dirago ke go latela mohlala wa gagwe gape.Le tiishishe gore lea mohwetsa le yena ngwana yoo o mo sehla.Letle le bona ba phela (We already sent out word to our neighbouring villages to be on the look out.What you can do is to go back out there and follow your leads and ensure you find and bring her back together with the pale childAlive) .The crowd nodded in agreement and they started singing and whistling some where holding sjamboks some had rods. Youth : Areyeng banna (Let us go men) .They sang on their way out of the palace to continue with the search . . ****MEANWHILE . In Hunadi's chambers it was late afternoon and she still haven't woken up the palace witchdoctor was busy trying to wake her up using her traditional herbs.The second wife was nowhere to be seenshe had locked herself in her chambers . Queen M : Molato keng asa tsoge (Why isn't she waking up?) Witch Doctor : O tla tsoga mafelelongonoba gore sehlare seo ase nwileng ke sa bogologolo ebile gasea lokela mmele wa gagwe wo bofefo.Gopolang gore o fetsa goya setswetsing le gona tse ntshi di diragetse morago gage a fetsa go belega.Bjalo mmele le monagano wa gagwe di tennwe (She will wake up eventuallythe ancient herbs she drank were too strong for her vulnerable body.Because she has just given birth and a lot has happened since thenso her body and mind are exhausted ) Queen M : Kea go kware tshepetse go wena le dihlare tsa gago bjalo (I hear younow we are relying on you and your herbs) Witch doctor : Thobela (Agreed) .The queen mother left Hunadi's chambers and went to talk to her son who was the shadow of his former self.She found him in his chambers looking out the window He looked like he had aged twice in the past few hours.He felt his mother's presence King : Ga ke tsebe gore ke thakgale gore ngwana o onyamaletse goba bjang (I don't know whether to rejoice on the disappearance of the child or what) Queen M : Ora goreng bjalo (What do you mean) King : Kea ipotsisha gore borakgolokhokho be ba tiishitse ele ruri gore bana ba basehla ba tlisha mahlomola setshabeng naa goba be ba no berekisha setso sa rena go itshireletsa letshogong la seo ba sa setsebeng (I just wonder if our ancestors were truly sure that the pale children are really evil or they were just taking advantage of the situation by hinding their fears for the unknown behind our traditions ) Queen M : Se thome Matome(the king's name)se nyake go kgolwa bogale bja masetlapelo a atlang le go belegwa ga bana ba ba sehla ka go bona (Don't start Matomeyou don't have to see the wrath of that comes with the birth of the pale children first in order to believe) King : Ga ke sa tseba bjalo mmaka go le lengwe Hunadi le yena shoo ga a tsoge ga ke tsebe le gore molato keng ka yena (I really don't know mom on the other hand Hunadi doesn't want to wake up and I don't even know what's wrong with her) Queen M : Go sa tsoge ga Hunadi ke kotlo ya badimo ka baka la gore o tshetse molao ge a efa sehlola sa gagwe lerato leo abeng a swanetse go lefa kgoshana ya rena.O tla tsoga ge badimo bakgotsofetse ka kotlo yeo ba mo fileng yona(Hunadi not waking up is punishment from the ancestors for loving that thing instead of loving our Prince more.She'll wake up when the gods feel they've punished her enough ) Kgoshi : Efela be ke nagana gore ngaka ere o nwile sehlare sa bogologolo sa boroko(But I thought the witch doctor said she drank the ancient sleeping herb) Queen M : Ayi lebala ka yeoo dira ke botsofe.Le wena wa tseba gore ge nkabe ele sehlare seo fela nkabe kgale a tsogile(Forget about that oneshe's getting old.You also know that if it were the case of the herb only she would have woken up a long time ago) .The king sighed silently and shook his head with exasperation . ***At the other village the maiden waited until it was dark then she snuck into the villageshe hid the princess behind the hut and went to knock on the door she saw the second wife's sister enter.The door was opened and the sister recognised her from when she visited her sister at the palace.She grabbed and pulled her inside her hut quickly and closed the door Sister : Onyakang moo (What do you want here) Maiden : Ema gannyane (Wait a bit) .She went out and shortly came back holding the basketshe took out the princess and unwrapped her.The sister exclaimed in fear when she saw the princess.The maiden told her what the second wife told her Sister : Kea go kwaefela ga lea bolokega moo.Bakgomana ba moshate le baswa ba fihlile mo ba le nyaka.Ke bolela bjalo ba mohlaleng wa lena bjalo le ka se dule moo.Le swanetse go sepela gona bjalo (I hear youbut you're not safe here.The royal guards and the youth came here looking for you.As we speak they are on your trail so you can't stay the night.You have to go now) The Maiden was disappointed but she understood so the sister gave her the info of her other sister and some food.She gave her warm clothes to wear then helped her change the princess's diaper then she later helped her leave their village and escaped to the night.On her way back she met the youth who asked her if she saw the maidenthey described her as best they could and she agreed that she saw her but pointed out that she saw her go the opposite direction.And they went that way.

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